A Day in The Life – Holiday Edition

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Happy Friday and another edition of A Day in the Life. You can check out my previous posts HERE and HERE.

This is a look at an atypical day for me. Yesterday was the first day my parents were in town for their visit. A lot of the day was spent hanging out and reconnecting. Hopefully, you wonโ€™t be bored out of your mind. Like I said before, Iโ€™m super nosy interested in how other people spend their days โ€“ the schedules, the activities, and the boring day to day stuff. Even mundane tasks are interesting to me so feel free to link up and be nosy!

6 a.m. – I had skipped my usual zero dark thirty workout to let my parents get a little bit more sleep. I didn’t think they’d appreciate the sound of the treadmill or trainer right below them so early when they didn’t get in till 1 a.m. Instead I got to sleep in a bit. Thankfully, the kids did too. They wake up ready to eat breakfast. They also want to wake Grandma and Grandpa up but I convince them they need their sleep. In the meantime, Ron heads into work.

I make our breakfasts. Despite it being cold, I decide a green smoothie sounds delicious for me. While not visually appealing, it did in fact hit the spot.

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The next couple of hours, are spent cleaning up breakfast, reading books, brushing teeth, getting the kids dressed and doing laundry in an effort to keep the kids preoccupied till my parents wake up.

Finally, they wake up! We spend time hanging out and catching up while the kids want to show Grandma and Grandpa all their toys.

Mid morning, everyone is finally showered and ready for the day. We’ve got errands to run! The Post Office, return library books, a return to Old Navy and gift cards from Trader Joe’s. Before we know it, lunch time is here. We hurry home, grab a quick lunch and then it’s nap time. My Dad said he needed a nap too so he snoozed at home with the kiddos. My Mom and I head out for a walk with Cooper. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. We windowed shopped a bit downtown before heading home.

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We get home and I contemplate taking my own nap. It sounds really good but I first sit down at the computer to check my email and do a few blog things. Of course, everyone is up within 5 minutes. No nap for me!

The kids are itching to go outside to make a snowman. My Dad and the kids get bundled up and head out. I debate about joining them or hitting the treadmill for a quick workout. I opt for the treadmill since Wednesday was an unintended rest day.

Post workout Mizuno Wave 17 - happyfitmama.comI get in 3 hill climbing miles, 1 mile run and a few PT exercises. Speaking of PT, I’ve been given clearance to run 1 mile every other day for the next few weeks. PT Heather thinks I still need at least another month of easy running rest. More on that at another time.

I finish up to in time to start dinner. My Mom and I get to work while Dad entertains the kids with Play-doh fun. The next three hours are full of dinner prep, eating, clean up and bath time for the kiddos. After a reading Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, it’s time for their bedtime.

Grandma and Grandpa Storytime - happyfitmama.comOnce they’re in bed, my Mom and I head out to Target for more shopping. At one time in my life I could shop nonstop from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with zero breaks. Christmas shopping at 8 p.m. is super tiring. My feet hurt and I want my comfy PJ’s on. I must be getting old. We cruise the aisles for 1 1/2 hours before going home.

Target shopping - happyfitmama.comI really want to go to bed but decide to write this post. I finish around 10:30 and crash hard into bed. It’s been a LONG day.

And before you know it, itโ€™s time to wake up and do it all over again!


It’s your turn! Feel free to link up with Jill and I to share your A Day in the Life.

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  1. Your winter photo with the sun peaking through reminds me of our old home in Exeter, NH. I miss the snow for a moment now and then, but NC is working out better for all the outdoor activities that we love. Target is a shoppers dream and nightmare at the same time….I try not to take a cart because then I don’t buy as much stuff!
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  2. Yay- glad your parents are there. So funny about shopping. I die whenever I leave the house at night. So not used to it! But I bet it was kind of fun!! P.S. I really wanted to do this edition but had a conflicted post. ๐Ÿ™ I guess the good news is my day in the life would be pretty boring to read, lol!
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted..My New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

  3. So nice that you have your parents in town for the holidays, on so many levels. Love that you got the walk in with your mom while your dad did snow time with the kids. Atypical days are good!

    Enjoy the tiny bit of running you get to do. Any is better than none!
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