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What a Mother Runner Wants for Mother’s Day

What a mother runner really wants for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I’ve been dropping hints to my kids. I’ve been reminding Ron.

Sure, I’d love a pedicure to pretty up my runner’s feet. A deep tissue massage to coax out the knots in my hard working runner legs. A new GPS watch or other running gear. But I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. And I already have an overflowing closet of running stuff.

Here’s what this Mother Runner wants for Mother’s Day.

An injury free body that can run, run, and run some more with no worries of how her body will react to the mega mileage.

Time to run at her own pace rather than squeezing it in at zero dark thirty before the slew of kid sports activities takes over on a Saturday morning. Although, I do like this a teeny tiny bit since I get to see killer sunrises.

Sunrise run |

Enough time in the day to run, lift weights, do core work, go to a yoga class and get a massage and do all that other mother stuff that needs to be done.

A PR. Any distance will do.

Having a nutritious breakfast prepared for me and that is ready the moment I walk in the door after my long run. Of course, it would have the correct ratio of carbs:protein for optimal recovery.

The ability to take a nap or even to sit down for more than 2 minutes after a long run on the weekend.

A marathon that ends with a smile on my face. Not just because it’s done, but because I ran it my way.

Not have to do laundry for one week.

Moms on the Run 5k |

Run a race with my kids and not have them complain at all. Ok, that is just completely  unrealistic so I’ll allow one complaint per kid.ONLY ONE!

Make my heart burst when you say that you want to be a runner just like Mama.

Mom’s – What do you really want for Mother’s Day?

Let’s Go Camping! {Giveaway}

Camping season is upon us! Stock up on all your camping essentials from Kohl's.

This is a sponsored on behalf of Kohl’s. While I was not paid to write this post I did receive products.

Some of my greatest memories from childhood are from family camping trips. We would kick off the season Memorial Day weekend where we’d pack up the camper and head to a lake. Sometimes it would just be my parents and brothers. Others, my grandparents or aunt, uncle and cousins. We would spend the days fishing, wandering and playing in woods, riding our bikes, paddling in the lake in our canoe or just hanging out. Of course, each night there was a campfire and s’mores. What’s camping without s’mores?

When we camped, there was no agenda. Wait, yes there was. The agenda was to unplug. And this was before cell phones and the internet. Back then unplug meant get away from telephones attached to the wall, running water, electricity and indoor bathrooms.

I couldn’t wait to pass on the camping tradition to my kids. That is until I actually had kids. Camping with young kids did not sound appealing to me. At all. I know a lot of people do it but as a mom of twins, I lived and breathed by a set schedule for at least the first 3 years of their lives. The thought of packing all of their stuff and going a night or two with zero hours of sleep did not sound like fun. Call me crazy, but sharing a 4 person tent with Ron, two humans and a dog that don’t know the value of personal space, while “sleeping” on the ground, was not high on my “Must Do” list during the early years.

Let's go camping! Enjoy the outdoors and make lasting memories for the whole family.

Last year, we thought we were ready. We did a test run in the backyard. The kids were excited. Ron was excited. I was excited. And then night time came and my son was no longer excited. Let’s just say the camping experience did not go over well.

This year is THE year. We’ve been putting together our summer bucket list and camping often is on the list. What better way to get excited for camping than with new gear? Thankfully, Kohl’s came through. Did you know they have an extensive camping department online and in store? I love Kohl’s for their great deals but I had no idea they carried so many great outdoor brands like Coleman.

I wish I could say we have already been camping but it’s only mid-April and we live in New Hampshire. The overnight temps are still a little too cold for more liking. So we tested out some of the new gear in the backyard to see how it worked.

Kohl's has all of your favorite camping gear like this Coleaman tent.

It’s been awhile since I bought a new tent and my-oh-my how things have changed! Room dividers, closets with selves and bars – what?!? We could fit at least two of our tiny 4 person backpacking tent into our new one. My personal space fears are no longer an issue. And it’s a breeze to set up.

Kohl's has all of your favorite camping gear including sleeping bags and air matresses from Coleman.

It’s also been awhile since I bought a new sleeping bag. Memory foam. In the sleeping bag. Oh yes. And it is heavenly. Why did it take so long for someone to come up with that genius idea? Thank you Coleman!

Let's go camping with great Coleman gear from Kohl's.

