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What’s for Dinner?


If you are reading this on Sunday morning, I will hopefully be eating hills for breakfast. I’m running the inaugural Summerfest 10K. The joke about this race is that you can PR on this course…IF you’ve never run a 10k before. Sounds like fun, huh?

I’ve only run one 10k before. That was 2 years ago and a relatively flat course. I’m hoping to PR but it all depends on how nice the hills are to me. This could be interesting.

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Grilled Salmon + veggies

Monday: Pick your egg + avocado toast

Tuesday: Black Bean Burgers + Sweet Potato Fries -> Trying a new recipe for the burgers.

Wednesday: Peanut Crispy Tofu Salads/Wraps

Thursday: Zucchini Pancakes

Friday: Grilled Chicken over Spinach Pesto Pasta

Saturday: Wing it

What are you having for dinner this week?

What’s for Dinner?

Rainbow Veggie Flatbread  -

Just popping in for meal planning for the week. I can’t get enough of the grill right now. Turning on my oven does not even sound appealing even though the humidity has dropped quite a bit.

We’ve been loving grilled pizzas lately. The crust gets so crisp and the smokiness adds a nice flavor. I’m excited to try the rainbow flatbread grilled. It’s just so pretty!

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Cook out

Monday: Sweet Potato Egg Bake

Tuesday:Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad

Wednesday: Rainbow Veggie Flatbread on the grill

Thursday: Grilled Cod + summer veggies

Friday: Peanutty Quinoa Veggie Bowls

Saturday: Wing it!

What are you having for dinner this week?