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Splitting a Long Run

splitting a long

Last week I had 18 miles planned for my long run. But then I realized that I had the Summerfest 10k on Sunday. In marathon training last year, the only race I had during that time was a half marathon. It was no big deal to tack on mileage for a warm up and cool down after the race to get in my desired total. But with a 10k, it’s only 6.2 miles. Add one mile for a warm up and I’ve would still have a boat load of miles to get in. And if I truly was going to “race,” would I have the energy to put in 11 miles more? Probably not. I decided I would instead try splitting a long run, something I’ve never done before.

Thursday morning my plan was to get in at least 10 miles and then complete the remaining 8 once Ron got home from work in the evening. This was the best possible option for my situation but also for training. It allowed for active recovery during the day while still being a little fatigued for the second run. My active recovery consisted of spending the morning and the early part of the afternoon on a field trip with twelve 3-4 year old kids at the beach.

Active, yes. Recovery, not so much.

In 12 hours, I ran in two completely different weather situations.

Morning – pouring rain, high humidity, temps in the low 70s. I also had ran with a friend for a portion of it for some company.

Evening – blue sky, sunshine, a breeze, temps in the low 80s. Solo.

My run in the morning was the tougher of the two. The conditions made it more challenging and I seemed to struggle up a few hills. I was quite surprised how fresh I felt for the afternoon run despite being on my feet all day. I am usually not an evening runner at all but everything kind of fell into place after the first mile. For the most part I ate what I usually eat throughout the day and didn’t alter anything. I did finish the last two miles a little faster than planned just because I was getting hungry for dinner. Running past good smelling restaurants intensified that!

So is splitting up a long run good for marathon training?

Your body is getting most of the same physical endurance training benefits of a continuous long run since you’re not completely recovering in between runs. However, the benefits are not as great as when you do one continuous long run. And, of course, it’s definitely easier mentally to run 10 miles in the morning and 8 miles at night, rather than 18 miles all at once — which is why you don’t want to do it every week. Ideally, you want to run your long run continuously, since that’s what you’ll be doing in your marathon. But splitting your run is a great way to squeeze a long run into a busy week and it definitely beats the alternative of skipping your long run altogether.

Have you had to split a long run in training?

26 Strong

26 Strong |

I can not contain the big news any further…

Remember when I said I was running a marathon in the fall but not sure which one?

Here’s the reason -

Saucony and Competitor Magazine have teamed up to create 13 teams of runners – 13 coaches (the vets) with 13 newbies (the cadets) to train to achieve their marathon goals. Together we are 26 Strong for 2014.

That’s right. I was asked to be a coach.

My first words, “Is this for real?”

My second words, “You do know I’ve only run one marathon. Does that make me a vet?”

My third word, “YES!”

I wanted to do a marathon this fall and now it’s happening with some awesome perks. I chose my friend, Kailey, as my cadet. She’s run numerous half marathons already and was thinking maybe a marathon was her next goal. As soon as I asked her, she enthusiastically said YES!

Running Buddies | HappyFitMama.comThat’s Kailey on the right!

So here’s the details – Kailey and I will be choosing a marathon to run anywhere in the continental U.S. that has bibs available (my first pick was NYC but it’s not an option). We’ll train together to make both our marathon dreams come true. Along the way we’ll be getting some sweet swag from Saucony and running a half marathon through Rock n Roll or Women’s Running Series (again, anywhere in the country). There will also be media events, photo shoots (gah!) and articles in Competitor and Women’s Running Magazines.

This year it’s all ladies on the 26 Strong Team. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of intimidated by the other coaches. They are all ladies who have mega marathon experience and some are way faster than I’ll ever be – Dmity and Sarah (Another Mother Runner ladies), Dorothy and Amanda to name a few. I’m excited to meet them and hopefully will get a few tips along the way.

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of 26 Strong! I feel honored to be included. It’s going to be lots of hard work with some fun mixed it. Hopefully Kailey won’t hate me at the end of this! I can not wait to begin training, it’s going to be marvelous…we just need to pick our marathon now!

Any marathon in the continental U.S. – which would you pick?