We have a large air mattress for Ron and I so we picked up two Coleman self-inflating camp pads for the kids. Fingers crossed they stay on them and don’t try to steal my cushy mattress.

Kohl's has all of your camping needs. From propane stoves, cookware and tents, they've got you covered.

With two more (very hungry) mouths to feed, we thought it was time to invest in more food prep gear.  We wanted a stove that was light, compact, and easy to use. This 2 burner propane stove is perfect for cooking up any dish I want. And this stainless steel mess kit is just the right size. It has fold-away handles and nest together for compact storage.

I think we are ready. Let’s go camping!

Kohl’s would like to help you get out camping this summer with a $50 gift card to buy what you need! Follow the Rafflecopter prompts to enter!

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Mt. Aggie Run |

Hey guys!

It’s time for my monthly Lately…

Lately…I’ve been wondering if I’ll run a marathon this year. I know I want to run one but I haven’t registered for anything and I haven’t even really looked. With the whole quad thing and my focus on Mount Washington lately, I haven’t put much effort into it. Maybe it’s my mind telling me to focus on one thing at a time. Who knows. I may register for a marathon tomorrow.

Lately…Speaking of that “only one hill race”, on Sunday, a friend and I did hill repeats up Mount Aggie. Overall, I think it went well. My legs felt great. My breathing was labored but not horrendous. My heart was pounding but it was nothing that was crazy. I never felt like OMG I’m dying. It just felt like I was climbing a hill. At time I did feel like I was running slower than molasses and the wind was going to blow me over. It’s a great road to practice on for Mount Washington. Plus, it’s rather fitting that we had a view of a snow covered Mount Washington off in the distance at the summit (see pic above).

Lately…All I could think about during yoga class on Tuesday was food. I had the serious hungries going on.

Check in with what's been going on with me lately. |

Lately…I’ve been listening to my body. For real. The old Angela would have run through my knotty quad issue a couple of weeks ago. I would have convinced myself that I needed to “run it out”. I know, I know. It sounds silly. But my runner brain sometimes takes over and all rational goes out the window. And my body is just plain weird too. See the Bird of Paradise pose up above? You would think I wouldn’t be able to do that with a knotty quad. Apparently my body doesn’t go with the rules.

Lately…I’d really wish it would stop raining. It seems the snow left and moved to rain. Is it too much to ask for actual spring weather?

Lately…I still haven’t registered for a race (other than Mount Washington). At the beginning of the year, I told myself to wait until March to run a race. Well March came and went with no race. And now we are in the middle of April and I haven’t even really looked for anything. Part of the reason is that I’m scared. Scared of injuries and feeling slower. That’s no secret. I think I confessed that every month since January. BUT I know I need to DO IT. Once I get the first race done with I’ll be good to go. When did clicking on the register button become so hard? GAH! This all reminds me – maybe I should set some concrete goals for the second quarter of 2016?

Lately…Does anyone else have a really, really hard time planning for things in advance? We’ve been trying to figure out summer vacations, day camp for the kids, etc. With my work schedule it’s so hard to plan in advance like that. And besides, I’m soooooo not a planner.

Lately…I’ve been missing a running buddy. I have been doing the majority of my runs solo. I’m craving some company. Maybe that’s why a long run of 12 or more miles has zero appeal to me right now?

Running buddies |

Our last long run before Boston last year and the last time Sarah and I have ran together. Oddly enough, we had plans to meet up for a run yesterday which was the one year anniversary of this pic. Too bad the weather had other plans.

Lately…It’s nice to catch up with friends that you don’t see often over coffee.

Lately…I’m so glad I committed to getting a deep tissue massage each month. It’s been amazing. Sadly, Jess, my previous LMT, had to go on medical leave. She gave me a recommendation for another LMT and she is just as awesome. Suzanne is tiny with fierce hands. She did wonders for not only my quad but my always tight neck/shoulders, lower back and calf. And she introduced me to cupping which was way cool. She’s kind of out of the way for me but so worth the drive. If you are local, you can find her HERE.

Lately…I did a really interested webinar last week entitled Run Injury Free. Yes please! I really liked the info on activating the feet before each run. Check out this Youtube video to see what it’s all about. She recommends a Rad Roller – has anyone used one before? Thoughts?

Thanks for letting me do some Thinking Out Loud.

What’s been going on in your life lately?