All the Fun Before The Boston Marathon

I’m back!

First off – thank you SO much for all the comments, emails, tweets and messages. I knew you guys would get the hurt that I was feeling. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

I’m still upset about the whole nightmare and I’m sure I will be for quite some time. Especially since I can’t run for the next month or so. Running is my go-to way to get through happy and sad times. Without it, I’m a crabby mess who is ready to bite your head off at any second. My official diagnosis is Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis – basically an overuse injury. And it’s in my left foot. The one that had Achilles Tendonopathy last fall AND the unlucky one that had a frozen burrito land on it the week before the race. I had no warning signs at all during my training and no one has any answers about why it happened. Just my good luck I guess. Seriously…this stuff only happens to me!

Before my ankle blew up on me during the race, I had a marvelous weekend. Part of the whole race experience is all the fun before the Boston Marathon.

Friday afternoon, myself and three friends headed down to Boston to the Expo. After being totally confused by a valet parking service, we made our way to Haynes Convention Center. But first we needed a glimpse of the finish line. I got chills as I immediately thought of the events from 2 years ago.

Group Boston Marathon finish line |

Bib pickup was quick and easy. We then headed into the expo for all the goods. This was by far the biggest expo I’ve ever been to. It was a runner’s dream for one stop shopping. We made a point of stopping by the B.I.C. Bands booth to see Sandy and all the super cute bands (that seriously do not move!). Sadly, I didn’t get a pic with Sandy. She’s such a sweet person!

And of course, we stopped for a drink with Stonyfield.

Stonyfield Yogurt BOston Marathon |

The highlight of the day was getting to meet two amazing, iconic women athletes – Kathryn Switzer and Nicole DeBoom. Kathryn was so sweet, sincere and genuinely interesting in talking with every single person in line. She signed our bibs upside down so that we could look down and see FEARLESS. Imagine where we would be without her being fearless back in 1967 AND 1972?

Katherine Switzer

And Nicole – the lady who brought us the running skirt. Her company, Skirt Sports, is all about empowering the fierce, female athlete. Back in the fall, I actually had a phone conversation with her. How many CEO’s of a company would personally contact a little ol’ blogger like myself? It shows that she cares about her company and wants it to be more than just a name.

Nicole DeBoom

I stayed home Saturday, hanging out with the family. Early Sunday morning, it was back down to Boston for a shake out run with Girls on the Run and Athleta. Ron came along with me since I’m clueless about where anything is in the city.

Team Stonyfield GOTR  happyfitmama.comLaura, me, Aura, Janae, Rachel, Megan

I was finally getting the chance to meet most of Team Stonyfield. It was so nice to finally hug and put voices to faces. You know you are with good people when you can immediately start chattering away like long lost friends. And that’s how it was with everyone. The girls and I actually decided not to run since we figured we’d have a shake out walk with all the steps we’d be putting in for the day. We chatted, ate Stonyfield yogurt (of course!) and granola and basically wanted to buy the whole Athleta store.

We then had some free time before lunch. Laura and her husband were headed over to the expo to pick up her bib. Rachel and I, along with Ron tagged along. While inside I got a text from Brian.


After years of following each others blogs, we finally were in the same spot, at the same time. He was at the finish line hanging out with Scott Jurek – did we want to meet him? Ummm…YES! Ever since I read Scott’s book, Eat & Run, I’ve been a huge fan. He grew up near Duluth, MN, where I went to college, and is friends with one of my professors. It’s always so cool when you are reading a book and you know the exact places that they are describing. I felt like we were practically family. But then again, isn’t everyone from the upper Midwest?

Scott Jurek Boston Marathon

He was so nice and also very tall. After meeting Scott, we ventured over to Newbury St. for lunch at Sonsie’s (which was so good!) and then back to the expo for pics at the Stonyfield booth before parting ways and resting up for the big day.

Team Stonyfield  happyfitmama.comLaura, Tina, Rachel, Megan, Me, Janae, Jill, Aura, Melanie (from Stonyfield)

I could go into the events of what happened Marathon Monday morning right now, but I’ll have to save that for another post. It’s already a post that is longer than most marathons. From our ride down to Hopkinton in a limo – (you gotta love when you are dressed in your best throw away clothes with a trash bag over it all and the driver opens the door for you #keepitclassy) – to being the only two Refugee runners walking through the empty streets except for FBI agents in military gear – and of course, the fiasco of finding my family after my DNF. Like I said – stuff like this only happens to me!

I can’t thank Stonyfield enough for letting me be a part of the amazing Team Stonyfield runners. It’s always great to find a company not only produces an amazing product, but genuinely cares about it’s employees (including the cows!) and every life they touch. I just wish I could have had a race that would have allowed me to show off my bright orange Stonfyield jersey and spread the organic love a little more. Boston has stole my runner heart and I will definitely be back one day to finish what I started.

Until then…


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  1. Angela, I had the exact same injury on my left side in 2013, it was my big one and I made the mistake of finishing a marathon with it and it was a nightmare, you clearly did the right thing! For me it was 8 weeks off running with orthotics and a change of shoes, but I haven’t felt it at all since it finally healed. It seems like shoes and smarter training has helped for me.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Weekly Workout Recap + Birthday TimeMy Profile

    1. I’m glad to hear that it can be overcome. The funny thing is that I just had a running analysis done in January. My choice in shoes looked great. No one really seems to have any answers. Which, obviously, is very frustrating!

  2. So good to have you back to bloggingโ€ฆ.baby steps! And love seeing you with Laura, Rachel and Pavey–great crew! Also, I’m not a big celebrity runner stalker, but Katherine, Nicole and Scott are ones I’d like to meet. Good stuff.

