Back to Reality

Today was the first day back at work for me after the long holiday weekend.  I work part time Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Fitting in a workout on those days is tough.  I usually try to use those days for a little at home yoga, strength training session or quick 30 minute walk with Cooper(if he allows it).  When I’m training for a race, I’ll use Friday as a short run.  After getting home, prepping/eating dinner with the fam, bath and bed time for kiddos, I finally have a moment for me time.  I unroll my mat either in front of my computer for a session with or a pod cast usually from Dave Farmar.  I also will use the On Demand Sports and Fitness lineup at times.  Those are usually pretty good and quick.  When I just want to do my own thing and concentrate on what needs the most stretching, I put on some music like this and will just flow.  Today was one of those days.  My hip flexors are always super tight(thanks to running) so I stayed in pigeon for quite a long time.

This is me trying to look zen in the kiddos playroom.  Another thing people forget to tell you before you have kids:  your workout room will be gone to make room for the massive amount of “stuff” you will accumulate.

In other news, I attempted to make my routine whole wheat sandwich bread.  It usually comes out great but I got this instead.

Epic failure.  Guess I didn’t spray the pan enough…It still tastes good so I’ll eat it and call it crustless bread.  Love my carbs!

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  1. My tip for the bread is to save your butter wrappers and use those to grease the pan. It works really well! Unless you don’t have real butter in the house, then this isn’t a helpful tip 🙂

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