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Fall running |

Last week I hit a milestone in running.

52 miles.

The highest weekly amount of running I’ve ever done.

I’d love to say that it was an all around stellar week but it seems like my marathon training is more like a roller coaster these days.

I have really high peaks of nailing my workouts and feeling awesome. Then there’s heart dropping low points where it seems everything hurts and I’m questioning,

“Why am I doing this?”

I went into this week coming off a strong weekend of running. With my impromptu 16 miler on Friday, I followed up with a 9 miler on Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday was an easy 8 miler.

Wednesday was a 10 mile tempo. I don’t know why but tempos make me super nervous. Way more so than speed work. With speed work, I feel like I “only” have to run a certain distance and then I get a break. With a tempo, there’s no break till you’re done with your mileage. Plus, when I see the prescribed pace, it always makes me think, “There’s no way I can hold onto that pace for X miles!”

But you know what?

Those fears seem to vanish as soon as I start to run. I start to see, “I can do this!”

When I finished the tempo, I was flying high. I nailed it except for falling off pace a little for a hillier section.

The bad part of that run was afterwards. I had to scurry home, shower, eat and get ready for attending an education class for 7 hours instead of my usual work day. It was a good class but sitting for 7 hours after running 10 miles does horrible things to the body.

I’ve never been so stiff. My hips. My quads. My calves.

I don’t know how people with office jobs can stand sitting all day!

After Wednesday, I focused on rolling and stretching everything out. Despite my efforts, I was still pretty tight by Sunday’s long run. Which btw – best decision EVER to delay it one day. I usually do my long run on Saturday but it was freakin’ crazy humid and hot. Sunday turned out to be in the 60s and zero humidity. Perfect!

Anyway, going into my long run, I was doubting myself big time. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with my legs and just mentally.

Thankfully, Mariette had 20 miles to run too. Misery Marathon runners love company! The first 10 were great. We cruised right along. You would think we’d feel a second wind at the turn around point but for some reason we both started to fade. The last 10 were when we had to dig in. My legs were tired and stiff. I was hungry even though I’d been eating.

I had hoped to finish the last 3 at a fast pace but the universe (and my body) didn’t want it. I wanted to walk more than run. And I did at one point after having to stop for a moving truck blocking the road. That threw me off totally. My legs didn’t want to start up again. But they did albeit it felt like I was crawling.

20 miles |

Not 02 miles but 20 MILES! (I’m blaming my fatigued body for not noticing this when I posted this pic to Instagram).

I’m glad I made it this time. I don’t think I could handle another horrible run like 2 weeks ago.

And so I hit my mileage milestone.

52 miles total for one week.

To some, that’s nothing.

But to me, it’s a lot and I’m proud of myself for getting there.

It’s given my confidence a little boost. A boost that’s been marvelous.(Thanks for the link up Katie).  And one that was really needed.

This week it’s a cut back week but also Reach the Beach on Friday and Saturday. My biggest fear with it is getting too stiff in between runs. After Wednesday’s experience, I know I need to be diligent with stretching and rolling when not running.

I don’t want to be knotty again!

Did you run over the weekend? How was it?

Relay veterans – any van rolling/stretching tips?

Runner’s Logic

Sunflowers |

Happy Labor Day!

It’s hard to believe it’s the unofficial last day of summer. It seems like we’ve got a resurgence of summer weather so I’m more than happy to hang onto it for as long as I can. Jeans, boots, sweaters and all things pumpkin and apple can wait just a bit longer, in my opinion.

So let’s talk running.

I did something on Friday that I’ve never done before.

I ran my long run of the week on a Friday afternoon.

Friday is usually a rest day for me. But the kids were off from school so Ron stayed home from work with them. With the kids off, that meant I didn’t have to pick them up from school when I was done with work. Since I opted out of running on Thursday due to a cranky hamstring, I decided I’d run as soon as I got out of work.

Find Your Strong

I’m a morning runner, no doubt about it. Whenever I run in the afternoon, I feel less energetic. It’s more of a slog than a run. With that in mind, I was anticipating feeling horrible. My initial plan was for 8 miles but was unsure how my hamstring was going to feel. Or even really how my stomach was going to handle it.

But then my fuzzy runner’s logic stepped in.

Mile 1 – This feels ok. Is the first mile ever fantastic for anyone? The good news was my hamstring was happy again.

Mile 2 – This feels good. Hmmm…8 miles is going to fly by.

Mile 3 – I think I’ll run mile 4-8 at goal marathon pace. I feel really good.

Mile 4 – Goal marathon pace doesn’t feel so bad. I’m kind of shocked that I can do this after being on my feet at work for 7 hours and eating none of my usual pre-run food. Maybe spinach, avocado and chicken are good running fuel?

Mile 5 – Still holding on.

Mile 6 – I’m going to need a couple of miles for cool down after I hit 8. I should run a total of 10 today.

Mile 7 – One more to go!

Mile 8 – Did it!

Mile 9 – I’ve got my long run tomorrow of 16 miles. If I run 10 right now, what’s 6 more? I’m almost there.

Mile 10 – Let’s do 16 miles!

Mile 11 – Whoops! Out of water and I don’t have any mid run fuel on me since I didn’t think I’d run this far. I’m draining fast. Jump in my car and head home to replenish my water bottle and grab some chomps.

Mile 12 – Gah! My legs stiffened up with the 20 minute break. Running on cement legs feels painfully slow although my pace isn’t that bad.

Mile 13 – Almost there! My legs are still stiff and now I’ve got a blister forming on my big toe. Ouch. I can’t quit now.

Mile 14 – 16 – I can’t remember a single thing from those miles. Finishing is all I focused on.

Sunshine on the bay |

I was pumped with how well the first 11 miles went but that little break messed me up. I was hungry, thirsty and tired at that point and just wanted to be done. It was a struggle to finish. Good training for running on tired legs? The good news was that my long run was done. I could sleep in a little bit on Saturday morning.

Hahaha. I guess my kids didn’t get that memo.

I definitely surprised myself that I could run that far on a Friday afternoon. And it was definitely marvelous to have my long run done for the weekend. Although I did run 9 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

However, I don’t think I’ll make it a regular habit to run long in the afternoon/evening. I slept horribly that night. I don’t think I had a deep sleep all night. And then my stomach was growling so loud around midnight that it actually woke me up.

Runger is for real people!

Marathon training really messes with your head. To the average person, 6 more miles is a big deal. But when you are accustomed to running more miles, 6 seems like a breeze. I tried explaining my fuzzy runner’s logic to Ron and he just said, “Whatever works for you.”

I don’t think he got it.

Do you prefer your long run on the weekend or during the week?