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6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Need running inspiration? Here's 6 favorite workouts for runners by runners. |

It’s another edition of Monthly Workouts for Runners BY Runners. Here’s the previous month’s workouts if you missed them:

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This month the focus is on our Favorite Workouts for Runners.

Runners are unique. We all have our favorite workouts. Some may like a speed workout. Some may love a tempo. Some may love a good progression run.

For me, if I could combine a run with a strength workout, it would be the best case scenario. Of course, with time constraints, it doesn’t always happen that way. Since I’m always short on time, my favorite workout would include a little strength and a little running (OK, maybe more running than a little would be ideal!).

This strength and running combo uses 6 exercises, done for 60 seconds each. You can do one round and call it good or do up to three more for a full body workout in less than 20 minutes.

Follow that up with running for 30-60 minutes for a well rounded favorite workout kind of day for me!

My favorite workouts for runners combine strength building moves with some time running. Check out this easy and quick workout for runners. |

And here are even more favorite workouts from 5 of my running friends.

Pin away so you have a stash of workouts on hand whenever you need it.

Allie shares her workout to shave 10 minutes off your half marathon time.


Sarah shares her Go-To strength moves.


Nellie shares her favorite workout when NOT running.


Carly shares her favorite strength workout for anyone.


Laura shares her favorite progression run for half and full marathon runners.


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What’s your favorite workout?


Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

The best gifts for fitness lovers plus a Saucony giveaway! |

It’s that time of year again. Time for gift guides and pondering what to get that hard to by fitness lover in your life. But really, it’s not that hard to buy for a someone who loves fitness. Give us anything fitness related and we are happy!

If you are like me, you avoided the stores on Black Friday. And really, why would you want to physically go in a store when you can get the same deal online now? Forget Cyber Monday, there’s Cyber Weekend!

If you are prepared, you probably started shopping already. Or if you are really, really  good, you may be done. But if you are like me, you haven’t even started. Procrastination is my middle name.

Every year, I’ve put together a gift guide of my favorite fitness gear. These are all things I love and use regularly. If it’s on the list, I use it and I want to spread the word about how marvelous it is.

Happy shopping for your gift recipients and of course, yourself. :)

1 ) Saucony Reflex Gear – If you run in the early morning, evening or in low visibility conditions, the Reflex line is for you. I love how it lights up like a Christmas tree when headlights hit you but looks casual and cool in regular light. I have the jacket, tights and the Zealot ISO 2 Reflex Saucony Shoes.Even if you don’t run in low light, the jacket looks cool and is perfect the perfect wind/water repellent jacket.

2 ) Saucony Peregrine Trail Shoes – This year my love for trails has blossomed. I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to the trails but I have found a pair of shoes that I love to wear in the dirt and mud. The Peregrine from Saucony is the best ( a close second is the Saucony Xodus). It hugs slippery rocks. It plows through mud. It cushions in all the right places. You guys know that I have mega feet issues and the Peregrine gives me no problems.

3 ) Saucony Run Mitt – For the past two years, these mittens have saved me on so many runs. My hands are always cold. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with Raynaud’s, but I’ve got all the symptoms. It’s downright painful when my hands get really cold. Not so with these mittens. In fact, there were runs where I had to stick half of my hand out of the mitt because they were hot. That has never happened before. They have been sold out since 2015 so don’t hesitate – buy these now before they are gone again!

4 ) Garmin Forerunner 230/235 – So this is the only item that I haven’t personally tried out. Last week my GPS watch died on me so I was in a panic to find a new one. I couldn’t justify the $$ for a Garmin Fenix (even though Ron kept telling me to get it every time I brought it up). Based on the recommendations of tons of runners, I went with the Garmin 230. It should be arriving today! I debated heavily between the 230 and 235. I decided against getting the 235 because I have never used the HR capability on any other GPS watch I’ve owned for the past 7 years. Maybe I’ll change my mind at some point, but right now it wasn’t a worth an extra $70 for me.

5 ) Panasonic Wings Wireless Headphones – Look at me – I’ve ditched the wires! Owning a pair of wireless headphones was never really on my radar. I don’t run with music (outside at least) so being connected by wires never really bothered me. Until I was sent the Panasonic Wings Wireless Headphones. They are perfect for my indoor workouts. Before, I always had to have my phone on me while listening to music or podcasts during my basement workouts. If I didn’t have my Saucony Bullet shorts or capris, my phone usually ended up being stuck in my sports bra. Not the best set up. Now I can walk around, jump around and be completely free from my phone while I lift weights and do plyometrics. Life changer!

The best gifts for Fitness Lovers plus and awesome Saucony giveaway! |

6 ) Run Fast. Eat Slow. – This cookbook has every recipe a runner could ask for. Not only are they easy to make but taste delicious. On top of that, every recipe is full of nutrients a runner needs pre, during, and post run. Even if you don’t run, you’ll enjoy the tasty recipes.

7 ) Moji Foot Massager – I received this amazing foot massager from Rise.Run.Retreat this year. My feet have never been so happy after a run. Especially because I leave it in the freezer so it does dual treatment of rolling and icing my foot at the same time.

8 ) Manduka Yoga Mat – I have had numerous yoga mats through the years and Manduka makes the best. No doubt about it. It stays in place and more importantly, so do I.

