Boston Marathon Thoughts

Boston Marathon Thoughts |

In a few short days, it will be Marathon Monday.

The Boston Marathon.

A race that every runner knows about. A race that even the non-runner knows about.

Like every year around this time, I have Boston Marathon thoughts pop up more  more often than usual.

I’m getting the question, “Are you running Boston this year?” from everyone.

When I say “Everyone”, I mean all of my patients who remembered me running four years ago or people who I just meet and find out I’m a runner. When you live an hour away from Boston, everyone and their brother knows about Marathon Monday.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked in the past month, I would be a freakin’ millionaire.

Of course, the majority of the people asking me are not runners and have no idea that you need to qualify, run with a charity or a get a bib from a marathon sponsor (like I did from Stonyfield).

Once I answer “no”, it’s usually followed up with, “Have you ever run Boston?”

I had to laugh when one of my patients asked me last week if I ran marathons “competitively” like I was going to win or something.  I just laughed.  Clearly, he doesn’t know jack about running.

Three or four years ago when someone would ask me if I ever ran Boston, I’d hesitate about giving them an answer.  If I did answer, it usually meant having to go into the dirty details of that horrible day.  I’d give the complicated answer “yes but no” and then rehash it all.

Boston Marathon Thoughts | happyfitmama.comA friend told me I should just say yes because I did train for it and I did cross the starting line.  I even have a finisher’s medal. Read THIS story if you are wondering how that happened.

Now that I’m 4 years out from that day, I’m totally cool with talking about my DNF.  I can laugh at the ridiculousness of it all because it was nothing but a shit-show.  Sure, I can remember all the details but it doesn’t make me sad or angry like it used to. I can wear my shirt and jacket from that year with no problem.

Boston Marathon Thoughts | happyfitmama.comWith my social media feeds blowing up with all things Boston right now, I feel a teeny tiny twinge of maybe wanting to try for a BQ again.  I mean, how can you not?

But then I see that the weather this year is supposed to be Part II of last year’s hurricane and I think, “Nah, I’m good!”  

The whole vibe of Boston Marathon weekend is what gives me a tiny itch. If you have ever been, you know the whole weekend leading up to the race is electric. There’s so many fun meet-ups that it’s easy to connect with runner friends from everywhere. The expo. The history. The symbolism.

Boston Marathon Thoughts | happyfitmama.comWhen you get to the Athlete’s Village, the electricity continues. And all along the course, it’s nothing but one big party.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in that excitement.

But then again, I could just head down to Boston for the weekend and partake in all the events and hit up the expo and pretend I’m running without actually running on Monday.  That be one way to catch that vibe without having to run in Hurricane Part II.  That kind of sounds better.  Lol!

I’m excited to cheer on all my friends who are running.  And I can’t wait to hear every little detail of how awesome their weekend was.

Who knows if I’ll ever want to run a road marathon again.  Never say never, right?

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Do you have Boston Marathon dreams or do you think “Nah, I’m good!”

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  1. “Run Boston competitively” made me chuckle. After I had run Boston, my students at school asked me, “Did you win?” When I said that no, I didn’t win, one kid asked, “Then what did you run for?” Oh, well. Some people just have no clue.

  2. I dont run.
    A LOT LOT.
    and so I actually do have that fantasy even tho here it is NOT rooted in reality.
    but a “oh if I could. one in this lifetime.” fantasy.

  3. My thoughts always turn to Boston on marathon Monday, whether I am running or not. Much more often not. When I was teaching and I ran Boston, my kids (high schoolers) asked me if I was going to win! Ha! They were disappointed when I told them “Not a chance!”
    Laurie recently posted..Set Out, Pilgrim, Into the FreedomMy Profile

    1. Lol! I love when non-runners say they’ll look for me on TV at the starting line. Ummmm…I start like hours and hours after the elites people!

  4. My only running regret (and it’s a minor one) is that I never got to run Boston! I’ve got some thoughts on it and I’m going to share those next week. But yes, wear your jacket! I would.

  5. I’m a mostly “nah” except for the fact that ONE day I’d like to get the 6 star. If it’s still a 6 star by then haha (I can qualify probably when I’m 70)!

    my husband ran last year and I spectated and it was by far the worst conditions I’ve ever experienced. my poor husband was so fit and on target for a 3:05 and the weather was so challenging it took him a half hour longer to complete.

    I was not a runner when I lived in the States and Boston was never something on my radar. I don’t particularly like it there (sorry!) and the point to point course doesn’t really appeal to be perfectly honest. I would much, MUCH rather get into and run Tokyo (from the majors) and then the rest will follow (I’ve done Berlin and Chicago is this year).

    1. The logistics of Boston is such a pain in the butt. That turns me off too. I wonder which race will become the 7th? Any ideas?

  6. As I commented on Insta – I’m so glad to read this and know you have really gotten over the shit show of Boston from four years ago. I can honestly say I have ZERO desire to run it and, have even qualified in years past and was like “hell no!” I think I’m just over the distance but especially huge races like this one where waiting and weather seem to overtake the joy of it. One and done Boston for me 🙂 On to the next, right? VT 100 will be infinitely better!!
    Allie recently posted..10 Thoughts About My 10 Mile RaceMy Profile

    1. Does it spark joy? Ummm…not at this point in my life. VT100 will be awesome but will we have the amazing crowd support along the way? lol! The biggest spectators will be the cows in the pastures.

    1. OMG – yes! Training for a spring marathon in NH is horrible. There was so much ice this year that it would have been miserable. No thanks!

  7. I hate when it’s the same people who ask me every year about the Boston Marathon. I don’t care to have some marathon tell me whether I’m a good enough runner or not. I’m proud of my marathon improvements and the success I’ve had so far. More often than not Boston (to me) has been a bunch of drama from the peanut gallery of runners who say it’s “too easy” to get it.
    Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness recently posted..How To Meal PlanMy Profile

    1. Too easy to get in…lol! The peanut gallery always has such wonderful tidbits to share, huh? Tell that to all the people who bust their asses for years and still can’t reach the cut off.

  8. I have mixed feelings on Boston. Sure, I’d love to run it, but I’d have to do some MAJOR work to qualify, and I’m not sure I’d want it that bad. Running with a charity, though, would be awesome. Knowing I played a part in raising funds for a worthwhile cause (and not just my own glory of running the race itself) would be very satisfying for me. That said, it ain’t gonna happen any time soon LOL

  9. I remember that fateful marathon day. I felt so bad for you. I’m glad you’ve been able to let some of the anger and sadness go.

    I always find it funny how different things were when I was younger, running a lot of marathons, and qualifying for Boston pretty consistently. I never ran it. I didn’t have a burning desire to do so. There was, of course, no social media at that time, and now I wonder whether I would have felt differently. I still have a glimmer of FOMO on Marathon Monday. I still keep the possibility of qualifying again in my sights. Who knows.

    In any case, I will be watching on Monday. I do have many friends running and I’m really excited and happy for them and can’t wait to hear how they do.
    Debbie recently posted..2019 Carlsbad 5000 All Day 20k Race ReportMy Profile

  10. That’s great how you are at peace with what happened and wearing your jacket! I haven’t yet had the big desire to actually run Boston, despite qualifying. Last year I was glad to miss out on the weather, this year I would have had to DNS if I had registered back in September! For me, the fun of Boston is watching it live on TV every year.
    Laura Norris recently posted..Ringing in Spring 10K 2019 RecapMy Profile

  11. My colleague is going up to watch a family member and I cannot believe the weather is going to be so bad. Again.
    I love the city, and never mind fundraising but I have zero desire to run Boston ever
    Off to read your race experience

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