Back to School with Carter’s at Kohl’s

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included Carter’s clothes as compensation.

It’s hard to believe back to school is coming up quick.  It seems like the kids just got out of school. Rather than waiting till the last minute to stock up on back to school essentials, I’m starting now. We’ve already picked out new backpacks and lunchboxes.

Next up, clothing.

Maybe it’s been the abundance of sunshine and pool time, but I swear both of my kids have grown a couple of inches since the school year ended. With two kids who like to play rough and to get dirty, not much lasts past a season. That means, new shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants and leggings are in order.

My kids are Carter’s kids.

On the day that we found out that we were having boy/girl twins, Carter’s was our first stop after the ultrasound. Needless to say, we came out with a HUGE bag of the cutest outfits all at an affordable price.

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

Fast forward 7 + years and their closets are still filled with mostly Carter’s. We need clothes that aren’t outrageously priced because like I said earlier, my kids are dirty and rough. Carter’s sizes run from newborn to size 8 so we’ve still got some time to enjoy the bargains.

I usually go to the Carter’s outlet store but my mom, the Queen of Kohl’s, is the one who told me Kohl’s carries tons of Carter’s at great prices.

Ever since the age of 18 months, Avery has been very particular about what she wears.  I’ve given up on buying anything without her approval because 9 times out of 10, she won’t like it. What’s a guarantee that she’ll wear something?  There’s a cat on it.  She went ga-ga over a cute striped shirt and legging set.  How cute is that kitty face?

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

I was kind of shocked when she chose a super cute flower legging and olive tunic set.  I would have picked it out because it’s adorable but put it back on the rack thinking she’d never wear it.  She loves it!  She already says this is what she is going to wear on the first day of school.

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

Lukas is pretty easy to dress except when it comes to pants.  He wants to wear shorts ALL THE TIME.  What is it with boys and pants?  I hear that from a lot of boy moms. Carter’s shorts are just like their pants – true to size and most have an adjustable waistband.  That comes in handy because I usually buy pants a little bigger for room to grow.

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

This boy loves sharks.  If there’s a shark on a shirt, Lukas will wear it.

Confession: I have a thing for stripes. And it shows when I buy clothes for myself, Ron or the kids.  But come on.  Stripes are so cute!

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's

And so are these two little nuggets.

Back to school with Carter's at Kohl's |

Right now you can get 40% – 50% off Carter’s Playwear (valid 8/4 – 8/20) at Kohl’s.  You can also can also use the BTS10 code to get $10 off $50 spent on the back to school categories (which includes Carter’s clothing).

It’s time to stock up to let your kids style shine.

Are your kids picky about what they wear?

Who else has a thing for stripes? :)

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