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Last Week’s Workouts

Last week’s workouts were wacky. This week’s workouts have been all about being social. For years, I only ran by myself and was totally fine with it. Now, I really enjoy running with others. It makes the time go by so much faster. After years of saying it wasn’t for me despite almost all of my local running friends being members, I finally joined a running club. Now I’m meeting even more running buddies and loving the variety.


6 easy pace miles. I usually cross train and strength training on Monday but when my friend Annie said she could run, I ran. It’s been forever since we had run together or even had a chance to catch up so I happily switched my running days.

Last week's workouts


9 miles, 8:20 average pace. My running buddy and I picked up the pace on a relatively flat route for an out and back. Well, relatively flat for our area. There’s not many routes you can run that are completely pancake flat. The kicker about this route is that the last 2 miles have rolling hills with a bigger hill that always kicks my butt. It’s a long gradual hill that sucks the life out of you. Ok, maybe just me because it’s usually at the tail end of my run. I added 4 x 20 second strides in at the end for a good time.

Morning Flow yoga class was especially appreciated to work out the kinks in my calves.

P.M. core work

Last week's workouts


30 minutes recumbent bike followed up with 30 minutes of THIS strength workout. A bonus of working out at home? I can hog ALL the equipment.

Last week's workouts


Morning Flow Yoga class – I think we spent a solid 5 minutes in Pigeon. LOVE!

6 miles, 11:35 average pace. We got 4-5 inches of snow on Wednesday. Visions of a snowshoe run danced through my head. A bunch of us made a date to meet up at the trails in the afternoon to do just that. Mother Nature had other visions when the temps reached the 40s with bright sunshine. No snowshoe running but it was a great evening to run on the trails with microspikes. That is until afterwards when my feet were so numb from all the slush and snow. It was still lots of fun!

P.M. core work

Last week's workouts


11 miles, 8:50 average pace. This run kicked my butt. Numerous things were not in my favor for this run.

I woke up at 1 a.m. starving. I tried to ignore it but I wasn’t falling back to sleep. I finally ate something but then wasn’t able to really fall back to sleep until 3 a.m. My alarm was set to go off not that much longer afterwards.

I woke up sore, tight and hungry from Thursday evenings trail run that I had run less than 12 hours before.

Our route was a ridiculously hilly route. Why were we doing this again?!?! I felt relatively good despite feeling sleepy until mile 9. My left glute and calf were tight. I was tired and wanted to be d.o.n.e.

P.M. Foam rolling like nobody’s business.

Last week's workouts

An old picture because it was darker than dark for all of it and I had to hustle to work.


4 miles easy recovery pace. I did something really strange today. I didn’t run in the morning. We had a few things going on and I missed my small window of opportunity to run. Instead, I set out around sunset for easy pace recovery miles. I thought a lot about the women marching around the world and all the inspiring women I know.

Last week's workouts


It was another day of ski club for the kids. There were a few chaotic moments (4 of the kids being separated from the group, my daughter not making it on to the chair lift and giving me a heart attack in the process – wtf!?!?!) but the day ended up really well. Ron and I took the kids up higher on the mountain with no problems. I’m always surprised at their courage and resiliency to try new things and not give up.

Last week's workouts

In the evening, I had a special treat of attending a fundraising yoga class taught by my friend Annie. It was just what I needed to stretch out my tight calf and hips and to be ready for another week of training.

This week was fun but I need to get my FOMO in check. I need to remember to just say NO…but it’s hard when it’s so fun!

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How was your week in workouts?

Are you a social runner?

6 Treadmill Workouts for Runners

There's no dreadmill when you use these 6 treadmill workouts for runners. |

It’s another edition of Monthly Workouts for Runners BY Runners. It was originally supposed to go live last Wednesday but then stomach flu hell hit my house and I was out of the office for more days than I wanted. Thankfully, the girls were ok with moving the posting date.

