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First Run

First Run |

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know about you but I am still riding the Marathon Monday high. Wasn’t it just the most inspiring fantastic day? I can not get enough of the stories and all the smiles. I’m so proud to say that I am a runner!

In a few weeks, there is a local Mother’s Day 5K Race. It’s part of the road race series that I’m doing this year. I was planning on doing it solo until I read about Sarah running a 5K with her daughter. I’ve been wanting to sign my kids up for a fun run and thought maybe this might be a good option. I would run with the stroller and they could hop in and out as they please. A couple of my Mother Runner friends were thinking the same thing. When I asked my kids if they wanted to run a race with me, it was an overwhelming YES! Of course, my daughter said she needed to get new running shoes. Ahhhh….a proud running mama moment.

So yesterday I took my kids out for their first real run. When I say run, what I really mean is we set out with the pure intention of going for a run together. They are kids so they run all the time. Fast is the only speed they know. It was so cute to see their excitement as we got ready.

We started off from our house. The two of them in the lead, setting the pace, as I brought up the rear with the stroller. We made it maybe 2 minutes away from the house before Miss A proclaimed she was tired and jumped in the stroller. Mr. L was trucking along having a good ol’ time.

Miss A soon decided she liked doing intervals – 30 second stroller ride, 30 second run. During one of the runs, she fell and scrapped up both knees. Big tears followed and running was on hold. Back to the stroller she went.

Mr. L was still going strong. He was very proud of himself as he proclaimed “I’m a good runner!” Soon after, he too met the pavement. Harder than Miss A with little more blood. He was done.

Despite being banged up, they both wanted to continue on with our run. I should let you know that this all happened before we even got to 1 mile. I would ask periodically if anyone wanted to get out to walk or run. Miss A did a few more times which surprised me.

We made it home, I patched four knees up with band aids and then celebrated our first run. I was afraid they would say they didn’t want to do the race after the falls. But so far, they still seem excited about the race. I’m excited too but if they don’t want to do it, that’s ok.

We’ll always have our first run.

Dare To Believe

Words to Sweat By -

Happy Marathon Monday!

If you are a runner, today is like Christmas. Everything is buzzing with excitement for the Boston Marathon. THE marathon of all marathons.

Over the weekend, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were flooded with images and stories of runners of all calibers coming to celebrate this very special race. The running community is united, stronger than ever.

I’m a sap for a good running story. It doesn’t take much for me to get teary eyed, inspired and itching to put on my running shoes. It’s the stories of real people, with real lives and real everyday responsibilities who put their heart and soul into first off, qualifying for this race and then actually training and running it.

Like so many other runners, it’s no secret that one day I hope to get my own BQ. While out on a run with friends yesterday (which was unbelievably marvelous, btw), we chatted about the race and what it would take to get there. We’ve got BQ fever!

Running Buddies | HappyFitMama.com12 miles and full of smiles!

Maybe it’s not this year. Or next. Or the year after that. But it will happen. I believe I can get there.

When I first started running seriously in 2010, I began to learn more about the running community. I got schooled on the lingo – PR, PDR, LSD, BQ, etc. I knew that the Boston Marathon existed but I didn’t get what the big deal was.

It’s just another race, right?

To the non-runner, yes. To a runner, it’s like the Olympics or the Super Bowl for the average Joe/Jane. Unless you are running for a charity, you have to qualify. They don’t let just anybody in. My friends who have run tell of how Boston connects runners and the communities along the course. The history of the race gives you a sense of being a part of something that’s so much bigger than yourself. Running can be a lonely sport but this race is all about the people. The community.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to be a part of Boston. Initially, I doubted myself. I thought there was no way that I’d ever, ever get a BQ. If it was going to happen, I needed to run for a charity. While I think it’s outstanding that so many do run for a charity and raise TONS of money for good causes, I made a promise to myself. The first time I ran Boston, I would need to qualify on my own. It was something that I wanted to personally accomplish. After that, I will raise money and run for charities.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to earn that spot. It’s going to take dedication, commitment, strength and ultimately believing that I can do it. Oh and of course, running fast!

I owe myself the chance to try and the possibility to believe it can happen.

I’ll be thinking of (and watching) all the runner’s today. May you run with the heart and soul that only a runner can have. #BostonStrong

It just so happens that this week in the Lorna Jane Spring Clean Pinterest Challenge, it’s all about BELIEVE. Believing in your goals, your worth, your potential. Believe you can and you will. Check out my Pinterest board to get ideas and find motivation.

Is a BQ a dream of yours?

Do you have a big goal that you would like to believe you can accomplish?