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Meal Planning Ideas { Week of October 18 }

What's for dinner

Here we are again! It’s time to bust out meal planning ideas for the week.

I’ve been a wee bit lax in planning. With being gone the past two weekends, I’ve kind of been throwing things together for dinner. We aren’t starving and we are eating well, but it’s nice to have an actual plan to get back to. What can I say, I like a routine!

Sunday: Roasted Salmon + massaged kale + roasted butternut squash

Monday: Pick your egg sandwiches

Tuesday: Sweet Potato Spaghetti Casserole

Wednesday: Crock pot Two Bean Veggie Chili

Thursday: Fall Harvest Chopped Salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza night

Saturday: Out

For more meal planning ideas, check out Laura and Jill’s weekly link up.

What are you having for dinner this week?

High Five Friday

High 5 Friday 101615  happyfitmama.comHigh Five Friday is here!

Not sure what High Five Friday is all about? Check out the details HERE.

5 From Instagram – Are you following my on Instagram? Please do!

1. I’m running. I’m happy. And I’m #runmatchy.

2. Love this quote. I’m constantly trying to remember this when I get down in the dumps about what a horrendous year in running I’ve had.

3. Polka dots just make everything better, right?

4. Boots. Jeans. Sweaters. Red leaves. All of my favorites.

5. Run and be happy. Always.

5 Good Things

1. Bilateral Amputee Complete the Chicago Marathon – You want to be inspired? Go watch a marathon.

2. How Running is More Than Just Running – If I’ve learned one thing from the past two weekends, it’s this.

3. Woman Qualifies for Boston in All 50 States – While this is one awesome feat, I’m more impressed with the last line – “It was never about seeing how fast I could go, it was really about finding life again.” Running is more than just running.

4. 10 Things a Yoga Teacher Knows About You – I’m still laughing about #8. I don’t think you need to be a yoga teacher to know this.

5. How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps – Now that is an attention grabbing title! Read this. Do this. Be this.

High 5 Friday Banner

High Five Friday

5 from instagram 52915  happyfitmama.comHello High Five Friday!

1. The beach. I love you.

2. Let’s be honest. I eat Fro-Yo for the toppings.

3. I tell my kids to “Go fly a kite” all the time. They finally did.

4. Look at me! I can go up on my toes!

5. Let’s stop drop and yoga! Special request from my daughter as she’s running through the sprinkler.

5 Things

1. I’m super excited for this weekend to fly by. Say what? I want the weekend to fly by?  Why? Because Marina and I, along with 3 other teams from this years Saucony 26 Strong, will be in San Diego for a photo shoot with Competitor Magazine! I am so grateful to even to have been chosen to be a part of the team. But the photo shoot? Grateful doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’m feeling. I’m excited to meet the other teams and to just have a quick get away. I’ve never been to San Diego either!

2. Injury Prevention 101: Lower Leg Care – Great video on how to really get into stretching the calf. I’ve tried it and instantly felt a difference compared to a traditional calf stretch.

3. Practice is Perfect – In yoga, we practice. Why don’t we practice in running? I never thought of it, but it makes sense. Each run is a way “that we’re practicing—to gain the know-how, the muscle memory to compete.” Instead of going for a run today, go for a practice?

4. The problem with too many tabs open in your browser – I’ve got a very similar problem as Christine – my computer and brain are overloaded with tabs. We are slowed down because of it. Since it’s unofficially summer now, it’s the perfect time to close some tabs to focus at what’s in front of me.

5. The Place Where You Are – After Tuesday’s post and Christine’s tabs, I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Right here. Right now. Be there.

What would you like to high 5 today?