Behind the Scenes of My Instagram Feed

During the summer, Allie and Christine both posted about the behind the scenes of their Instagram feed. Since I need to do everything that they are doing – HELLO Periscope! – I’m jumping in on the fun. But only 4 months later. I’m always late to the party.

Instagram is by far my most favorite form of social media. I mean, I do share 5 pics from my feed every week on High Five Friday, so you know I love it. There’s pretty pictures and fabulous quotes. Everything always looks perfectly marvelous. Except we all know it isn’t.

Here’s a peak behind the scenes of my Instagram feed.

There's always a story behind the picture in my Instagram feed. |
This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve shared on Insta. And it was a total mistake. I had set my phone up on another bridge, set the timer and then sprinted to the other bridge to make it look like I was running across the bridge. Or at least that’s what eventually happened. In this shot, it looks like I’m soaking in nature’s beauty. In reality, I’m wondering, “Did I just hear the timer go off?”

There's always a story behind the picture in my Instagram feed. |

Even though I wasn’t able to catch the sunrise while running this summer, I still caught a few while out for early morning bike rides. Gorgeous, right? What this doesn’t show is the park near this spot that always had a few questionable cars parked at it even though it was super early. Wondering what they were doing?

Doughnuts |

My son saw doughnuts. He proceeded to take one bit out of almost all the doughnuts while they sat on cooling racks. I can’t blame him. Those doughnuts were good! I still took pics of the doughnuts and didn’t say a word about why there’s only half of some.


Here I am on a great run on the snowy roads! Not really. On that day it was sheer ice on the roads and I had already run inside on the treadmill. But that didn’t stop me from putting on my running gear for a quick photo shoot. It was too pretty!

Emotions froma DNF 6 months later. |

Pretty leaves. And my shirt matches perfectly. Did you notice the headstones in the upper corner? Just running through a cemetery. NBD.

What happens behind the scenes of your Instagram feed?

  1. I loved Christines post on this as well.
    I used to insist I was only words until I met instagram πŸ™‚
    I love filling in the blanks for myself and imagining the behind the scenes of pics from people I dont know.
    CARLA recently posted..When saying YES is selfish.My Profile

    • If I saved all the pics it takes before I got a winner, I wouldn’t have any room on my phone. Although I have a really awesome one from over the weekend of me falling face first out of side crow pose. That will be on Behind the Scenes of My Insta Part II.

    • No Go Pro and no tripod. Just my iphone propped up against a rock, stick or whatever else I can find. I use a self timer app and then do most of my editing with Snapseed app.

  2. Oh my goodness I am SO doing this! I love the whole idea – IG is where I discovered the fitness community and it’s where I’m the most active, by far. Thank you for sharing a sneak peek behind the curtain! πŸ™‚

    • You are not alone! I’ve had tons of people think that my hubs followed me around on my runs at zero dark thirty just to take pics. Who was with the kids’ then?!?! Oddly enough, I don’t use a tripod (although I really need to get one). Rocks, sticks, shoes or anything else that I can find to hold up my phone is what I usually use. And my kids’ have yet to help take my pic. They would end up stealing my phone to take pics of their stuffies instead. πŸ™‚

  3. I love Instagram but it is so true that not everything is as great behind the scenes as the beautiful picture is showing. I know I am guilty of it. Cleaning an area in my kitchen or living room so I can get the perfect shot is usually my go to!

    I love your photos they are so pretty and love hearing the stories behind them πŸ™‚
    Torry @ A World Without Wheat recently posted..Weekend RecapMy Profile

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  5. Love this! I’m totally going to have to follow suit and share some of the bizarre how-I-did-it stories behind my shots. People have no idea what goes behind getting The Shot sometimes. And, even better, how it totally wasn’t what you planned!
    Liz recently posted..Our #FitFamily Winner is….My Profile

    • Exactly! I have so many friends who thought my husband would follow me on my runs to take pics of me. They were shocked to learn what I do to get just the right shot!

  6. I love this! And I may steal the idea from you (and Allie and Christine). I love knowing the stories behind the action shots because I know how difficult they can be to do yourself. My Samsung phone takes a photo when you say “capture,” which works fine, except when you really need it. I have some scary looking pictures of myself yelling capture at my phone (those never made it to Instagram).
    Debbie recently posted..Another Take on Quiche. And the Race I didn’t run.My Profile

  7. IG is my favorite Social media too! I have found that some of the better pictures I have are the ones I didn’t plan (like you said when timer went off)! πŸ™‚ I always love your photos, also makes me wish I could run with you. NY is really pretty here but seems even more amazing up there in NH!
    Laura recently posted..Scare Brain Cancer Away 5k 2015My Profile

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