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My Favorite Instagrammers

Find inspiration in running, yoga, fitness and food with My 10 Favorite Instagrammers.

It’s no secret that my fav form of social media is Instagram. Pretty pictures. Inspiring people. Yummy food. Cute animals. It’s got it all!

The majority of Instagrammers that I follow are runners. But I also like to mix it up with yogi’s, foodies, Cross Fit enthusiasts, animal lovers and anything else that strikes my fancy.

If you are looking for running, yoga or food inspiration this is for you. Just right click on the pic to take you to these fabulous Instagrammers accounts and follow away!

Maybe because I’ve found a love for trails and wish I could run on them more, but trail and ultra runners have taken over my Insta feed. The beauty of mountains, lakes, dirt…it’s all I want to see!

Beautiful sunrise doing altitude training…πŸŒ„ #catherinespass #100miletraining #trailrunning #alta

A photo posted by Valorie Reese (@mtnrunr) on

Crazy Mother Runners
Maybe because I want to be BFF’s with all of these ladies. I need to find my own pack of crazy mother runners to have a picnic with on a rock.

I love Christine’s writing but her pics – Amazingly beautiful. She inspires me to post better yoga pics. And her latest trip to Banff – my need to go back there has grown!

Grit. Determination. That’s what the Finnish word, sisu, roughly translates to. Where I grew up in Michigan, there is a strong presence of Finnish descendants. In fact, Ron is Finnish, too. When I found this Insta account, I immediately loved it. The world needs more Sisu Girls!

Runners Love Yoga
Ann does monthly yoga Insta challenges that specifically target runners. Not only is she a serious competitive runner, she’s got her Ph.D in English.

Stop, drop, and yoga #postrun. (For real! You'll feel a little better!) #RunnersLoveYoga #doyogarunfaster

A photo posted by Ann M. (@runnersloveyoga) on

I’m no triathlete but I love following Tonya’s Insta. Bright, colorful and just plain fun!

A little fitness and a whole lot of yummy, better for you food. I’d like to face plant in all of Lee’s food pics.

If I could just eat this the rest of my life…Banana Soft Serve + Protein PB Cups = <3 #comingsoon

A photo posted by Lee Hersh (@fitfoodiefinds) on

This former NH Runner headed west and really makes me want to do the same thing. Her trail pics are amazing. And she’s a pretty rad runner too.

Let yourself by silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

A photo posted by Larisa Elaine Dannis (@larisa_elaine) on

Shannon Dempsey
You can always count on Shannon to be #runmatchy for every run. I mean, how cute is that outfit?!?!

Round The World Girl

Beautiful travel pictures that make me want to go everywhere in this big wide world.

Breakfast in bed. Fueled by @powerbar #powerbar #proteinshake #sp

A photo posted by Elise 🚁 (@roundtheworldgirl) on

And don’t forget to follow me! :)

Btw – High 5 to Amanda (an awesome Instagrammer herself!) for reminding me that I had never posted anything about my favorite Instagrammers before. Thanks girl!

Who are your favorite Instagrammers?

Leave your Instagram handle in the comments so we can follow you!







Camping, Beaches and Sunsets

Sunset on the Cape happyfitmama

Monday is here again. Why does it always come up so quickly?

I had a great long weekend away at the Cape with the family. We lucked out in finding a last minute camping site at Nickerson State Park in Brewster. I wished we could’ve stayed longer but even a few days was enough to recharge, relax and enjoy the days of summer. I want to keep the marvelous vibes going!

Marvelous is…Camping. Remember back in April when I shared all the awesome new camping gear Kohl’s carries? We finally got to put it to use. It was the kid’s first time “for real” camping and they loved it! They rode their bikes everywhere, made a new friend from the campsite next to us, and enjoyed sleeping in the tent. Which btw – the room divider in the tent is awesome. Ron and I could stay up later and not have to worry about crawling over them and waking them up when we went to bed.

Coleman Tent Camping

Marvelous is…Having a running buddy. I knew my kid’s would wake up early. They do no matter what. But with sunrise at 5 a.m., as soon as it was light, their eyes popped open and were ready to go. However, quiet hours were until 7 a.m. So I changed into my running clothes and grabbed a partner to ride along with me. The campground has an awesome paved trail system throughout the park so we had plenty of open space away from campers. I wish we had a longer trail system like this back at home. I’d always have company!

