7 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall Running

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Happy Fall y’all.

Yes, I just said y’all. When we lived in Virginia, it become second nature for me to say that. I even started calling every woman Miss. Like Miss Kitty. Or Miss Lady. Yes, I had a patient who went by the first name of Lady.  What can I say, I adapt very well to my surroundings.

Back to Fall. It’s officially here! Time to really break out all things pumpkin and apple. Before today, it was only a soft opening for the real deal. Time to bring out the boots, jeans and sweaters. It’s also time to be excited about Fall running. After slogging through the summer, you earned it!

I have my fingers and toes crossed that I will be able to enjoy some gorgeous Fall running. I’ve had three Ionta treatments so far and have noticed a difference. YES!! Even my PT was shocked that it’s working so well. After missing out on all of summer running, I’m hopeful that I can at least get in some time during the second best time of the year to run.

Why I’m excited for Fall running

Million Dollar Views – Here in New Hampshire, the leaves are slowing started to turn colors. It’s amazing to watch the progressive change from green, to vibrant orange, yellow and reds. So many tree lined streets look like a picture from a magazine. It’s eye candy for sure.

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Awaken your senses – Fall has it’s own distinct smell, taste and feel. The crispness in the air. The smell of the leaves. The taste of all things pumpkin. The sound of the wind through the trees or rustling leaves across a sidewalk. It definitely makes me feel more alive. Combining that with running makes it even better.

Bug Free Trails – Summer running on trails, while cooler than running on the street, can be quite buggy. There’s nothing fun about being chased by a swarm of mosquitoes or black flies. Once the temps start to get cooler, the bugs bug off and it’s back to a peaceful way to connect with nature.

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Cooler Temps – I love the heat but running in it, along with humidity, can make even the most conditioned runner feel like they need gills just to survive. You no longer have to plan for your run to be done by 5 a.m. to beat the heat. Tem­per­a­tures are cool enough to keep you com­fort­able, but not so cold that you’re deal­ing with browsicles.

Long sleeves  – I’ll wear shorts if it’s above 40 degrees, I like my legs cool. But give me long sleeves and I’m a happy girl. My upper body prefers a little warmth. Long sleeves just make me feel good and comfy.

All the races – Fall is the busiest time for races. In my area, I know there is a race (or five) scheduled every single weekend through November. And after slogging all summer long, you’ll definitely be stronger and faster. Why not test it out by signing up for something or try a new distance?

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Me Time – Running is good for this any time of the year, but with the holidays quickly approaching (say what?!?!?!), it’s about to get cray-cray up in here. If a run clears your head, do it.

What do you love about fall running?

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    1. By the end of summer, I’m so sick of my tanks and shorts that being able to wear different running clothes kind of gives me a little extra kick.

    1. It’s funny how fast things turn. Last week we were in the 90s during the day. Today it was 70. I’d be happy if it stayed like this but I know it won’t.

  1. Oh I hope you’re on the mends finally!! Just in time for perfect running weather too. It might be fall, but it’s certainly not feeling that way here just yet. It’s finally not 85 degrees at 5 am though so I’m good with that 😉

  2. I love the cooler temps and the leaves crunching under my feet.

    About 3 years ago, I had an injury filled year and didn’t get to run much…until the fall. I made my comeback and it could not have been more pleasant. At first I was upset that I missed all the races. But then I remembered how much I love fall running, and it felt great to be moving again during the best season for running!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..The Joy StealerMy Profile

  3. So great to hear you are feeling improvement! What are lonta treatments??? Whatever they are, I’m excited for you.

    We’ve had just a touch of fall in the mornings so far and it’s wonderful. My marathon is next weekend (Oct. 4) and I’m a bit concerned that it won’t be quite fall-like yet. Stupid me for picking such an early date for a marathon!
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    1. It’s Iontophoresis. It’s basically sending medicinal compounds through the skin by electrical current that’s attached to my foot. It’s an older treatment that’s not used a lot now but can produce great results on thin skinned, bony areas like the foot. My PT said she used it all the time years ago but new studies showed that there were better methods. She’s shocked that it’s working on me. And so quickly. I am too! I didn’t really have too much faith in it when my ortho prescribed it.

    1. It’s funny that it was in the 90s here last week. This morning it was 46 degrees and only got up to around 70. Talk about a shock to the system! You are welcome to come to NH any time to run on the trails here!

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