9 ) Kuhl Lea Pullover – I had major pullover envy when I spotted numerous attendees at Rise.Run.Retreat sporting this cute shirt. So much so that I went home and purchased my own. I had the dress version of it so why not get the pullover? It’s co cute, comfortable and perfect for pulling on after a yoga class or running errands throughout the day.

10 ) Namaste Workout Sweatshirt – If you are on Instagram, love yoga and running, then you need to follow Ann. She’s not only a serious runner but a yoga instructor and has a Ph.D in English Lit. Wicked fast and wicked smart! She also has an online shop full of Runners Love Yoga gear. This sweatshirt is super soft and cozy, perfect for after a class or run.


Since I love everything from Saucony, and I think you would too, how would you like to win an item of your choice from their website? You can choose an item that I listed above or something entirely else. It’s up to you!

To enter, let me know in the comments which item from Saucony you would like if you won. That’s it! Super simple!

Giveaway ends Friday, December 2, 2016 @ 10 p.m. I’ll pick a winner with and will contact them by email.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: Some of these items were sent for me to review and others I have purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are a part of this post.






10 Running Safety Tips for Every Runner

Stay alert and safe with these 10 Tips for Running Safety year 'round! |

With Daylight Savings Time in full effect, we are now in the time of year when there’s more darkness than light. I like to refer to November and December as the months that I like to begin hibernation. When it is dark at 4:30 p.m., I want to put my PJ’s on immediately after work and not leave the house for the rest of the night. That’s really a lie. I want to put my PJ’s on after work every single day of the year. I’m just more likely to do it in the winter.

Since November is National Running Safety Month, I like to share tips I’ve picked up throughout the years of running. However, running safety is something that should be at the forefront of every runner’s mind no matter what time of the year it is.

Safety for runners covers a lot of area. With the horrific murders of 3 runners during the summer, safety against attacks, particularly for women, got a lot of press. As it should. We should all be aware of the risks. Ever since being followed by a man in a car two years ago while on a run, I’m hyper-aware of my safety.

Safety also covers being seen by motorists. I recently read about two local runners who were running in the early morning and were struck by a car. I’m sure we all have stories similar to that.

Follow these tips to keep you safe year round.

Run against traffic

When you are running against traffic, you will be able to see what’s coming at you AND the driver will more likely see you.

Light it up

Lighted vests and/or headlamps will not only help you see the road better (even if there are streetlights) but drivers will be able to spot you better from the front and the back. There’s a ton of different models available. I love my Black Diamond headlamp. It’s lightweight, is super bright and has a blinking red light on the back.

Running Safety tips for every runner.| happyfitmama.comListen Up

I’m kind of amazed at how many people run, walk or ride their bike with headphones on. Especially in the dark. Even if you have one earpiece in, it’s still dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Your best bet is to leave the music at home. Trust me, you can run without music.

Be Prepared

Take a self defense class. Run with mace or personal alarm. Most importantly, know how to use these defenses. It’s one thing to have them, but know what to do, how to use it and be prepared for anything. I learned to test my mace out before every run from my friend Sarah. I did that and then later scratched my nose/upper lip while running with the same hand that had the mace in it. Let’s just say, my mace works really, really well. For a long time.

Wear reflective, bright clothing
This could be reflective stripping on your shirt, shorts, shoes, etc. As a member of Saucony Find Your Strong Team, I recently was sent their new Reflex line. It is soooo cool! The jacket is totally reflective on the front and back. The tights are reflective from the knee down (in addition to being warm for those chilly late fall/winter runs). And the shoes are just as reflective. I have the Zealot but the Reflex is also available in the Ride, Hurricane and Kineta.

Shop Saucony Holiday Gift Guides. Free Express Shipping & Extended Free Returns! -> Affiliate Link

Light up the night with Saucony Reflex reflective gear for running safety. |

Take your phone and ID

I always take my phone and Road ID with me. Your phone can help you if you encounter a scary situation or if you get hurt to call for help. Carrying some form of ID on you is also critical if you are unable to communicate who you are, what medications you are on, allergic reactions and who to call in case of emergency.

Use Tracking Apps

Of course there’s an app for that! And if you are taking your phone along on your run, why not use an app. There’s tons of apps out there to keep tabs on you while running. Garmin Mobile Connect, Road ID, bSafe, React Mobile, and Kitestring are some options.

Funny story – Whenever I meet with new running friends for the first time, Ron likes to use Track My iPhone to make sure I don’t get  kidnapped by some crazy stalker. At least that’s what he tells me. Maybe he’s just checking up on me to see if I’m really running. What else would I be doing at zero dark thirty?

Buddy Up

If possible meet up with a friend. There’s safety in numbers. And if you think you run too early, you might be surprised to know how many others are in the same boat as you. I’ve posted in a couple of our local running club Facebook pages looking for a running buddy and have had great success in finding crazy awesome runners who want to run at zero dark thirty. Besides, who wouldn’t want to start the day this way?

Run with a buddy for running safety. |

Run Like a Defensive Driver

Assume every driver is talking on the phone while drinking steaming hot coffee and tuning the radio. This can be said about running at any time on the roads. Never assume a driver sees you. They most likely don’t.

Switch It Up

Change your running route and time you run every so often. It’s comfortable to you, but that also means that someone may learn your routine as well.

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What are your running safety tips?