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A Little Marvelous and a Little Not

Fake running

This weekend was a fun even if I had to fake running.

It had a little marvelous and a little not so marvelous. (Thank you Katie for the link up).

I needed something good after riding the rocky injury roller coaster again last week.

On Wednesday, I said I was embracing the taper. Of course, as luck would have it, I jinxed myself again. My Achilles started hurting. Again. On top of it, I had a crunchy sound going on in it that was new. I had a deep tissue massage Tuesday night where she really focused on the Achilles. Apparently it broke up a lot of scar tissue and left some unfinished business.

A slew of four letter words were an even bigger part of my vocabulary for the past few days.

At first I was in a panic and frankly just pissed off. Why is this happening now? My hopes of just having a small hiccup of an injury where crushed. My hopes of running a strong Baystate Marathon were crushed. I pretty much gave up on the idea of running Baystate at all. And then I started thinking about all the 20 milers, all the earlier mornings, all the track work and got even more angry.

I emailed and spoke with anyone I could who could give me info on what to do. I got great info from friends who have had Achilles problems and recovered. I also got treatment ideas from physical therapist friends.

The good news is that it’s feeling better. I have not run since Tuesday morning and don’t have plans to run till at least Wednesday. That will be one full week of rest. From what I’ve heard from friends/physical therapists, there is a chance I can still run Baystate. It’s definitely not an ideal taper and how I want to face a marathon. I’ve got 13 days to wait and see.

I’m down but I’m not out just yet!

Thankfully I had a little marvelous to make me smile in between the swears and feeling like a complete crab.

Hiking Mt. Major |

Marvelous is…hiking. I’ve been so hesitant to take my kids on longer hikes. I was afraid of the whining and the “carry me’s” that were sure to come up. Kids in a back pack? No problem. Hiking up and down piggy back? No thank you. That just screams broken ankle, broken leg, skull fracture, etc.

But I brushed my fears aside and we tackled Mt. Major on Sunday. It’s not a very big climb but it has it’s technical points of slippery rocks and boulders.

No whining. No crying. No bloodshed. No carrying needed.

Just big smiles.

Mt. Major

I’m so excited to take my little hikers on more adventures.

Yes, running is life but there is also plenty of marvelous all around me.

What’s marvelous is your life right now?

I Want My Kids to See Me Run

Morning Run |

Over four years ago, I became a mama.

I can barely remember my life before then. I’m sure it involved a much flexible schedule and more free time. If I wanted to go for a run, I did. I didn’t have to wake up at a super early hour to fit it in. Ron and I didn’t have to schedule our workout time at different parts of the day to make sure someone was home.

But then my world got flipped upside down like a snow globe when my kids were born. My life became more scheduled then ever before and free time became a thing of the past. Gone were the days of running whenever I felt like it. I knew I had to let go of some things from my pre-kids life but running wasn’t going to be one of them. Run­ning needed to stay.

I could have easily forgotten about running with the excuse I didn’t have time. I could have easily given into the “Mommy Guilt” of leaving my kids for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes with Ron so I could go for a run. There have been times when I have skipped a run because of it.

Some may call me selfish. It is in a way. The main reason why I run is for myself and the feelings it gives me. I have to take care of ME before I can take care of others.

But I also run for my kids. Over the years, I’ve come to see how my run­ning ben­e­fits them and am even more grate­ful I have it in my life.

I want them to know that I am a runner.

I want them to know that running is way more than just running. It’s taught me so many life lessons already.

I want them to know that the simple act of running, has changed me, for the better, in more ways than one.

Wallis Sands 12 marathon 2014 after

What running has given me:


For most of my life, I have not been a confident person. There was always a flaw to pick at or something I wasn’t good enough to do. Then I started running more in my 30s. I wasn’t winning races. I wasn’t the fastest. But I felt a shift in the way I held myself. I spoke up more. I stood taller. I didn’t try to blend. I would take super sweaty selfies post run with no make up on and hair drenched but feel more beautiful than ever. I’m sure getting older helped a bit but I think running helped boost me up just as much. Setting goals, working hard towards them and meeting them helped me see that I can do big things. I hope my kids see that they can do big things too.


If you know me, you know that I am not the most patient person. I think I’m much better than I was 10 years ago. It’s a work in progress for sure. And off course, motherhood tests my patience every minute of the day practically. But with running, for the most part, it’s a gradual build up. It took time to be able to run 1 mile straight without stopping. It takes time to build up speed. I have to be patient and allow my body to adapt and grow over weeks, months.


The Mommy Guilt pops up quite a bit when I’m training for a race especially with marathon training. It’s even there when I’m running a race. It’s a lot of time away from Ron and the kids. But I’m hoping my kids will see that I’m committing myself to a goal. Commitment takes time, consistency, effort and dedication. If you want it, you need to commit.


To me running is fun. Of course it’s not rainbows and unicorns all the time. I have bad runs. I have crappy races. I want my kids to see that being active, whether in running or another sport, is a fun way to be outside, connect with friends all while keeping your body healthy. I don’t want them to think of exercise as something they HAVE to do but something they get to do.


At one time I thought I could achieve balance with all aspects of my life – blogging, my job, marriage, kids, friends and daily tasks of living. But then I realized there really is no balance in life. It’s more of a coexistence that consistently needs tweaking. For me, getting up at zero dark thirty to run keeps me balanced mentally. I’m healthy, happy, and sane after a run, which makes me a bet­ter mother, wife, coworker, friend, every­thing.I bal­ance my life in a way that allows me to run and run­ning helps me find bal­ance within my life.


Running gets me excited. I love to talk about it, write about it, dream about it. I have never felt so much enthusiasm for a sport in my whole life. I love everything about it. I want my kids to have the same enthusiasm for something, ANYTHING, in their lives.

My kids may never be runners. That’s ok. But I want them to see me run and what I put into it.

Hopefully, that will spark something inside of them to find their own passion in life, whatever that may be.

What has running done for you?