Behind the Scenes of My Instagram Feed

Two years ago I shared the behind the scenes of my Instagram feed.

Instagram is by far my most favorite form of social media. I mean, I do share 5 pics from my feed every week on High Five Friday, so you know I love it. There’s pretty pictures and fabulous quotes. Everything always looks perfectly well put together and just right.

Except we all know it isn’t.

Sometimes the story of what went on behind the picture is better than the actual picture.

Behind the scenes of my instagram feed |

Looks like an ideal spot to catch the sunrise, right?  It’s one of my favorites because it’s up on a hill with the best view.  But…it’s in a cemetery.  If the shot was zoomed out, you’d see headstones on the left and right.  And guess what is propping up my phone? Yup, a headstone.

Behind the scenes of my Instagram feed |

Just another basement workout photo. What the shot doesn’t show is Nevada’s litter box is just to my right.  She frequently likes to use it while I’m working out.  Needless to say, things get quite stinky and the workout pauses for a litter box clean up.

Behind the scenes of my Instagram feed |

A major snowstorm last winter foiled my planned tempo run.  The majority of the roads weren’t plowed.  I really didn’t want to run on the treadmill. Instead I knew of a road that would be plowed that would be perfect for hill repeats.  Running on the roads can be very treacherous in a snowstorm.  That is unless you run where there won’t be any traffic.  In a cemetery.  Yup, another cemetery.  I swear I don’t have some freaky thing for cemeteries.  It just so happens that the ones near me have features I like!

Behind the scenes of my Instagram feed |

“Coming through!!!!”  That’s what I heard the second this photo was snapped.  On the other side of the camera a cyclist was coming up the hill with me blocking his way over the bridge. Good thing he said something as I was deep in yoga pose for Instagram bliss.

Behind the scenes of my instagram feed |

“Did you get a good picture?” Apparently a cop was sitting at the end of this street watching me as I set my phone up against the curb, ran across the street, paused, ran in front of the mural, and then ran across the street to check my phone numerous times. And I thought no one was watching.

Behind the scenes of my instagram feed |

This pic is from my second favorite sunrise spot. I don’t use it as often because getting this shot involves propping my phone up against someone’s mailbox.  While repeating the setup, run, check my phone sequence numerous times, the owner of the mailbox came out to get the morning paper.  I casually said ‘good morning!’ and then took off running.  I’m sure they thought I was messing with their mailbox. If they did call the cops, maybe the officer responding would be my pal from the pic above and totally get what I was doing? 😉

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What goes on behind the scenes of your Instagram feed?





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  1. I am always caught when I try to take running pics. The other day another runner ran by my camera while it was recording! But it was so dark out that you couldn’t see anything. I don’t think he would have appreciated being on instagram, but you never know!

  2. Definitely one of my favorite blog topics and I think you have a little cemetery problem! LOL!! I always think “well, I don’t have to worry about the people in here bothering me!” And, when you get “caught” trying to take running shots is SO embarrassing!! I also love that the person came out to get the paper. They had probably been watching you for 5 minutes thinking you were nuts 🙂 Great post!
    Allie recently posted..The Truth About Having a DogMy Profile

  3. You should make this a regular feature and get others to join up! It’s so funny but things like this happen to all of us selfie lovers. Like that beautiful yoga shot against the sunrise I took last week. Right before I fell off the rock!

  4. Instagram is also my favorite social media platform. I’m always interested to learn how people take cool photos so thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh no- the mail box one is so awkward… and the police watching, ha!! I have nowhere that is not around people- this area is so residentially dense that it makes it really tough to get action shots, other than some in front of our house because my neighbors know I”m crazy. 🙂
    Laura recently posted..Wedded Bliss Wednesday – 25 years!!My Profile

    1. The majority of my pics are in the early morning when there isn’t that many people out. In the middle of the day…that’s a different story. Although I have special spots for those instances too. Lol!

    1. I don’t think it’s weird at all. It’s very peaceful there. I think it’s ok to run there just as long as you aren’t running over flowers and headstones. Stick to the roads! 😉

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing ,i am very much impressed after reading this article ,i am also a mom so i will try all tips of this blog ,it is a very informative blog and it will throw power full impact on their readers

  7. Your Instagram photos are always stunning! I can relate on the encounters with cyclists – I have so many outtakes with a cyclist whizzing by through the frame. I had better photos when running with my husband and having him shoot them for me, and now that I’m running later in the day I’m sort of at a loss of how to take good ones again!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Pre-Run Snacks: When and What to Eat Before Your RunMy Profile

    1. It’s easier when you are running with someone to snap the pic but I never like the angle that they shoot it from. Now if they could get down on the ground like when I set the timer, that would be perfect. Lol!

  8. Great pics!!! I have a similar post “in the works” (which means it probably won’t happen any time soon). I have so many outtakes before I finally choose which one to use…and they usually tell a good story as well 😉

  9. You must have some awesome cemeteries 😉
    I don’t know if I could run in them all the time…dead people in the ground kind of freak me out!
    You take some beautiful pictures!

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