Blake’s Meals + Meal Planning

Blake's All-Natural Meals now has new Turkey and Beef Pot Pies

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Growing up, I was a super picky eater. My mom would make Chicken Pot Pie and I would only eat the crust. Because, let’s face it, the crust is the best part when you are talking pie of any flavor.

Thankfully, I have grown out of my crust-only-eating ways. Now when I think of a pot pie, I think of belly warming, good for you, hearty, down home cooking.

I like to cook and try to make most of our meals every night of the week. But sometimes life is busy. There’s baseball practice, a school function, or I’m burnt out from a long day at work. And there’s just some nights where I just don’t want to do it. For night’s like those, I like to have something on hand that’s quick yet still free of artificial ingredients and full of real ingredients.

Try Blake's All-Natural Meals new pot pies. Made from scratch and taste just like grandma's home cooking.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Blake’s All Natural Meals. At first, I turned up my nose at it – really, a frozen dinner? No thanks! But their products are no frozen dinner. Their meals are full of real food and are prepared FROM SCRATCH  using only the finest organic and natural ingredients. So that means cooking the chicken themselves in small batches, mashing real, whole potatoes and using the actual stock from the chicken-cooking process to make their signature gravy.

Sounds like Grandma’s home cooking, right?

Blake's All-Nautral Meals Sheppard Pies and Tomatoe, Zucchini and Corn Salad#BlakesPairing |

The second thing that won me over is that Blake’s is right in my backyard. Well, not really in my backyard but close. I’m very happy to support a small, family owned New Hampshire business that is promoting real food.

From pot pies, home style mac ‘n’ cheese, ravioli’s, or chicken and dumplings, there’s a little something for everyone. And now there’s two new pot pies hitting the shelves this month. I got a sneak peek at the all new turkey and beef pot pies and they did not disappoint.

Blake's All-Natural Meals new pot pies

Crispy crust, flavorful sauce and tender meat make it a complete belly warming meal that’s easy to pop in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes, yet tastes like it took hours to make it all from scratch.

It’s Sunday, so it’s meal planning time.

Sunday: Grilled fish tacos

Monday: Grilled shrimp + Pesto Zoodles

Tuesday: Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Wednesday: Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie + massaged kale salad

Thursday: Grilled Salmon + Gnocchi Potato Salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Out!

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What meals make you think of Grandma’s Sunday dinner?

What are you having for dinner this week?

2 comments on “Blake’s Meals + Meal Planning

  1. Mmm, pesto zoodles. Our basil is growing and I can’t wait to make some! I agree that sometimes you need shortcuts. I used to make everything form scratch- bread, pizza dough, granola bars, salsa… it was fun at the time, but having kids changed everything and now I am totally okay with the occasional frozen pizza or meal. Awesome that they’re local to you, too!

  2. haha I used to only eat the crust of my chicken pot pie too! Then I would pick out the peas and carrots and maybe eat some chicken. I was totally surprised by Blake’s – they don’t taste like other frozen meals at all! As for meal planning, oy. I need to get back on the wagon!

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