Chef’d at Rise.Run.Retreat


What happens when you put 10 women in charge of dinner in a kitchen that can only hold about 4 people?

Absolute fun.

Or at least for some of us. Ahem…I’m looking at you Allie.

So I’ve filled you in on Rise.Run.Retreat as a whole.

I also gave you a rundown of the Leaf Peepers Half Marathon that we all ran on the last day of the retreat.

But you guys need to know about the food. Because running and eating go hand and hand. Or is it hand to mouth? Whichever it is, it’s all good!

We did not go hungry at all during our 3 full days at Rise.Run.Retreat. The food. Oh the food! It was all so good. A full dinner and lunch from local caterer Fiddleheads Cuisine, a complete breakfast buffet with eggs from Pete & Gerry’s, yogurt from Stonyfield and granola from Blissful Eats. We also had Garuka Bars to snack on throughout the day.

Garuka Bars |

Friday night Jes and Sarah had a fun challenge planned for us. A cooking challenge provided by Chef’d – a meal service that ships high-quality, pre-portioned ingredients to your house with step by step recipe directions. There’s no need to do any shopping. Just open the box and start cooking.

We split up into three groups:


Team Chicken (Basil Chili Chicken Stir-Fry) – Allie, Sandra and I


Team Pasta (Mediterranean Penne with Sun-dried Tomatoes) – Jes, Sarah, Laura and Natalie


Team Salad (Arugula Salad with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette) – Sue, Kara and Christine

It was a little chaotic to prepare meals for 10 people (that’s a LOT of food) in a kitchen that isn’t equipped for that many people. But we made due with what we had and had to do many things in multiple small batches.


I was on Team Chicken with Sandra (very fitting since her family owns Pete & Gerry’s) and Allie. Sandra was our master chef while Allie and I played sous chef with all of the chopping. Which included some very spicy peppers. FYI – spicy peppers stay on your skin even after washing your hands over and over again. Allie found out by having a burning upper lip and I later found out when I took my contacts out to go to bed. Yup. That felt amazing. At least Allie could put Stonyfield Greek yogurt on her upper lip to ease the burn!

All of the food was amazing. The chicken had a nice spice to it (hello peppers!). The pasta was flavorful and colorful with the spinach and sun dried tomatoes. The best dish was the Arugula Salad which could have been a meal in itself.


As an attendee of Rise.Run.Retreat, we all received gift cards for Chef’d to try at home with our families. I immediately placed an order Monday night.

It’s so easy to order. You pick your meal and then you choose the delivery date. You can order one meal or meals for the whole week. There’s so many options no matter what your food preference is: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc.

A few days later, a big box from Chef’d arrived.

The first night, we made two of the meals: Italian Sausage Pesto Pizza and Steak Salad with Rosemary Potatoes.

Sausage Pesto Pizza and Arugula Salad from Chef'd. |

You guys. This meal was amazing. The pizza was absolutely delicious. And the salad was just like everyone’s favorite at Rise.Run.Retreat except with the addition of steak.

Ron was even impressed. He is totally a pizza guy and is pretty particular. But he kept exclaiming about how good it tasted. The same thing with the salad.Β  I love adding roasted veggies to green salads and this one did not disappoint. And it was fun to make our own croutons from scratch.

Our last meal was the Stuffed Chicken Breast with Lemon-Artichoke Pesto. I didn’t plate my meal as pretty as they suggested because it was late, I was hungry and I had taken parts of my chicken apart to give to my son. Trust me when I saw it tasted amazing!

I had never stuffed a chicken breast before. It’s so easy! The lemon-artichoke pesto was my favorite though. The lemon flavor was perfect and something that I’d never had before in a pesto.


A great bonus of Chef’d is that even though they include all the pre-portioned ingredients, they still tell you the exact amount needed along with the step by step instructions. I plan to recreate each of the three recipes over and over again. Especially the salad. Trust me – it was so good!

I definitely will be ordering more meals from Chef’d. It’s a nice way to try things that you wouldn’t make on your own. It makes a great gift too! I just sent a Chef’d gift card to my mom for her birthday. Chef’d will deliver to almost everywhere in the U.S. She was thrilled to give it a try and ordered her meals right away.

Have you tried a meal delivery service before?

What would you like to try from Chef’d?





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  1. Ouch on the contacts!! I am so excited to order the Chef’D meals – I was going to order them this weekend until the storms came in and we were worried about losing power. They have a lamb curry that I’m excited to try! That’s smart to recreate that salad – it was so good!

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