Easy Tuesday


Hello everyone!  I can’t believe it’s Tuesday. What happened to Monday? It flew by. Fine by me. Closer to the weekend and my birthday.  Eeek!

Pictures from Paddy’s 5 Miler were posted yesterday so I thought I’d share a few.

This is the guy I mentioned yesterday:

I couldn’t imagine running in this:

I would freak out just putting it on. How can you breathe through that??

And here’s my almost famous shot:

I usually don’t run with sunglasses but I forgot to take them off before I got to the  starting line. For some reason they didn’t bother me on Sunday.

Today’s training plan called for an easy run. It’s another warm day here for March so it was nice to soak up the warmth. The kiddos and I weaved around town for 3 miles.

As I huffed and puffed around town, pushing 70+ pounds, L and A were having a good ol’ time chatting and exclaiming about everything they saw. They were really excited about this:

There were thousands of birds hanging out in 5 trees. As we approached they all took off. The sound and sight was totally reminiscent of the movie, “The Birds.” I’m not a fan of that movie and of birds. They creep me out! Thankfully they went in the opposite direction of us.

Once the birds left, L thought it was a lot warmer than 50 degrees. He decided to take his shoe and sock off.

With all the stop and go that I do when running with the kiddos, I think it’s preparing me for navigating water stations during races. Probably not but I’m trying to be positive!

I just had to share a few funny things I saw today. Enjoy!

“I might eat my placenta, I might not.”  Ha ha!

Make sure you check back later in the week. I’ll be hosting a great give away for something yummy! 🙂

Do you like birds or do they creep you out?

Can you relate to the Sh*t Mamas Say video?

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  1. Birds do creep me out. We always get these big black birds that fly around our yard. I’m always afraid one will swoop down and get us!
    That video is hilarious. I do not miss the breast pump!!

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