Boston Marathon Training {Week 9 & 10}

Boston Marathon Training Week 9 & 10 |

Holy cow!!!!

35 days till Marathon Monday! Excuse me while I freak out. A LOT!

This training cycle has gone by so fast. I swear it seems like it was just week 1. If you’ve missed the previous Boston Marathon training weeks, here you go: Week 1 & 2, Week 3 & 4, Week 5 & 6, Week 7 & 8.

The past two weeks have been difficult with traveling (hello no luggage and 99 laps!) and just feeling rather tired and achy last week. By the middle of the week, I made myself get into bed by 9 p.m. Some nights I actually did fall asleep right then and there. Others, I stayed up reading or catching up on TV shows. I even managed a couple of naps. I’m feeling a little more rested and less achy. Although as I’m typing this my legs are fatigued from the mornings 20 miler – which is to be expected!

Week 9 (March 2 – 8) – 41 miles

Monday – travel day

Tuesday – no luggage/FIL funeral

Wednesday – 9 miles (99 laps. Similar to 99 problems). 2 mile warm up easy pace, 7 Yasso 800s (3:39, 3:35, 3:33, 4:20 (helped an old lady set up a bike and forgot to stop my watch), 3:30,3:23,3:36), 2 mile easy cool down

Thursday – 5 miles (55 laps yo!). Supposed to be easy but turned into a progressive run as I got a little too competitive with a girl on the track. Full body weights.

Post run strength |

Friday – 9 miles, blustery, hilly and snow covered roads with Yak Tracks in the Yoop.

Saturday – travel day

Sunday – 18 miles, average pace 8:43. Entertained Sarah with my trip from hell. It made the miles fly by at least!

Week 10 (March 9 – 15) – 50 miles

Monday – bike trainer 50 minutes, core/PT exercises

Tuesday – 10 miles – 2 mile w/u, 1:00 @ 7:20, 1:00 recovery jog x 12, 4 miles easy. p.m. yoga (oh the stiffness!)

Wednesday – Easy 5 miles, Core/PT exercises

Thursday – 10 miles – 2 miles easy pace, 8 x 1000 m @ 1k pace (guessed at it since I’ve never run a 1k before) w/ 400 m jog, 3 miles easy. p.m. yoga (hello shaky legs and arms!)

Moms kick butt | happyfitmama.comMother’s Day present to my mom from 1989. Funny that I didn’t really understand just how much they do kick butt back then!

Friday – (TGIRD) Thank God it’s a rest day!

Saturday – Backed out of a 5k race because of paranoia. Last 5k/20 miler weekend I had resulted in an injured Achilles. Didn’t want to risk it! Easy 5 miles, core/PT exercises

Sunday – 20.10 miles – Average pace of 8:45. 32 degrees and snow showers at times but I’ll take it any day it’s not in the single digits. Wasn’t feeling the most energetic for most of it, but it’s done. And it was marvelous!

I’m excited for the next two weekends – running part of the Boston course next Saturday (eeek!!!) and Eastern States 20 miler the following. And then it’s taper time.


How’s you life in running right now?

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  1. I know! I hear you, and I cannot believe it is already a month until I go home! I dont feel anywhere close to race ready even after my half marathon last weekend, but I like you, look forward to the next few weeks! Glad you still take rest days occasionally, those are really important. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to hearing how the next few weeks go!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday- Chickpea Blondies- Running on VeggiesMy Profile

  2. Holy two weeks mama!!! So cool that you can run part of the Boston course – that will be so, so fun. I still cannot believe you ran 99 laps on that tiny track – ugh. And totally understand a workout getting out of hand b/c you’re competing with another runner!! So funny!!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Reset ButtonMy Profile

  3. Solid two weeks, Angela! I definitely think you made the right move with the 5k- especially before a 20 miler. And yay for 50 miles! I was supposed to hit 50 this week too but I don’t know if I’ve had one week yet that went exactly as planned due to snow, sicknesses, travel, etc. At this point I feel like what I’m doing is at least good enough!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..St Patty’s 10 Mile Race RecapMy Profile

  4. You are getting it done, no matter what and that’s what will pay off in five weeks! So great that you can get out on the course. It really is the type of course where that pays off.

    The finish (start) line is totally in sight–keep it up!
    misszippy recently posted..Running and then someMy Profile

  5. Running is good right now, looks like it is for you too. I actually raced this weekend and it felt good! I just miss that feeling and love when I get to do it! I ran part of the Boston course a few years back when I was working there. I loved it and maybe one day I’ll actually run it all.
    katie recently posted..Just 10 More MinutesMy Profile

  6. I am terrified to think that it’s 35 days away- I am going on week two of no running– omg… this is going to be interesting. Your times look amazing, so, so strong.. you are going to nail this race! xoxo

  7. Even with the travel drama you have had a couple of incredible weeks of training!!!
    99 laps seems like the perfect time to sing “99 bottles….”
    Saturday I’m putting my running to the test – hope I’ve done enough training!!!
    Kim recently posted..Skinny or Strong?My Profile

  8. I’ve yet to do a marathon, but I know my first will definitely be a half marathon. I really want to challenge myself like you have. I struggle with running as it is not my favorite (depending on the day). Some days I love running, and other days I can’t seem to get through my miles! Do you have any tips for that? I make sure to have high BPM songs, but I still struggle!

  9. Awesome long runs. You will rock Boston.
    Have you raced the Eastern20 before? How is the course? It will be my first time there and my first 20 miles outside. I have done it on the treadmill so far, so I am kind of freaking out

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