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What’s for Dinner? {Week of February 12 }  

What's for dinner this week?  | happyfitmama.comHappy What’s for Dinner Sunday!

Before we talk about dinner, let’s talk about the weather.

Snowpocolypse continues!

We had a one day break from snow on Friday before the snow making machine turned on again yesterday.  Running 14 miles on snow covered roads with a lovely wind was how I kicked off my Saturday.  It was the first time I’ve run that long in YakTrax too.  Needless to say my calf muscles are a jumbled mess of tightness.  I’m giving them mega doses of love (aka foam rolling) to help break it up.

Today we are under a Blizzard warning.  Snow totals predicted? 16-24 inches.

What was I saying about missing winter?

I’ve got a recovery run and then hitting up the expo/kick off party for Six03 Endurance. I’m sure we’ll be playing in the snow too!

It’s Sunday so it’s meal planning day.  Time to figure out what’s for dinner this week.

Sunday: Salmon + massaged kale and roasted butternut squash

Monday: Black Bean Chili

Tuesday: Make your own taco

Wednesday: Chicken stir fry with Run Fast. Eat Slow peanut sauce

Thursday: Haddock + Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Friday: Ron’s homemade pizza

Saturday: Raid the fridge and pantry

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

Meal Planning This Week

What's for dinner this week? Get meal planning inspiraiton for the whole family! |

Hey there!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning. Not exactly how I wanted to kick off my long run. I tried blaming the sore throat on my house being dry but it lingered all day. Fingers crossed it doesn’t develop into anything too severe.

The run went really well despite being greeted with a chilly 13 degrees. Of course, the hourly forecast said it was going to be 20. There’s a huge difference between 13 and 20 degrees! I wasn’t too cold until the last couple of miles. My butt and hamstrings were blocks of ice. My nose and upper lip were stinging for some reason too. Weird.

Today’s run was an easy pace recovery run before heading off to the mountain for a day of snowboarding and skiing.  It’s the last day of the kids group lessons. It’s a great program but I’ll be happy when we have a boring, no plan weekend to just hang out at home.

It’s Sunday so it’s meal planning day.  It’s also Super Bowl Sunday so we’ll be gearing up for the big game as soon as we come home from the mountain. I’m notorious for falling asleep during the Super Bowl unless it’s a really good game. There’s nothing worse than a big game that is completely scoreless the first half or is totally one sided. This is a THE big game. You want a show. Btw – Go Pats!

Sunday: Baked Broccoli Slaw Egg Rolls + other finger foods for the game

Monday: Salmon + Roasted Asparagus

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday – build your own taco bar

Wednesday: Easy Chicken Lo Mein

Thursday: Butternut Squash Apple Soup + Grilled Cheese

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Clean out the fridge!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

Stonyfield Whole Milk Smoothies + Meal Planning


Stonyfield Whole Milk Smoothies

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

After years and years of fearing “the fat”, I ditched that fear a couple of years ago. It’s hard to let that notion go away entirely.  I mean, remember the 90s? Fat was zapped from every product available.  Thankfully, I got over that and have enjoyed every single morsel. Adding more fat to my diet made me leaner and feel more satisfied.

Last year, Stonyfield upped their whole milk product line. Their plain whole milk Greek yogurt is a staple in my house. It’s so creamy and flavorful that adding plain fresh fruit is all I need to sweeten it up. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do!

This year, Stonyfield is expanding their whole milk line even more. First up is the new Whole Milk Smoothies that you’ll start to see on your grocery store shelves this month. Available in peach and strawberry, this cute little bottle packs 6 grams of protein. It’s the perfect on the go snack!

As luck would have it, my package of smoothies from Stonyfield arrived on a day that I was at work. The kids had a 2 hour delay from school so Ron went in late to work. Guess who dug into the package without me?  Thankfully, the little rascals left some smoothies for me.

The peach flavor is my favorite. So creamy, rich and flavorful, it’s the perfect thing to grab when I come home from a run to replenish what I worked off.  The strawberry is just as good. My kids’ have been requesting a bottle in their lunch boxes daily of either flavor. I can’t wait till it’s on the store shelves.

Like all Stonyfield products, the smoothies are 100% USDA organic, non-GMO and made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones and antibiotics. And of course, with milk from the cutest cows ever.


It’s Sunday, so it’s meal planning day!

Sunday: Birthday party

Monday: Slow Cooker Whole Roasted Chicken + Pesto Zoodles

Tuesday: Fish Tacos

Wednesday: Skillet Veggie Lasagna

Thursday: Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggie “Stir Fry”

Friday: Make your own pizza night

Saturday: Salmon + Massaged Kale and Roasted Butternut Squash

What’s your favorite flavor of yogurt?

What’s for dinner at your house this week?