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I was recently sent a new product called ENERGYbits to review. I had been seeing their presence on twitter during #RunChat and other chats. I didn’t really know what it was all about. I immediately thought it was something like a 5 Hour Energy type of product. Not my thing. But then I learned that it is 100% organic spirulina algae. Nothing else. No added anything. Sounds interesting, right?

So what does algae and more specifically ENERGYbits do for the body? It’s more like what doesn’t it do!

  • One handful of ENERGYbits provides all the nutrition and protein (3x more than steak) an adult needs in a day
  • Boosts energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Reduces anemia
  • Helps curb hunger
  • Helps to correct brain related disorders
  • Helps with depression
  • 64% protein which is the highest concentration in the world
  • Highest concentration of antioxidants and beta carotene in the world
  • Second highest concentration of Omega 3’s
  • Contains 40 vitamins and minerals

ENERGYbits is not a supplement. It is actually a food. It’s grown, harvested then air dried. It’s then packed into little bits that you swallow or chew.

My first try of ENERGYbits was prior to an early morning bike ride. You all know I’m a morning person so I really wasn’t low on energy. As I opened the container, I immediately smelled the “fishy” smell. If you’ve had sushi or any kind of seaweed snack, you know what I’m talking about. It’s recommended to chew the bits but I didn’t think I could handle that on an empty stomach so I swallowed about 30 whole bits (the recommended optimal amount). I did about 14 miles that morning but I can’t really say I noticed any changes in my energy levels during the ride or throughout the day.

My second try was on another early morning workout but prior to a run. I was feeling my usual self. I didn’t really notice any difference during that workout either. It may be because I was so angry with my body/knee still hurting that I was too focused on that to notice a difference.

My third attempt was prior to an early morning yoga session followed by a bike ride. I was dragging my butt out of my bed that morning. I’m NOT liking how dark it is in the morning now! As I struggled through my first few poses I slowly started to feel more energy and alert. By the end of the yoga session I was wide awake and tackled the bike with no problem. Maybe it was the ENERGYbits or just my body was slow in waking up that day.

So I can’t really confirm I felt a huge difference in taking ENERGYbits. Maybe I just am not a good judge. I’m someone who doesn’t even notice if caffeine effects me. I think I might have noticed more of a difference if I took it before a workout session after work. That’s usually when I really could use the energy burst.

My final thought: I don’t believe in supplements to provide energy so I really like that ENERGYbits is an actual food. However, I didn’t really see a remarkable change to make me think I need to start using ENERGYbits daily.

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Question of the Day

Have you tried ENERGYbits before? What did you think?

FYI – I was sent ENERGYbits free of charge to try and review. My opinion is my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review! I am not really a supplement person either, so I do like that these are “real”–it would make me more likely to try them.

    I am so with you on how late it is getting light now! Just a couple of weeks ago I could get on my bike at 5:30-now it’s closer to 6!
    misszippy1 recently posted..So far, so OK, with glycogen depletion runsMy Profile

  2. Maybe they affect people slightly differently, especially if you’re a morning person and already awake. Have you tried them in the afternoon yet? I found them to be really beneficial to my alertness for my 5:30 am (dark) runs. I felt very much awake and alert as if I’d been up for several hours.

  3. Nothing new… Just marketing!
    You can find Chlorella and Spirulina from USA on internet! And for half the price of that!

    This EnrgyBits are expansive and coming from Asia….

  4. oh man… the fish smell would be a total turnoff. I’m not a fan. I’m interested to know what other people have thought about them.

    Thanks for the honest review! 🙂
    Ashley recently posted..#GetAfterItMy Profile

  5. I’m a lot like you, so based on your review I don’t think these sound like something I would want to use. I’d be interested to hear if you notice a difference when using them after work though!
    AmyC recently posted..FitFluentialMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the review! Yes our ENERGYbits are a little on the pricier end, but you pay for quality when it comes to algae. Other products you find on the internet have less dense spirulina and chlorella, meaning it is less effective, or you need to take more of it.

    With chlorella, you need to crack the cell wall to get the nutritional value. Many companies do this the cheap way, which is to tumble it with glass beads. That’s unsafe because it heats it up and can introduce toxins and glass particles into the algae. Ours is done via sound waves, so it is untouched by anything else. While safer, this method is more expensive to produce chlorella tablets with.

    It’s not necessarily a fish smell by the way, it’s just very green. If you swallow it with water there’s no taste or issue at all!

    Let us know via @ENERGYbits if anyone has any questions! Thanks for your review!

  7. Hi and thanks for your review! I am the Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits, which is one of four algae brands here at Bits of Health Inc. I founded the company almost four years ago after my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is totally healed) and her oncologist told her that eating an “alkaline diet” would help her heal. She didn’t know what an alkaline diet was (nor did I) so I did some research for her and found out it is basically green food. The reason why it is so good for your immune systems is because greens contain chlorophyll, phyto nutrients, oxygen and other really healthy and healing properties. SHe changed her diet, went through her chemo and four years later is still eating an alkaline diet and is still cancer free. When I learned how critical greens were to keeping people healthy, I gave up my 20 year corporate career, went back to study nutrition and started teaching nutrition. But I found it was really hard for most people to include greens in their diet! Its a lot of work buying them, cleaning them, chopping them and heck most people don’t even like them. So, I began a quest to find something that could help Americans get their greens in an easier and simpler fashion so they could be healthier. It took a lot of trial and errror but I finally settled on algae and when I started researching algae it was like falling into Alice in Wonderland’s magic wardrobe. Algae has been used safely for over 50 years worldwide, is the most nutrient dense food in the world, has three times as much protein as steak and gives you energy naturally. Althletes have been using algae for 50 years too because of its nitric oxide and protein. And yes, that slight bit of energy you felt when you tried it wasn’t your imagination. Its the algae. In fact I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t feel it the first time. In any case, I just wanted you and your followers to know that our company was started to help people be healthier. We are a very small company with a very big heart and we are trying to make a difference in the world. Its not easy these days with so many big companies disguising what they are selling and unfortunately many of their ingredients are what is leading Americans’ to get sick. Our algae has one ingredient in it. Algae. Thats’ it. We are proud of that and we are also proud of our integrity. We have taken over three and a half years to wade through the massive amount of research on algae to try and make it simple for Americans to understand and to take. We have worked hard to find the best countries and the best suppliers so we can be the gold standard in quality. Its not easy. But I can give you my word that our algae is the healthiest food in the world. It may not be the best tasting thing in the world, which is why we suggest to everyone that you SWALLOW it. It tastes takes very green. I eat 100-150 for breakfast every day. And eating or swallowing algae will give you so much energy, fill you up so much and nourish you that you can throw away all your other vitamins…so it will save you money in the long run. Well, I’ve written more than I planned to, so thank you for this opportunity to respond. I really do appreciate you taking the time to try our ENERGYbits and I also really respect your honest review. We pride ourselves on honesty too, which is why I thought I would leave a comment. If you would like to try them again. Please let us know. All the best, Catharine

    1. Thanks for responding! Like I said in my review, maybe I would have felt different if I took them mid afternoon when I get my usual slump. I’m a morning person so I really don’t need much to make me feel energized. It was very interesting to try EnergyBits and I’ve heard great results from others.

  8. Most of the chlorella that is available in the U.S. is grown in Japan or Taiwan. It is processed and made into tablets and liquid extracts. These extracts contain “chlorella growth factor,” which is described as a water-soluble extract of chlorella containing chemicals including amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugars, and nucleic acids.,”-^

    Have fun

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