A Month of #YogaADay

Here we are in November! Yikes! The next 2 months are just going to FLY by and before you know it will be 2013. Is it me or does it just seem like it was just January 1st?

As I’ve mentioned before, during the month of October I participated in Grow Soul Beautiful’s #YogaADay Instagram Challenge. I loved it! While my pictures may not have been that creative, I loved sharing my love of yoga with everyone. Hopefully, it even inspired someone to give yoga a try.

So I give you (almost) 31 days of Yoga for your enjoyment. I missed a few days…


At first I felt self conscious. My hips weren’t in the right position. My back should be flatter. I’ve never really seen myself doing yoga. But then I became more comfortable and realized it’s MY practice and it can look however I am able to make it look.

The challenge isn’t over yet! Grow Soul Beautiful is doing a November #YogaADay challenge. Are you planning on rocking your Asana? πŸ˜‰

Namaste ~

Have a great weekend!

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  1. WTG! I love yoga but since rupturing a hammy in a class I shy away from it while in marathon training. I need to do it more consistently now that my marathon is over!

  2. I LOVED all of your pictures – the poses, the compositions and the text. So awesome, particularly Waldo. I think that’s my favorite. You are absolutely right – it’s your own practice and that’s not going to look like anyone else’s practice. Are you doing November? I will try to do some but may not be as consistent as last month.

  3. The photo collection is so cool! I really could benefit from the yoga this month (and forever) to get my post-baby body back into pre-baby-inside-of-me days. Lets bring these ab muscles back together! C’mon, pelvic floor! Oh, speaking of, I am going to PT for possible prolapse- whew! I’m optimistic for the future πŸ™‚
    Nicole recently posted..It’s a-me, Luigi!My Profile

  4. I agree! At first I felt self conscious as well. So glad both of us moved out of our comfort zone! It was fun to participate with you, so glad you joined!! Loved your pics and creative captions ;).
    Alison recently posted..Yoga A DayMy Profile

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