Early morning running and riding |

Marvelous is…Miles and miles of beach. The beaches on the Cape are spectacular. The sand, the dunes, the water. There’s so much beauty. We went to Skaket Beach one day and were amazed at how far the tide goes out. We could walk out at least one mile or more before we actually had water over our ankles. The kid’s got new Boogie Boards for their birthday and had hours of entertainment with them. Best purchase ever! We all had a blast finding little sea creatures and even found a horseshoe crab that was so old it had barnacles all over it.

Skaket Beach |

Marvelous is…Sunsets over the water. You know I love a good sunrise. But a sunset. Over the water. Amazing. It was definitely a stop and soak in all the beauty kind of evening.

Cape Cod Sunset

Marvelous is…Running to the beach. I had to go back to the beach in the morning after I spied the perfect little path that went to the marsh. I ran on that for a little bit before going to the sand. There’s just about an empty beach in the early morning. It’s one of my favorite things.

Morning beach run |

Marvelous is…Ice cream and sprinkles. I’m usually not a fan of sprinkles but at that moment they sounded good. And I’m glad I went that route because everything tastes 1000x better at the beach.

Sprinkled Ice Cream

Marvelous is…A great family weekend away.


How was your weekend?

Would you rather spend the weekend at the beach or the mountains?Β 


Summer Cravings {prAna Giveaway}

prana at the beachDisclaimer: As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter, I received free products from Stonyfield and prAna in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Technically, summer is not here yet.

But I’ve got some serious summer cravings going on. It’s really my favorite time of the year. There is just so much that I love. My summer bucket list keeps growing and growing.

Craving…Sweaty sunrise runs. I love a sunrise run no matter what time of year it is, but with the earlier sunrise time during the summer, it makes it even more special.

Summer cravings include sweaty sunrise runs. |

Craving…Fresh fruit and veggies from the Farmer’s Markets and our garden. One of my favorite things are carrots straight out of the ground. So much flavor…even with a little bit of dirt. I’m counting down the days till we can head to the farm to pick our own strawberries. Or when the blueberries and black raspberries will be ripe in our backyard. There’s nothing better!

Granola Yogurt Parfait with Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt |

Craving…Mountain runs and hiking. Mt. Washington is coming up quick but I’m not done with the mountains, hills and trails once the race is over. The mountains are calling and I need to answer that call.


Craving…Warm weather, sunshine and green-ness everywhere. Sure we had a mild winter, but being able to wear less clothes and see green everywhere makes me feel so much more happy.

Summer cravings for prAna dresses.

Craving…Beach time. Vitamin Sea is good for the body, mind and soul. True story.

Summer cravings for prAna Quinn dress and beach days.

Craving…Creamy whole milk Stonyfield yogurt. I rarely go a day without having some form of Stonyfield yogurt. Hands down, the new Whole Milk Greek is my favorite. The ones with the little side car flavors are just too yummy!

Summer cravings for Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt.

Craving…A sustainably made dress that can be worn all summer long no matter what the occasion. The prAna Quinn dress delivers. Don’t believe me that it is the BEST dress for summer? I have 4 of them in different colors. Four. What can I say, when I find something I love, I buy more of it and in different colors. Or styles. I also have the Quinn tank. One of my favs for yoga.

Summer cravings for the beach and prAna Quinn dresses.

What I love about this dress is that it’s so comfortable. A lot of strappy dresses require a strapless bra. I can’t stand those things! Especially when it’s hot out. But the Quinn dress has built in support with cups so there’s no need for another bra. And it doesn’t give you the uni-boob look either. Woohoo!

Really, you can’t go wrong with anything from prAna. BTW – their swimsuits are THE best. Cute yet functional. It passes the SUP, kayaking, tossing the football at the beach and running after the kids test with no wardrobe malfunctions at all.

Here’s your chance to satisfy your summer cravings! You can win the exact same amazing prAna Quinn dress that I love (the color will be your choice). I’m sure you will fall head over heels in love with it too.

If you want to get a head start on your prAna shopping, you can use code SCS16ANBE at checkout from for 15% off your order from now until 7/7/16. (Not valid for Influencers, on Gift Certificates or valid with any other offers).

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