Bring on the Taper!

I made it!

It’s time for a little taper before Sunday’s Seacoast Half Marathon. It’s been an up and down road this training cycle. Mostly it’s from my nagging foot/ankle injury and hip weakness. It’s one of those injuries that doesn’t really hurt but more of something that’s noticeably different than the other foot. Obviously, I’ve still been running. In fact my mileage for October was the highest it’s ever been. Yes, that’s right. EVER! Even more than at my peak in marathon training. Crazy, huh? I think that might have contributed to my marathon crash and burn. It’s definitely something I need to adjust when I do another marathon in 2014. That’s a whole other subject to get into on another day.

#SeenOnMyRun - happyfitmama.comMy training has gone very well since September. It’s only been in the past two weeks or so that I’ve begun to feel the added mileage, speed work and intensities. That and I seem to be more accident prone.

Here’s a recap bullet point style of my mishaps:

  • I rolled my ankle during an early morning run a couple of weeks ago. My ankle felt fine but I tweaked something in my back.
  • While in Pigeon Pose, I was a little over  zealous in getting a good hip stretch and tweaked my right knee. It’s fine when I run but I’ll feel it at odd times throughout the day.
  • Last Thursday I stood up from a lower cabinet and hit my head on an upper cabinet door that was open. Didn’t hurt my legs at all but my neck and back have knots from the impact. Oh and I think I might have had a slight concussion. That night I had horrible, horrible vertigo. It felt like I was seriously drunk. Even with my eyes closed the room was spinning. Sounds like fun, huh? Thankfully I think I slept it off but have been feeling off ever since then. I’m using that as an excuse why this post may seem all over the place, too. 😉
  • Saturday morning I did a 10 miler. I used it as my “race” for this months 5 and 10 By The 5th Race Series. Nice and easy but I felt horrible. My legs felt like lead. I had zero energy by mile 6 which was my own fault since I was playing around with pre-run fuel. During my usual weekday runs, I don’t eat anything. I’ll do 8-9 miles feeling fine with just water beforehand. So I thought I’d try it with 10. It was a little later than my usual run time so maybe that is why I bonked. Of course, I had no Gu’s or Chomps with me either. I finished one minute faster than last month but it was definitely not a pretty sight.

Quite a bit of drama for the end of a training cycle, huh?

After Saturday’s “meh” run, I took Sunday off from running. Usually I’ll get in a short recovery type run but I thought I would give my legs/feet a break. I needed it mentally as well. I’m feeling pretty calm about the race even though I have a big goal. No fretting about the weather, what to wear, logistics, etc. I haven’t thought of any of that yet. Maybe it’s my maturity setting in. Maybe it’s still early in the week. Talk to me on Friday or Saturday, then we’ll see how mature I am.

My plan for this week is to take it easy with maybe a few easy 5-6 mile runs. The work has been done. It’s smooth sailing till Sunday. Hopefully.

I really hope I didn’t jinx myself by saying that. D’oh!

Head on over to Katie’s for more Marvelous In My Monday. Because taper time is truly marvelous!

And before I forget, a big CONGRATS to all those who raced NYCM yesterday especially to my friend Sarah. She did awesome!

How was your weekend?

Any big events/races coming up?

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  1. I have begun my taper for the Philly Marathon, and am finding the same thing….keep attempting to sabotage myself apparently after a great training segment! Everyone keeps telling me that I will be fine…..and I am sure you will be too! We are just so terrified of something going wrong that we are over cautious.
    Good Luck in your half!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Training Update October 27-November 2My Profile

  2. I agree with Miss Zippy! Let’s wrap you up and put you somewhere safe until race day! I’m smack dab in the middle of my marathon taper with just 12 days to go. Eek!! I’m handling the taper pretty well so far, although I know I’ll be going crazy next week in the last few days leading up to Richmond! Good luck this weekend!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Marathon MathMy Profile

  3. Enjoy your taper – and take care!!
    Hopefully it is just those extra miles you’ve been doing that are making you accident prone, and you get back to normal as you rest up.

    I had an awesome weekend – I ran my first half marathon! Still on a high!
    Sherry recently posted..Yesterday I ran my First Half!My Profile

  4. I totally get your run of misfortune. I was training for my first half this time last year and one week before the big day I took a fall wile out for a run and got some nice road rash and muscle soreness. It worked out in the end. I always laugh after something like that happens because usually a nice four letter word escapes uncontrollably and I think “wow, that could have been my last word if this had been a life or death situation”.

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