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5 Tips for Staying Active During the Winter

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9 all opinions are my own.

Happy to Be Running |

As someone who has lived in colder climates the majority of her life, I know that you absolutely can not hibernate as soon as the temperature changes. If you do, it makes for a very, very long 3,4,5 or 6 months. Or if you are really unlucky, longer than that.

This past weekend, we saw snow and the lowest temperatures of the season so far (9 degrees on Saturday morning!). I’ll be keeping these tips in mind all season long. And hoping that the Farmer’s Almanac is way off in predicting a harsh winter!

5 Tips for Staying Active During Winter

1. Change your mind – I really don’t like being cold. And I really don’t like the gray skies. Or the lack of color that winter brings. Instead of thinking of the negative aspects of winter, I’m thinking of what I LIKE about winter – hot cocoa around the fireplace, building snowmen, snowshoeing and snowboarding. Attitude is everything.

2. Be a kid again – Since having kids, I’ve had to remember how to play. And since my kids love the snow, play usually happens outside. We use beach toys to make snow castles or head to the nearest hill for sledding. Last year, during every snowstorm, Ron would use the snow blower to make a big tower in the backyard. He then sculpted a “castle” complete with a snow slide. We spent hours everyday playing on it all winter long.

Sledding |

3. Learn a new sport – If you live in an area that gets snow, make this year the year to learn how to ski (downhill or cross country), snowshoe or ice skate if you don’t already know how.

4. Cross train – If you always run, now is the perfect time to mix it up. Try a spinning, yoga or Pilates class. Hit the weights. Maybe you want to try Cross Fit. Work on your core strength and other stabilizer muscles so you’ll be ready for Spring racing season. I’m planning on putting Target C9 gear to good use as I focus on getting back to my yoga mat.

Target® C9 Style Haul 3

5. Set a goal – I’ve got a big goal to work towards this winter with the Boston Marathon coming up in April. Winter marathon training is definitely not easy. There are lots of obstacles that can get in the way of training. But keeping my eye on the prize will keep me focused even if that means logging more miles on the treadmill than outside. But if the weather gods are reading, I’d really like for this to be a super marvelous, mild winter. K? Thanks!

What’s your best way to stay active as the seasons change?

Lately + Meal Planning

Nor'easter 2014

I’m back!

My little Thanksgiving break was fantastic although it seemed way shorter than 4 days.

Let’s catch up on what’s been happening lately.

The first two days of my break were actually a forced break. We lost power Wednesday night around 5 p.m. from the Nor’easter. The snow was super heavy and wet. Whenever that type of snow happens, it means trees are going down. We lost one large tree in our back yard. The good news with it is that our garden can get a little bigger and will have more direct sunlight.

Living Room Camp Out |

Wednesday (and Thursday) night we had a camp out on the living room floor in front of the fireplace. At least we were relatively warm in front of it. Ron and I were both hoping that the power would be back on by the morning so we didn’t get the generator set up. Unfortunately, it didn’t. With the hassle of snowblowing the driveway, charging my dead cell phone to see if the race was still going on and getting everything gassed up/hooked up to the generator, it didn’t leave me any time to get to the starting line of the Turkey Trot I registered for. I took another DNS – my 3rd in 1.5 months. I’m not liking this trend at all.

Later in the morning, I worked up the nerve to head out for a run. The thought of coming home to a cold house after a cold run, did not sound appealing. But I knew I needed to run to shake off my crankiness. As always, it worked.

snowy run |

During my run, I had a grand vision of the power being on when I got home. It wasn’t. Second best thing? Ron hooked up the space heater and put it in the bathroom while I was gone so I would have a relatively warm space to shower. It was heavenly!

Our power finally came back on Thursday night around 10 p.m. I wanted to run the dishwasher, vacuum, do laundry, cook and crank up the heat to 90 degrees. But I withheld till the morning. The only time I will say cleaning and laundry is the best thing ever is after we are without power.

Thanksgiving dinner came Friday evening. I was a bad blogger and didn’t get any pictures. I shopped online a bit (and scored great deals), played in the snow and just chilled for the rest of the weekend. My grand plan of plowing through my To-Do list was foiled. I think I might have accomplished one thing.

How did that happen?

So now that we are caught up, what’s for dinner this week?

Sunday: Salmon + Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad

Monday: Turkey Pot Pie

Tuesday: Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup

Wednesday: Veggie Stir Fry w/ chickpeas

Thursday: Black Bean and Butternut Squash Casserole

Friday: Chicken and Potato Chowder

Saturday: Dinner out with friends.

What’s happening with you lately?

What’s for dinner this week?

Live Actively with prAna

prAna active  happyfitmama.comThis post is sponsored by prAna in partnership with FitApproach.

As a mom, I live for comfortable clothes. I can’t have any wardrobe malfunctions on the playground. Plumber’s crack is not acceptable at play dates (except for maybe cute little baby butts).

My kids don’t let me sit on the side lines. I have to move. I have to jump, climb, skip, hop, run. And truthfully, I don’t want to be on the bench. (Except if it’s after a 20 miler and my legs are Jell-o). I want to live actively.

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I recently received new gear from prAna.

prAna is Sanskrit for breath, life and vitality of the spirit. The company uses this as its name to lift their aspirations and guide their actions towards becoming a more socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.

Can I just say I want at least one (or more) of everything from their early winter collection? Not only that, I want to live the life of a prAna catalog. Beautiful pictures, beautiful places, beautiful clothes. You can’t help but want to live actively just by seeing all the beauty! Now that truly is marvelous.

prAna casual

Since I have more workout clothes than I know what to do with, I thought I’d pick “real clothes.” As soon as I saw, the Kara Jean, I loved it. The herringbone pattern is just too cute. I usually don’t like ordering pants or jeans online, but these fit perfectly. The length is just right to wear down or cuffed. Since I’m not super tall, I’ve been going for the cuff look. The fabric is soft and stretchy so it moves with you. I can comfortably chase after the kids as they climb on everything and anything. I can still feel like I’m wearing workout clothes, but just look a little more put together.

prAna gear |

What drew me to the Mena Sweater? It’s wool. I’m always freezing this time of year. Wool is my BFF. I live in wool socks and sweaters as soon as the temp drops below 55 degrees. Nothing keeps me toasty warm like my woolies! Mena definitely delivers even on a 25 degree day. A lot of people stay away from wool because they think it’s too itchy. The Mena sweater has a soft inside, almost like sweatshirt material, that gives an extra dose of cozy.


I not only love the form and function of prAna clothing, but also how well made and sustainably conscious it is. They take great strides to ensure they are sourcing their clothes from sustainably conscious material and energy sources and that working conditions are good for all of their employees.

If you’re doing a little holiday shopping right now and need something for the fitness or outdoors lover who also appreciates well made, eco conscious clothing, look no further. Now’s the time to shop because I have a special code that will give you 15% off an entire purchase! Just enter pspf14hfm at checkout. It expires on November 30th so don’t delay. SHOP TODAY!