Do I Look Like a Runner?

Do I Look Like a Runner? |“Is your dad running the race today?”

This is the question that my kid’s were asked as I sat at a table with them, eating breakfast at our hotel, the morning of the Loon Mountain Race back in July.

Innocent question, right?

There’s a number of things to point out about this situation.

1 ) I was sitting with the kids at the table. Ron was getting his food (and we were the only people in the dining area).

2 ) I was dressed in my Six03 Endurance singlet and ready for the race, exactly as how I look in the picture above.  Although not as sweaty or stinky.

This single question has irked me for 3 months since that morning.

Why would this guy think Ron was running and not me?!?!?

Do I look like a runner?

The story gets better.

I know who this guy is, although not well.  What I do know is that he is known in the local running community and is heavily involved with another local running club. What I also know is that his wife, who is also heavily involved in the local running community, is fast AF and could run circles around him without breaking a sweat.

What made him assume DAD was running and not MOM?

Also, for reference sake, Ron was dressed in cargo shorts and a t-shirt.  He did not look like he was about to run a race.

I responded back to this guy that I was the one running.  He quickly recovered and we chatted about the race, since he’d done it before, but wasn’t running this year.  He was going to be on the mountain cheering on teammates from his running group.

After he left, Ron, who had joined us at the table by then, was the one who said, “Why did he think I was running?”


Do I Look Like a Runner? |

Why did this man, who has a very accomplished running wife, think I was not running Loon Mountain?

A number of thoughts have danced in my head –

Do I not look like a runner?

I know that’s absolutely silly because if you run, you are a runner.

Do I look like I can’t run a mountain race?

I didn’t set any world records that day, but coming off of 3 months of no running from a stress fracture, I think I did pretty well.

Did I go back in time? Are woman not allowed to run because it’s bad for their lady parts?

Nope.  Still 2017. And more woman are running than ever before.

I’m absolutely baffled by that conversation.  I replay it often.  I have no answers.

Maybe it was an innocent mistake.  Maybe I’m reading too much into

I can see his mistake if Ron was sitting at the table with us.  Or if Ron had been dressed like he was going for a run.

But he wasn’t.  At all.

And for Ron to notice it?  You know it was something if a guy noticed it, too.

I will probably never know the answer to my questions. I’m sure I’ll see this guy again, in fact I have seen him at other races already.

Will I ever ask him about it?  No.

Does he probably remember saying it?  No.

But you know I will add a little extra push if I see him during a race to make sure he knows I AM A RUNNER.

Do I Look Like a Runner? |

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Have you ever had something like this happen to you?

Woman still have the right to run, right? 😉







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  1. That is so strange and kind of annoying! I mean I guess maybe he was thinking that one of the parents had to stay with the kids while the other raced, and if you were the only one there with them then how could you be running? I don’t know, it still seems very odd.

  2. That would seriously irritate me too. I probably would have been a little less polite about it than you and made some sort of snide joke when telling him that YOU were in fact running.

    1. I wish I would have come up with some quick remark other than pointing out that I was in my team singlet and was dressed in my running clothes. I truly think he was just plain clueless. Insulting, but clueless.

  3. You definitely look like a runner to me!

    My husband is often asked if he runs, too (no), but it’s usually very clear who the runner in the family is.

    You know what? Guys do weird things sometimes. Guys say weird things sometimes. There are more women than men running most races these days so no doubt while it would bother me, I’d also try to just chalk it up to #nofilter.

  4. Oh wow, that is crazy! Especially since you were sitting there in running gear?? Maybe he knew you were running, but wondered about Ron since he didn’t see him? Hmmmm. I have had odd comments before. Very often I have to pipe in about my running because my husband runs a lot and is known as “the runner” around the town, but heck, I can hold my own!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Training Tuesday – Race week is here!My Profile

  5. That’s weird on so many fronts. I think I would be bothered by the question too but I wonder if there’s another reason he asked.
    But hey! You absolutely look like a runner.
    Runwright recently posted..10 Days InMy Profile

  6. That is so obnoxious. I freaking hate all superficial assumptions like that. Like when people assume I’ve never struggled with my weight (either being over or underweight) or that I can just “eat anything.”

  7. You do look like a runner!

    I had a similar experience when I was signing up at my gym… ‘do you exercise at all now?’ makes we wonder, really? Don’t I look like I at least do something?

    But I also remember watching the Olympic trials in Houston and being totally amazed at the many varying shapes and sizes of the women running. There definitely isn’t one running look!

    1. I hope you rattled off all of your running accomplishments, spin instruction and other daily exercises that you do to make them realize that you are quite fit. Lol! I totally agree that there is no one look of a runner.

  8. You very much do look like a runner!
    I had a similar experience once at a running store back in Indiana. I had been running for at least six years at that point, done 13 miles on my own, and ran shorter races. I had just signed up for my first half and the person at the running store asked me if I wanted to join the beginner training group for new runners. My ego really hoped that they just asked that to everyone to promote their program.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..How to Run Speed Workouts without a TrackMy Profile

  9. Like a bad ass runner who had some muddy fun in the pic above!
    I’ve had the ” You can run that far?!” remark and it bugged me…mostly because it implied I didn’t look the part I guess.

    1. Did you do a snort laugh when she said that? Or break down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter? That would have been the appropriate response.

    1. I really don’t think he meant it as a dig. And the weird thing is that I could maybe see an older runner saying it…but he’s younger than me. I think maybe 30?

  10. That is SO weird. Maybe, just maybe, he is secretly pissed his wife is faster than him and rather than be snarky to her, he makes little “assumptions” like this to women runners he doesn’t know. Or maybe he’s partially blind. Who knows. You look like a badass runner to me!

  11. It has never happened to me but I totally see what’s bothering you. It would have driven me nuts! The weird thing is, it wouldn’t be as bad if he had just been rude. But he wasn’t. He just assumed so because this thinking is deeply rooted in a lot od people’s subconscious. And that is the hardest thing to eradicate 🙁
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