Eats From The Week 2

Hi friends!

Thank you for all the well wishes on Monday’s post. I busted out a great tempo run yesterday morning that made me feel human again and like I was training for a marathon. It’s funny how one week of low mileage and easy runs makes you forget that.

Remember last month I said I would be doing my favorite Eats From The Week on Wednesday? Well, here we are one month later and this is my first follow up. How did that happen?

Last week was a total fog mentally and food wise. Nothing sounded good but ice cream, salty chips and carbs, carbs, carbs. I gave in to those feelings but I also tried to be sensible. It’s all about balance, right? Although last week was slightly more imbalanced in the other direction. πŸ˜‰

Feed a cold, starve a fever. Isn’t that the saying?


Eats from the Week 2 -

  1. Β My favorite way to use the last bit of almond butter – OIAJ!
  2. Hot Nutty Nuggets (wow, that sounds really bad) I found the generic version of Grape Nuts is actually better for you with no weird ingredients
  3. Frozen berries, banana, almond milk and chia seeds blended in a food processor makes for a pseudo frozen yogurt.
  4. Tuna fish w/ mashed avocado and edamame –Β  Quick lunch that tastes great together.
  5. Spinach salad w/ strawberries is almost too pretty to eat (almost).
  6. Veggie stir fry w/ edamame and sesame seeds. I was on an edamame kick last week.
  7. American Flatbread Frozen PizzaΒ came in handy when cooking was the last thing I wanted to do. So good!
  8. Black bean, pineapple and corn salad with quinoa. One of those meals where I just throw whatever sounds good together.
  9. Salmon w/ spinach & artichoke pesto and roasted Brussels Sprouts. The pesto is from a jar (can’t remember the name). I had bought it for a veggie lasagna but it didn’t really taste all that good in it. However it rocked our socks off on the salmon. Will definitely be making this again!

Sweets Yums!

Eats from the week sweets -

  1. Stonewall Kitchen knows how to indulge. OMG was this stuff good by the spoonful or on ice cream. Yum!
  2. Cherry almond granola bars.
  3. Baked Banana Coconut Doughnuts. I was going to make bread since it was National Banana Bread Day last week but L requested doughnuts.
  4. Roasted sweet potato, cinnamon and the last of NuttZo. So sad to see the jar go but this combo was outstanding.
  5. More baking…Pumpkin Raisin Oat Cookies (recipe coming soon) for the kiddos. I like to bake with them every so often. It’s messy but worth it.
  6. Unreal Candy. Have you guys heard of this? No artificial ingredients. No hydrogenated oils. No corn syrup. No preservatives. No GMOs. What it is? Really, really good! Like eat the whole bag good.

Thank God I’m feeling better and have woke up from my sweets/carb coma. I had my fill and am over it. Time to return to our regularly scheduled program. πŸ™‚

Do your food preferences change when you are sick?

21 comments on “Eats From The Week 2

  1. Your eats look delicious. And yes! I totally crave carbs and salty food and ice cream when I’m sick. Why is that?? I totally give into it too justifying that I need to listen to my body. haha. Glad that you are feeling better!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Not FairMy Profile

  2. I think you were still pretty impressive for a sick week! There was more cooking going on than there would be in my house if I was sick!

    Darn..I just had some roasted sweet potatoes leftover yesterday. Mixing them w/ the NuttZo would have been great!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Pull back the curtainMy Profile

  3. Wow! Your meals look awesome! I can’t wait to try some of them! And yes, I definitely crave different things when I’m sick… Like ice cream for example

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