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Marvelous is…

Reflections on Running |

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was nothing overly the top outrageous but a weekend is always good no matter what, in my opinion. To celebrate and to keep the good vibes rolling into the week, I’m thinking of all the marvelous that there was (big thanks to Katie for hosting!).

Marvelous is…a near perfectly executed progression long run. On Saturday, I hit my first double digit run in over 4 months. I purposely started off slower in hopes of at least finishing the last 5k faster for this months 5 by the 5th Virtual Race. What happened with each passing mile was that my strength and confidence grew. I felt strong. It was almost like everything finally clicked. It felt like I was standing taller, my form was better and I was floating. I completed my 5k in 23:58, 19 seconds faster than last month. This run made me feel like my old runner self. The one that made me feel like I’m BACK. I’m going to be OK. I’m done talking about tendon injuries. Slap me if I ever bring it up again, k?

Marvelous is…Getting honked at while on the above run but realizing it was not a creeper beeper perv but another runner giving me support. Side note to the driver of the car: sorry for initially flipping you off. I realized my mistake when I saw the back of your car was plastered with every single running bumper sticker ever made. Whoops! :)

Marvelous is…sunshine and temps in the 50s. I know I keep mentioning the improving weather but it seriously is the best to finally have sunshine and SPRING!

Spring beach walking |

Hi, my name is Angela and I like long walks on the beach. Good thing Ron does too!

Marvelous is…Lorna Jane Spring Clean Pinterest Challenge! Lorna Jane and FitApproach are teaming up with a great challenge to renew, reboot and refresh your active life this month.  All you have to do is go to and start pinning away. This week (April 7-13) is all about MOVE. Put together a board to take on a new workout, get inspired and to kick some major butt! Just by doing so, you could win $1000 towards some fabulous LJ gear. Check out my Pinterest Board for this week to get inspired and pin some fabulous workouts! Get all the details HERE.

What’s marvelous in your life right now?

I was invited to share the Lorna Jane Spring Clean Pinterest Challenge through my affiliation with the SweatPink Community. I was not compensated. I just love Lorna Jane clothes!

7 Running Things To Do

On Fire

Over the weekend, I ran my longest distance to date since November – 9 miles. It felt great. I felt strong. I felt light. I felt on fire. I even finished with negative splits! I like how the progress is going. I noticed my tendon was a little bit tender later in the day as I ran to keep up with my daughter on her bike. I don’t like that but I stretched and foam rolled some more and it’s feeling good again. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

As I stepped out the door to begin my run, I felt different. Lighter. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Was it that I didn’t have 10,000 layers on?


It was more of what I smelled.

It smelled like Spring.

Dirt. Mud. But at the same time clean, new, fresh. It smelled marvelous. I took a deep breath in and started off.

Spring has sprung!

To celebrate this glorious turn of events, I declared that I will not wear full length tights till at least December. Of course, temps are still in the 30s but I simply refuse to acknowledge that. I also started to think of what I’d like to do with running now that I’m coming out of hibernation (aka off my treadmill in the basement).

7 Running Things to Do for Spring

  1. Get outside! – First and foremost. I tolerate the treadmill but I’m missing the fresh air, the birds, the sunrise. With the warmer temps and gaining morning daylight every day, I’m so ready to return to running primarily outside again.
  2. Hit the trails. – Most of the trails around me are still covered in deep snow. I’m hoping the warmer temps and rain will get rid of it. Of course, mud season is in full effect so I may have to wait awhile for this one unless I want to lose a shoe or two.
  3. Run with friends. – I’ve been absent from group runs for far too long. I miss the conversations. The stories. The support. The fun. The laughter. Even if I can get in one or two runs with a friend or a group a week, I’ll be happy. They make me a better runner just by association!
  4. Hit the track. – I’ve never been a huge fan of the track. I tend to do much of my speed work on the treadmill which is so much easier. The belt’s moving and I just need to keep up. With the track, it’s all me. No help from anything. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and get uncomfortable.
  5. Start a running group. – This ties in with all of the above. I know there are people in my community who want to run. I want to share my love of running and in the process make some new friends. It’s a winning situation for all!
  6. Plan – I want to do a marathon in the Fall. Which one? I have no idea. However, there is potential for something very, very cool that I hope to be a part of. I’ll keep you posted on what develops!
  7. Run and love it! – I love running no matter what but I want to run everywhere and everything. 5ks, 10ks, half marathon, marathon, trails, on the beach. Wherever, I’m going to run it and love it.

What’s on your running or fitness TO DO List?

Is it feeling Spring-like in your area?