Boston Marathon Training {Week 5 & 6}

Boston Marathon Training Week 5 & 6

The snow keeps flying. The temps keep dropping. And Boston Marathon training keeps running. We are a mere 63 days from Marathon Monday. AHHHHHH!!!

Here’s the rundown on how training is going.

Week 5: February 2 – February 8

Monday – Snow day so I was able to do a lot more than I usually do for a Monday.

  • Yoga in the morning at home.
  • 5 easy pace recovery miles after Mid Winter Classic. Legs were a little sore.
  • Lots of quality time with The Stick. Core and glute exercises.


  • A.M. 8 miles total: 2 mile w/u, 5 X 5:00 @ 1/2 marathon pace (8:00, 8:00, 7:53, 7:53, 7:47). 1.5 mile easy c/d. Post run power exercises (prisoner squats, step ups, push ups, jump steps x 3)
  • Glute work/PT/The Stick
  • P.M. Yoga at the studio – yay baby!


  • 10 minute warm up with sun salutations
  • 50 minute bike trainer in a.m.
  • After work PT appt. Worked on glute firing exercises with bands in addition to manual therapy on calf.


  • A.M. 8 miles total: Easy pace w/ 5 x 20 sec strides. Tired and sore from PT. Treadmill deck breaks! Post run power exercises.
  • Glute work/PT/The Stick
  • P.M.: Yoga at the studio


  • Active rest: 25 minutes of easy yoga


  • 17.08 miles total: Met up with new and old running friends for a tour of Kittery and Portsmouth. Surprised by how warm it was, 21 degrees when we started! Felt good – plenty of hills at a good pace. Did start to feel tired around mile 15. Average pace: 8:50
  • The Stick.


  • Not my smartest idea to do my recovery run in 4-6 inches of fresh snow on the road. Planned for 5 but cut it short at 4. Worked harder for those 4 than Saturday’s 17!
  • Yoga class cancelled at the studio because of the snow. 25 minutes of easy yoga at home.
  • Lots of time with The Stick today.

Total mileage: 42

Snowstorm Run |

Week 6: February 9 – February 15

Monday – Anther snow day and another day called off from work. I could get used to having this much time for training fun!

  • 30 minute on bike trainer that was interrupted numerous times with calls from work about the snow. Called off from work. Yay!
  • 60 minute yoga class at the studio.
  • Snowshoeing – 60 min(?). Fresh powder that sinks you up to your knees even with snowshoes is hard work. My glutes, hips, quads and shins were sore for days afterwards.
  • 5 easy pace miles on the treadmill later in the afternoon.
  • The Stick, Glute/Core exercises.


  • 7 miles total – 2 mile w/u at easy pace, 6 x Yasoo 800s. First time doing Yasso’s on the treadmill. Maybe it was the early morning but I ended up being totally confused on pacing and timing. By the last 2, I think I figured it out (3:30, 3:33).
  • Power exercises post run.
  • Glute/core/PT exercises.
  • 30 minutes yoga at home followed by The Stick.


  • Physical Therapy Running Analysis – 2 miles (?). The good: cadence much better, I run with my legs underneath me and midfoot strike. The bad: hips! Need to work on hip mobility and strength.
  • 10 Minutes sun salutations mid day.


  • A.M. – 10 miles total – 2 mile w/u at easy pace, 6 miles progression (8:43 – 8:26), 7 x 20 sec strides, remainder easy.
  • Power exercises post run.
  • Glute/core/PT exercises. Lots of time with The Stick.
  • P.M. Yoga at the studio

Friday – REST


  • Moved my long run to today rather than Sunday because of the blizzard/frigid temps. It was -6 when I woke up. Decided to split the run because of appointments in the morning.
  • 10 minutes sun salutations to warm up.
  • 11 miles on Treadmill – 2 miles w/u (9:05, 8:57), 2 mi @ 8:50, 6 x 3:00 @ 7:50-7″33) w/ 5:00 recovery in between, 2 mile easy pace.
  • 7 miles outside – Fresh air!!!
  • Total for the day: 18
  • Glute exercises + The Stick.


  • 5 miles total in blizzard force winds. Roads were snow covered from the 12 inches of snow we got the night before. Stuck to side roads and the cemetery (one of the safest places to run these days!).
  • p.m. Yoga + The Stick.

Total mileage: 47

Blizzard Run |

I’m happy with my training. I feel like I’m in a marvelous place physically. Paces that would have seemed hard a month ago, are comfortable. Mentally, I’m battling the weather and cabin fever. I’m yearning for more time outside to run. Just not in temperatures that are below zero and on roads that feel like I’m running on sand. March is quickly approaching. I’m hoping that the weather changes just with the changing of the calendar.

How’s your training?

Anyone have a cure for cabin fever?

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  1. Love that snow photo of you! Makes me smile, I have many of those too hehe. Isn’t it scary how quickly it approaches, I feel the same way, and I feel really weird about London as I want it to be here as that means I can see my family and friends after 16 months, BUT that means its go time, which I do no feel anywhere ready for yet! I am going crazy already haha. So I am not much help for you, just keep getting that recovery in….thats all I can say 🙂
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  2. Great job with training! It seems like the snow days are helping you squeeze ni extra training which is great since the opposite is that you’re having some CRAZY cold/tough runs!

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