    Isn’t it the best expo in the world? I tell everyone to plan to spend some good time there. It’s just tons of fun.

    Speedy healing, Angela!
    misszippy recently posted..Mondays on the run (pacer edition)My Profile

  3. Oh, Angela…big hugs all the way from Canada x! It’s so hard when we put so much into our training and then feel like we haven’t had the chance to ‘cash in’ on all that hard work and enjoy our achievement. The gains you made both physically and mentally this training cycle won’t leave you soon. Once you’re healed up and running again you’ll be ready to tackle a new challenge in no time! Take time to be sad. It will pass. Thinking of you x

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! It definitely was a devastating experience. I never, ever thought something like that would happen. It never even popped up on my worst case scenario list! I’m already thinking of what’s next. I have a bone to pick with the marathon.

  4. All I can say is… middle finger to the burrito and may they all freeze in hell. Part of the Boston experience is the days before, so I am really glad you got to experience that and were able to do some fun things. I have no outlet right now as well and am basically going crazy, so I have so much empathy. You”ll recover and get back to Boston and when you do, watch out Bean Town! xoxo
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Comment on Low Carb Balsamic Ketchup by BryannaMy Profile

  5. I am SO happy to see you back on the blog, Angela!! I was thinking of you this week – I remember when I had a major injury one of the worst parts was not being able to run. It’s so hard when running is your outlet to be able to find a way of healing emotionally as well. I have no doubt Boston hasn’t seen the last of you – miles 9 through 26.2 better watch their backs!
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Easy Meals – Brown Beer Crockpot Beef StewMy Profile

    1. It is so tough not having my stress outlet. In fact, the first thing Ron said to my mom when he I called to tell him I was injured was – “Angela is going to be so crabby until she can run again!” He knows me well!

  6. Welcome back!!! So glad you wrote this post about all the GOOD before the bad. I think mile 8 is cursed! I had a collision at the water stop at mile 8 of my marathon and rolled my ankle, leaving me in pain for the next 18.2 miles!!!!
    I hope you’re feeling better with each day, and thinking about being one day closer to running again!!

    1. I about had a heart attack when I read your post. Can we just get rid of mile 6-8 in ALL races from now on? BTW – you are a freakin’ rock star!

  7. IT sounds like all of the race festivities leading up to Boston were incredible. I am still waiting to meet all of you lovely bloggers IRL ๐Ÿ™‚ How incredible to meet Scott Jurek! What an inspiration. And I absolutely love Nicole DeBoom who I have met and evern run with several times as part of being an ambassador for Skirt Sports.

    As far as the tendonitis thing goes it is no fun ๐Ÿ™ I had tendonitis in my peroneal tendon after Boston 2013, so painful and the walking boot is no fun. Because of the tendonitis i did discover my love for swimming and decided to take the whole triathlon plunge. Not being able to run is so frustrating when that is what I am sure you need the most.

    Hugs to you friend and embrace the feelings, it’s ok to feel mad and disappointed. You will get through it!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..A little inspiration to reach a little higher . . .My Profile

    1. Thanks Sandra! Even my friend, who really didn’t know much about Skirt Sports, commented about how involved Nicole was talking to everyone about her brand and the specs of every piece. She really has an interest in outfitting women in just the right gear. It’s rather refreshing to know that brands DO care about their consumers.

  8. Glad you are back after having some time to reflect. I can imagine how frustrating this can be for you. I’ve battled post tib tendinitis for several years now and it sucks, so I feel your pain. Looks like you had a great time leading up to the race. Would love to hear how you got involved with Team Stonyfield!

  9. I love seeing these photos and that you got to meet up with so many fun people! Definitely one of the best parts is when you get to hang out in person.

    I’m glad that you have a diagnosis too but frustrating that it all had to happen now. I had posterior tibialis tendonitis too about two years ago. It cropped out completely out of the blue a few weeks before Broad Street Run. Went for a run, came home, showered and put my shoes on to go outside and couldn’t walk. Totally bizarre. But it was better after a couple of weeks. You will be back at it soon. Not having running while going through a tough time is hard. Sending you lots of love!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Top 5 Running MomentsMy Profile

    1. I love hearing the comeback stories. It makes me think it’s all going to be ok especially since I’ve got some big plans coming up.

  10. I’m happy to see you here again – I know that you have probably experienced every single emotion possible during the past week. I’m glad that the actual weekend was such a great experience for you and that you were able to meet so many blog friends in person!!!
    Kim recently posted..Not all Steps Have to be Giant OnesMy Profile

  11. So sorry about the diagnosis ๐Ÿ™ I’m glad you had a chance to remember the fun moments from Boston! Looks like you had a great time before the injury. I hope you have the speediest of recoveries!!

    1. I sure hope so! Although my PT kind of gave me a stern talking to after our first visit. I need to let it full heal before I even think about jumping back into running. The last thing I want is another flare up!

  12. Good to see you posting again! I am sitting here with a crazy injury that happened from no reason at all on Sunday! I hope it’s just some weird fluke, but it’s really bothering me. And Googling pictures of Achilles tendon issues doesn’t help!!
    Looks like you had a good time in Boston. The expo was pretty awesome!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Glass City Marathon kids runMy Profile

  13. So sorry to hear about your PTT! I actually had that last spring and mine came out of nowhere as well. In fact, I hadn’t run in about 2-3 weeks when I woke up one morning with a stiff and painful ankle. Doctor’s couldn’t figure out what happened either (I went to a few!). I didn’t get booted, and turned to ART which helped a ton. Mine actually lasted for a few months, but I was given the OK to go back to running (it felt fine when I ran oddly) and then one day mysteriously went away! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be back at it soon.

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