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Back to My Yoga Mat

Target® C9 Style Haul 9

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

Having time off from running has made me realize two things:

1. I’m really crabby when I don’t run.

2. My body needs more yoga. Again.

At one time I really was focused on becoming a yoga teacher. It’s still part of my long- term goals, but it just isn’t feasible right now with work, child care and well, life in general. It takes a lot of time. And rightfully so since it entails a lot!

Target® C9 Style Haul 5

Somewhere along the way this year, I lost my yoga practice. I’ll do yoga at home, but I love it best in a studio with others. The vibe is different. My practice has more meaning and intention.

So when my Achilles started to hurt and then my lower back, I knew it was time to get back to my yoga mat. If I want to run high mileage, yoga needs to be a part of my weekly routine. And if I really wanted to do it well, it meant going to a yoga studio.

What better motivator to do more yoga than cute yoga clothes?

Target® C9 Style haul 2

Target® C9 has it all, no matter what your activity. From yoga, running, Barre, Pilates or hitting the weights, you can expect quality clothes at a great price. That really means you can buy more!

I’m absolutely loving the printed legging trend right now. The paisley print lets me get a little bit funky without screaming LOOK AT ME!

I like to keep a hoodie or long sleeve top on during the beginning of a yoga class. Especially this time of year when I’m coming in from the cold. This cowl neck yoga top is perfect for that. It’s like your favorite pair of sweats made into a shirt.

Target® C9 Style Haul 3

Another thing to love? This outfit is perfectly acceptable to wear as a comfy lounge look without looking sloppy and screaming “I’m in workout gear!”

Such a versatile outfit that’s completely affordable…I think I should buy more! That’s always marvelous.

Do you prefer yoga at home or in a studio?
Do new workout clothes motivate you?

#BeABetterYou with Grokker

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Grokker.

Marathon training takes up a lot of time.

Especially when the miles start to add up in the middle to end portion of a training plan. Finding time for all the extra upkeep my body needs to run strong can get tricky. I know with this training series, I’ve been a little lax in the yoga department.

Maybe that is why my Achilles is angry?

Post run stretch | happyfitmama.comSome days, this is the extent of my yoga practice.

Ron and I have a nice system when it comes to each of us fitting in exercise during the week. I get the zero dark thirty time slot before work. He’s an after work kind of guy. It works great for running. It doesn’t work if I want to practice yoga at a studio. For some reason, none in my area offer a zero dark thirty class.  Very strange, huh? There are a few offered at 8 p.m. but let’s be honest. This time of year, when it’s getting dark earlier and earlier, when I get home from work, I’m most likely going to be in my pj’s for the night. #oldladyproblems

Enter online yoga classes.

These classes are perfect. I can do them whenever. I can do 20 minutes or however long I have available. I can wear pj’s.

Perfect for my zero dark thirty needs and my old lady ways.

There’s a ton of yoga videos out there. If you are not sure what you want, it could take some time to weed out the bad from the good.

Low Lunge |

That’s where Grokker comes in.

Grokker is currently a free video service that offers on-demand HD videos of yoga, fitness and cooking classes. They produce all their own top-quality videos featuring experts hand picked by Grokker‘s editorial team.

I’ve already tried out a few classes in the Yoga for Athletes category. I really liked Prevent and Heal Injuries. It was easy to follow and had lots of variety. I skipped the plyometrics section to keep it easy on my Achilles. I also enjoyed Get Up and Go. It was a great way to wake my body up in the morning and refresh my energy for the day.

A new feature of Grokker are the Group Exercise Classes. Class times are on the homepage. Upon entry into the class, members are announced in the chat window and can join in the pre-class chat with other members. It’s a way to get the same social and accountability benefit of attending a live class without the hassle of having to commute to a studio. Beginner’s Yoga and Abs and Core are the two classes that are currently available in this format.


I haven’t been able to try out the Group Exercise Classes. They sound really cool but are only offered between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m. Hopefully in the future, they will have more evening class time available that could fit my schedule.

In addition to yoga classes, I’ve also browsed the cooking section. There’s something for everybody no matter what you are hungry for!

I really like the Grokker service. It’s functional, varied, and because of the wide selection of videos, I can try some things I’ve never tried before. I also like that I can get my yoga fix and find something for dinner all in one place.

This month, FitFluential and Grokker are teaming up for a 4 Weeks of Wellness Challenge – #FFWellness. The challenge is to find a little time each day to do something good for yourself. While the challenge has already started, you can still jump in. And did I mention there’s prizes?

Do you use online fitness videos to workout?

Grokker’s 4 Weeks of Wellness is intended to inspire you to create your personal wellness habit: to find a little time to do something good for yourself every day. – See more at:
Grokker’s 4 Weeks of Wellness is intended to inspire you to create your personal wellness habit: to find a little time to do something good for yourself every day. – See more at:

Being a Yoga Mama

Yoga Mama -

Things around my house have been a little stressful lately. The dynamic twin duo seem to be going through a fiercely independent but still needy, sassy stage. They’re 3 1/2 and full of the ‘tude (does anyone say that anymore?). I find my patience being tested daily. My role of a parent being put to the test hourly. There are days when I feel like all I do is yell, scold and referee. I don’t want to be this type of mama.

Yoga has taught me so much about myself – how to be patient, how to be present on the mat and off. Applying the lessons to parenting and to my kids just makes sense in being a yoga mama.

  1. Respect - There’s no doubt we are not always going to see eye to eye on everything. But if I want my kids to respect me and my decisions, I must show them the same courtesy that I expect from them. I’m going to try to see things from their point of view more often.
  2. Include the kids in my practice – My kids know I love yoga and I like to include them in the love. I’ll pull out my yoga mat and they bring out their own (i.e. blankets). I definitely don’t get a perfectly zen practice with my kids around but we laugh, improvise and just play. I can’t wait for the summer when Yoga in the Park starts back up. I think they’ll finally be at an age that they’ll enjoy it and more importantly, it won’t interfere with nap time.
  3. Be Patient – This has always been the hardest for me and one that I will always need to work on. I need to remember that they are young and finding their place in the world. My words can do a lot of damage. Stop, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Then speak.
  4. Get Outside –  It can be a pain in the butt to get outside with two toddlers, especially during the winter. But the fresh air can do wonders for the soul and attitude. One of my neighbors always remarks on how much my kids love being outside no matter the season or weather. I’m happy that they love it. I also think it’s kind of sad that someone thinks it’s different that they do. Isn’t that part of being a kid? I hope their love of fresh air stays with them for a lifetime.
  5. Listen – My kids have a lot to say. Kids in general are full of wisdom it’s just that adults tend to shut them up. Big souls and hearts in little bodies. When they talk, I need to listen with both ears and eyes. Put down the phone, step away from the computer. I want them to be able to talk to me now and forever. I owe them the respect of listening. And in turn, this will teach them to listen to others.

Yoga and parenting are a practice. There is no perfect pose or perfect parenting style. It’s what you bring to the practice. In yoga, when a pose becomes too much, I get frustrated or lose my focus, I return to my mat in child’s pose. As a yoga mama, I need to do the same.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Breathe. Be present. Repeat.

The divine light in me honors the divine light in you.

Have a marvelous day!