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What's been going on lately. |

It’s time for my monthly Lately.

Lately…I’ve been really enjoying running. Like really enjoying. I don’t know if it’s because I let myself rest for a week when my back flared up or because I’m feeling more aligned, but I’ve been running by feel and have been quite surprised with my paces when I scroll through the data at the end of the run. That’s probably also why I have race fever. When I feel good, I want to run the world!

Lately…I’ve been feeling ‘meh’ about yoga. I love my usual Sunday class with Elizabeth because she mixes it up and keeps it interesting each week. She also started to play around with music in class which makes it fun. Last week was Classic Rock Sunday. Have you ever done yoga to Judas Priest, Billy Joel or Motley Crue? Me neither. Who knew it could be a good mix? I’m ready for a new schedule change in June that will hopefully have one of my favorite teachers back from maternity leave.

outside yoga lately |

Lately…Speaking of yoga, I’m attending Brews and Balance outdoor yoga this weekend. It’s a yoga class at a park followed by beer, although I think it would be much more interesting to drink BEFORE class. I can just see my yoga pics plastered all over Instagram. Oh that would be dangerous!

Lately…I’m flipping excited for an off road adventure with this girl over the weekend.

Lately…I read an actual book. And it wasn’t about running. I’m quite embarrassed to admit that it’s been months since I picked up a book. I remembered hearing about “When Breath Becomes Air” a few months ago when it was released and wanted to read it. It was a good read but terribly sad. I feel like I need an uplifting, lighthearted read now. Any suggestions?

Lately…Anyone else floored that Nashville got cancelled? I know it’s been kind of cheesy and not the greatest this season but I was still watching. Sometimes cheesy is good!

Wedding pic

Lately…Happy Anniversary to Ron and I! 14 years ago we said I DO. I think I share this pic on the blog every year because 14 years ago, all we got for wedding pics were the real deal. So you get a picture of a picture! We had our celebration over the weekend with dinner out, just the two of us. It’s hard to imagine what our lives were like 14 years ago. We were just babies. And Ron had pierced ears. So weird!

Thanks for letting me do some Thinking Out Loud.

What’s going on in your life lately?

If you are married, how long have you been together?

Mother’s Day 2016

Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend. We had a full, marvelous Mother’s Day weekend. I had grand plans to make time to write ahead for the week but I was having too much fun to even think about blogging. And so, as I sit here Sunday evening, tired and ready for an early bedtime, my brain has shut down for the night. So I’ll share with you my Mother’s Day.

One of my Mother’s Day requests came through without me even asking – My kid’s slept in till 6:45 a.m.! My children do not know the meaning of sleeping in so this was HUGE. I got to sleep in too! The bad part of the whole family sleeping in was that I wasn’t able to run before the events of the day.

I initially had hoped to run the Mother’s Day 5k with the family but with yet another rainy day in the forecast, I decided not to. If it was just me, no problem. With two kid’s complaining? No thanks.

Instead we went out to breakfast at my favorite new restaurant, Earth’s Harvest. I get the same thing every time – Banana Oat Cakes. They are SO unbelievably good. And the fresh pressed juice hits the spot.

Earth's Harvest Mother's Day Breakfast |

Yeah, that’s fresh whipped cream on top of my oat cakes. It’s Mother’s Day after all!

After breakfast, we hit the road to the Merrimack Premium Outlets for a VIP event. It rained a little bit but it didn’t stop us from window shopping and finding good deals.  And my kid’s from playing on the outdoor equipment.

Merrimack Premium Outlets |

I also found some super cute mannequins that we brought home.

kid mannequins

After some time shopping, we headed home. Even though I got more than enough sleep the night before, I was so tired when we got home. I played the Mother’s Day card and took a nap. An 1.5 hour nap! It was absolutely heavenly. I guess that won’t happen again for another year.

When I woke up, I knew it was time to finally get my run in. After a decent run on Saturday, I feel like I’m on the other side of my back/Piriformis flare up. Thankfully it hasn’t lasted any longer. Mount Washington is 6 weeks away!

I’m so not an evening runner but with the sun FINALLY out after days and days of rain, it felt amazing to feel it on my face.


And to sweat like a Mother.

The icing on the cake ice cream in my cup, to a wonderful Mother’s Day was indulging in a free cup of ice cream from Cowlick’s. There’s nothing like hard scoop ice cream. Especially Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough ice cream. Yeah. I went there.

Cowlick's Ice Cream

While we were in line at Cowlick’s there was a family in front of us with two little ones in car seat carriers. They were obviously twins. My heart did a little flip flop as I remembered 6 years ago, 8 months pregnant (and breaking the modified bed rest rule!), waiting in line for my free ice cream cone for Mother’s Day.

The old saying – The days are long but the years are short – really is true. Sigh. Can we slow it down just a little bit, please?

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

What a Mother Runner Wants for Mother’s Day

What a mother runner really wants for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I’ve been dropping hints to my kids. I’ve been reminding Ron.

Sure, I’d love a pedicure to pretty up my runner’s feet. A deep tissue massage to coax out the knots in my hard working runner legs. A new GPS watch or other running gear. But I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. And I already have an overflowing closet of running stuff.

Here’s what this Mother Runner wants for Mother’s Day.

An injury free body that can run, run, and run some more with no worries of how her body will react to the mega mileage.

Time to run at her own pace rather than squeezing it in at zero dark thirty before the slew of kid sports activities takes over on a Saturday morning. Although, I do like this a teeny tiny bit since I get to see killer sunrises.

Sunrise run |

Enough time in the day to run, lift weights, do core work, go to a yoga class and get a massage and do all that other mother stuff that needs to be done.

A PR. Any distance will do.

Having a nutritious breakfast prepared for me and that is ready the moment I walk in the door after my long run. Of course, it would have the correct ratio of carbs:protein for optimal recovery.

The ability to take a nap or even to sit down for more than 2 minutes after a long run on the weekend.

A marathon that ends with a smile on my face. Not just because it’s done, but because I ran it my way.

Not have to do laundry for one week.

Moms on the Run 5k |

Run a race with my kids and not have them complain at all. Ok, that is just completely  unrealistic so I’ll allow one complaint per kid.ONLY ONE!

Make my heart burst when you say that you want to be a runner just like Mama.

Mom’s – What do you really want for Mother’s Day?