Here’s the previous month’s workouts if you missed them:

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This month the focus is on treadmill workouts for runners. This time of year, I tend to use my treadmill more often. While I’d prefer to run every single run outside, sometimes time and weather conditions make me choose the treadmill instead. Some people loathe it. Others love it. I’m more of the middle of the road. I can tolerate it as long as I have some good music or something to watch. I tell myself it’s good mental training too. If I can tolerate a workout on the treadmill and not poke my eyes out in boredom, it’ll pay off in a race scenario.

Whenever I’m on the treadmill, switching up the incline and/or speed usually keeps me entertained and my mind occupied so my eyes are safe from poking. This workout combines the best of both – hill training and a speed ladder to finish off the workout. You can choose to do the workout once if you have 35 minutes or less to run. Or you can repeat the workout entirely if you have more time/mileage that you need to reach. Or repeat only the hills or ladder portion.

The possibilities are endless loads of treadmill fun!

Climb the hills and ladders with this hills and ladders treadmill workout that beats the boredom and builds speed and strength. |

And here are even more Treadmill Workouts from 5 of my running friends. Click on the picture to take you to their workout. And don’t forget to Pin away so you have a stash of workouts on hand whenever you need it.

Nellie shares a quick treadmill blast.


Of course, the Sarah wants us to Embrace the Hill.


Laura shares a Fartlek run for speed work.


Allie hits the up button to mix it up.


Carly shares how to have fun while running in place.


We are continuing our monthly round up into 2017. But we are switching it up a bit. We’ll still be sharing workouts every so often but in addition, we’ll share topics concerning every runner. Keep your eyes peeled later this month for “Run with It!”

Linking up with Wild Workout Wednesday and the Coaches’ Corner.

Treadmill – love it, hate it, tolerate it?

When are you most likely to choose the treadmill? Heat or cold?

High Five Friday

High Five Friday December 2 2016 |

Happy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

1 ) Lit  up brighter than a Christmas tree in my Saucony Reflex jacket and tights. FYI – today is the last day to enter my giveaway for ANY item from!

2 ) Rainy, chilly days call for soup.

3 ) Happy, muddy, chilly and hungry. No better way to kick off a Sunday than 9 miles on the trails. Originally I was supposed to meet two friends and then two new to me people also. My two friends had to bow out last minute but the two new to me peeps could go. I went to the trail head in the dark and ended up meeting one of the new to me peeps and one guy that no one knew was coming. And his dog. The two guys (and the dog) were totally cool so it worked out. But it was hilarious that I ran with two complete strangers that I met in the dark!

4 ) Superhero Muffins from Run Fast Eat Slow. Make them. Now.

5 ) After living in my town for 10 years, I’m still finding new things. Like this pedestrian tunnel. I had no clue it existed!

5 Things

1 ) Feeling Super Vulnerable as a Yoga Teacher – I love this honest post from Kayla. Do you think a yoga teacher needs to do all the “cool” yoga poses? I don’t. In fact, the majority of my yoga teachers never even show their yoga “skills” off in class. They are too busy teaching and adjusting while walking around the room during class. That’s what I think a good teacher does.

2 ) Record-Breaking Black Friday Sales to Benefit the Planet – Did you see how much money Patagonia made from their sales last Friday? Ten million dollars. The cool part? It’s going all to directly to grassroots nonprofits working on the frontlines to protect our air, water and soil for future generations. That definitely deserves a high five!

3 ) Where Were You 5 Years Ago? – So many times we are told not too look back at where you came from. I don’t think so. You have to look back to see, hopefully, how far you’ve come. This post from Laura nails it. I think I might need to do this for a future blog post.

4 ) How a Triathlon Helped America Ferrera Deft Her Inner Critic – I think we all have a inner voice that can be a tad too negative. I know I do! The easiest way to shut that negative Nelly up? Flip it and reverse it with the power of your inner Beyonce!

5 ) What’s Your Crutch? – Do you have a crutch that you lean on in tough times? I do. I usually go silent. I’m the worst at talking about my feelings. I like to keep things close to sort out things a little before I let it out. Love this post from Erin about crutches and why they aren’t so bad if you know how to handle it.

What would you like to High 5 today?