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  1. My 15 yr old daughter runs track in HS. She was diagnosed with SVT or supraventriculartachycardia, which us an extremely rapid heartbeat. It’s more of a misfiring in the heart , which causes a repeated action. Instead of the heart slowing down it keeps the same pace until the heart corrects it. She was never restricted on activity and we have never had an issue until now. She finds it will happen when she is running and will have to stop to correct it. She recently had the stomach flu and was very sick and now notices that she is running really slow and feels weighted down. She used to take Beta Blockers but now sees a holistic chiropractor which keeps her off meds. She does pole vaulting which doesn’t affect it but doesn’t want to stop running either. Any help or experiences would be great!

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I really wish I could help you out but since I do not know your daughter and her entire history, I feel it would be best if you discussed her condition with her doctor or holistic chiropractor. Best of luck to her!

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