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Marathon Monday Week 14

Hey everyone!

It’s here – the last marathon Monday in training. Eeeekkkk! It’s been a crazy, crazy week to say the least.

Marathon Monday -

I’m not even sure where to begin. Veteran marathoners told me the taper will mess with your mind. It has and then some! My blister issues have gone away but now I am dealing with another issue. My right foot is not feeling right. It feels fine until I’m running. I wouldn’t call it pain, just noticeable and different. My gait is off because of it. I’ve been trying to take it easy but mind keeps telling me – you need to run! You’re running a marathon soon! When I have been running, I feel slow like molasses. On top of the foot issues, we’ve also been traveling this week. Different routines, food and terrain have all been messing with my head and body!

Here’s how the week looked in workouts:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 60 minute bike trainer + total body strength

Tuesday: Easy 5 miles + yoga

Wednesday: 50 minute bike trainer + total body strength + yoga

Thursday: Easy 3 mile run

Friday: Easy 4 mile run

Saturday: 8 mile run + yoga

6 days to VCM!

Marathon Monday Week 13

Happy Marathon Monday!

Well, I survived my first week of the taper. It wasn’t bad. I embraced it fully to let my blister heal and my muscles recover from 2 weeks of races and a 20 miler. I did have my first marathon disaster dream the other night. In it, the race was timed by your own Garmin. Mine couldn’t find a satellite at the starting line! Finally after 20 minutes it did and I was able to start. I woke up sweating and in a panic. So bizarre!

Marathon Monday -

The big drama from this week in training continues to be my foot blister situation. Watch this short vlog for all the details!

Here’s how the week went in workouts:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 60 minute bike trainer + total body strength

Tuesday: 3 mile easy (ha. ha.) double stroller run + yoga

Wednesday: 7 mile speed: 1 mile warm. 4×1600 @ 7:19 with 800 jogs. 1 mile cool + total body strength

Thursday: 2.5 mile easy run + yoga

Friday: 12 mile easy run

Saturday: SurfSet Fitness class (more to come on that later this week!)

13 days till VCM!!!