An Aha! Weekend

I had  huge Aha! Oprah moments all weekend long.  Does anyone else miss Oprah?  That is one smart lady.  Anyway, if you watched Oprah or have read her magazine you know what an Aha! moment is.  It’s when something finally ‘clicks’ in your brain and you realize what you need to be doing.

My first Aha! occurred in yoga class Saturday morning.  I went to the class thinking I’d get a great physical workout since it was Power Yoga(heated).  I actually got a two-fer deal – physically challenging workout(I don’t think I’ve done that many planks in 3 years) and a mental workout.  At the beginning of class, we were instructed to lay in Savasana.  As we laid on our mats, Kelly our teacher, read a passage from a book, The Book of Awakening. The essay described how when things are tough, we are scared, or we are confused about what to do, our first thought and action is to speed up, go fast.  In reality, that is not what we want to do.  We need to slow down and focus on our breathing.  Be present in what you are doing at that time.  At that moment, it clicked for me.  Aha!  How many times have I been in class and I breeze through the movement but don’t link my breath to it?  How many times have I actually been present while I’m doing yoga, running, or playing with my children?  For most of us, our minds are going a mile a minute.  Instead of focusing on my intention for practice that day, I’m making a list of what I need to do after class.  While I’m running I’m thinking about work.  You get the idea.

I vowed then to try to stay present for the whole class and in everything I did that day.  I must say that I felt like a weight was lifted.  I walked out of class with a smile on my face and a lighter step.  In addition to following my intention, I was elated when Kelly played a few songs that I loved when I took Prenatal Yoga.  My teacher from that class would play this beautiful music that was so peaceful and relaxing.  I had asked her then who it was but never followed up with actually getting it. When I heard it on Saturday, I immediately asked who was the artist after class.  Has anyone heard of Snatum Kaur?  I’m not really a religious person but her music brings out a lot of my emotions.  It actually brings a tear to my eye because it makes me think of being pregnant and all the wonder I had about what my children would look and be like.  I vividly remember laying in Savasana during class with her music playing and feeling two little beings twisting and turning in my belly.  Obviously, they enjoyed her music, too!   I highly recommend any of her music but especially “Ong Namo.”  I have no idea what she is saying but it’s beautiful!

My second Aha! moment came while I was running a virtual race for Sherry Arnold.  If you haven’t heard, Sherry Arnold, a mom and teacher from Billings, Montana, left for an early morning run on January 7, 2012 and never returned home.  Two men have admitted to killing her but her body has not been found.   A virtual race was set up by her family in remembrance.  It’s amazing how many people, not just in the blogging community but worldwide, dedicated their Saturday run to her.  Tragedies like this make me thankful for what I have.  It makes me physically sick to think what if this happened to me and my family?  Today I gave my kids and husband extra hugs, kisses and “I love you’s.”

As I ran with the sun rising, I started to think about what is holding me back from running a marathon.  In a previous post, I discussed the reasons.  It came to me what I need to do.  To be the best Mama that I can be, I need to take time for me.  Yes, I will need to commit to hours of running on the weekend that will take time away from my kids and husband.  But in reality, I’d come home to them feeling good about myself. Why should I beat myself up about that?  I remember advice a Mama gave me before the kids were born, “Remember to take care of yourself first.  What do they tell you to do in the safety instructions on airplanes when the oxygen masks come down?  Put your mask on first before you assist others.  You won’t be able to help anyone if you don’t have a mask on.”  Mamas, and women in general, have a tendency to put ourselves last.  From now on I am going to try to not feel guilty for leaving Ron with the kids while I go for a run or to yoga.  It’s good for me and will help me be a better Mama, wife and overall human being.  Aha!!!  So I guess this means I’m running a marathon!  Yeah!  Now I just need to find the right race. 🙂
Heart Healthy Tip

Take time for yourself to nurture your heart and spirit everyday!


Have you had an Aha! moment lately?

Did you run for Sherry?

10 comments on “An Aha! Weekend

  1. I have the same tendency to always be thinking ahead, making lists, mapping out what else I need to do, etc… so glad you could take time to slow down. I haven’t done yoga since my prenatal class, but I really want to get it back into my routine.

    1. After having kids, my yoga practice became irregular. I don’t know why when it’s something that could be done anywhere and at any time. Getting back into it has made such a difference in my running and overall well being! You should try it again!

  2. I have struggled with the mommy runner’s guilt hardcore, as I just returned to running last week and my daughter turned a month old. I KNOW I’m being judged by others for leaving my baby (with family) for an hour every few days so that I can go run.
    But you are absolutely right- we must take care of ourselves to take the best care of our children.

    1. Congratulations on your baby girl! I’m glad you are out running and overcoming the Mommy’s Guilt. It’s an ongoing struggle and of course there are always people that are going to judge. I’d like to think we are setting great examples for our children about the importance of physical activity in addition to keeping ourselves fit to head the clan!

      BTW – I love your LO name! 🙂

  3. This is great. I’m going to try to keep the breathing and focus in mind during my next run. Something tells me that if I focus on what is really happening, the little voice in my head that wants me to stop will be silenced.

  4. I’ve never really felt “guily” going out for a run (i have 2 kids). It is something that I have to do for me. As you said, it makes you a better mom, wife, and person. I didn’t run Sherry, but my daughter ran one mile on the treadmill in her honor. Such a sad story.
    Good luck with your marathon training! It’s been 8 years since I ran one, but it is the greatest feeling of accomplishment!

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