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A couple of weeks ago, Amanda, wrote a post entitled “Who’s that Runner?” It made me laugh because I thought I was the only one who came up with names and stories of the other runners I routinely see out on my runs or running by my house.

Every runner has a story.

A story of what they are training for, how long they’ve been a runner, their worst race ever. War stories of injuries, running in driving rain, bitter cold and blizzards.

I see a lot of the same runner’s. I may never know their stories or their names. So I make my own up. Truthfully, I think mine are probably a lot more interesting.

Here’s just a few of the frequent cast of characters I see.

Grunter – A super speedy girl who will never take me by surprise. I hear her grunts way before I see her. Is that her way of saying “On your left!”?

Insanely Overdressed Guy – I’m in a tank and shorts in July. He’s in a Old Navy 1/2 zip fleece, gloves and ski hat. I always want to say “It is so cold out!”

Insanely Underdressed Guy – For every piece of clothing Insanely Overdressed Guy puts on, Insanely Underdressed Guy takes off. No matter what the season. 20 degrees? T-shirt and shorts. Snowing? T-shirt and shorts. MAYBE he’ll put a long sleeve shirt on. Maybe.

This is Painful but I’m Doing it Anyway Guy – Two ankle braces and a knee brace and it looks like he winces in pain with every step. Yet he runs by my house almost every single day.

Miss I Never Smile, Wave or Say Hi – Doesn’t she know the runner’s code?

Dan, Dan the running man. Running by as fast as he can. –Β  So I actually know this guys name. But he’s so fast that he gets a jingle. However, I can’t claim credit for it. Ron came up with this one all on his own.

The Twins – I’ve seen these two ladies running together ever since I’ve moved to the area 8 years ago. I would love to be their triplet but they are always starting when I’m finishing! If only I didn’t have to be done with my run so early. We could be besties…

I wonder what other runners call me? Hmmmm…

Do you make up names for runners in your area that you don’t know?

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  1. Love this and YES I make up names all.the.time! I even do it in races with the runners directly around me. It’s a fun little game and we runners need to get our entertainment in somehow!!
    Allie recently posted..Sticker ShockMy Profile

  2. So funny! There is only one guy that I consistently pass nearly every run, and he’s a bit quirky- an older man who also never smiles or waves like the woman you mentioned. Besides him, I’ve gotten to know many of the school crossing guards and their personalities- the super friendly woman, the calm, quiet older man, and the angry one who always yells at the cars. πŸ™‚
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..A day in life + WIAWMy Profile

  3. I love this. I did one ages ago when I was consistently running on our river trail area at basically the exact same time on the exact same days of the week always with seemingly the exact same people LOL. There was the I’m in pain guy that I always felt bad for, there was one barefoot guy who ran with one hand flipped up like he was hold a tray, The garmin arm girl who ran with her garmin arm in the air (catching satellites??). It’s really weird in my neighborhood. I almost never see the same person twice, and very rarely do I see people running together with the exception of one small group – 2 girls, 1 guy and a big dog.

  4. Your post gave me a good laugh this morning! I personally am the “clearing my throat loudly lady”, so you know I’m coming and your dog isn’t surprised by me and wants to bite my leg! On my last trip around the neighborhood I ran into “Mr. Pretends He Didn’t see my Attempt at a High Five”. That was really awkward πŸ™‚ Hope he doesn’t recognize me on my next trip around the ‘hood!

  5. I do see many of the same runners and a few I’ve gotten to know. I live in a very hilly neighborhood, so there are not too many of us who last, or we drive somewhere else to get our runs in. I see many of the same walkers, and one of my little urks is feeling obligated to stop and say hi to my walker friends. There are certain days when this is lovely, and others you just want to get your run done.
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Comment on Is a Neutral running shoe right for you? by Heidi @BananaBuzzbombMy Profile

  6. This is so awesome! I have names for the runners I see as well. I too wonder about their stories… sometimes I stop and talk to other runners if I see them running with something that I’m interested in. I feel back to stopping their run, but they never seem to mind!
    Jen recently posted..That’s Right! #NoExcuses + GiveawayMy Profile

  7. This is great! There aren’t any regular runners that I see every day, but there are some I see in certain seasons and sometimes on certain streets but I don’t have names for them. There is one girl I see a lot at races – pants girl – she wear pants even if its 100 degrees out – and she is really fit and runs long and short distances, it baffles me. I think over/underdressed people are so interesting I always make mental comments about their wardrobe choices.

  8. I love this! I used to do this with the houses I ran past when we lived in a different town: the one in particular I remember: The Crack Shack. Pretty sketchy bright blue house that well…look liked like a crack shack. Unfortunately I don’t see any runners out around where we are now so I have not cast of characters. But once I saw footprints in the snow and thought: THere’s another runner! Maybe we could run together and be friends!

  9. I haven’t done this with other runners, but I have done the “what’s their story” game.
    Where I sit in a cafe and pick a person and try to pick where they are from and what job they have etc.
    I don’t see a lot of runners out running where I live, and those I do, I know anyway, so I already know their story.
    Matilda recently posted..My Fitness Life LessonsMy Profile

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