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Early morning fog | happyfitmama.com
It’s been awhile since I did A Day in the Life post. I’m super nosy interested in how other people spend their days – the schedules, the activities, and the boring day to day stuff. Even mundane tasks are interesting to me.
My previous Day in the Life posts have showed a typical day as my job as Mama (HERE, HERE and HERE)and my other as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Today I’m showing you the Mama side just because I can share more pictures and details. The other one involves too much HIPPA and red tape!

Wake up!

I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off, quietly tip toe downstairs, where I do my usual morning routine and get dressed. I had planned on going for a bike ride, but at first glance it looks quite foggy outside. After debating a few minutes, I look again and decide to go for it.

I’m glad I did – the fog burned off quickly although it was still foggy over the bay.

I also saw my little friend. Thankfully I’m used to this little guy. Otherwise I’d freak out if I saw him in the dark!

alien lawn ornament | happyfitmama.com

Once I get home, everyone is up and Ron is about ready to head out the door to work. We saw good bye and then the kids eat breakfast and I can get started on mine. I was chilly from my ride so I opted for good ol’ oats. Is there really anything better in the morning?

Cocoa oats | happyfitmama.com

We finish breakfast, clean up a bit before I take a quick shower and the kids start playing. I get dressed and immediately strip the sheets off everyone’s bed while I’m upstairs. I get sidetracked cleaning out and organizing the kids dresser drawers. Once I’m done it’s time to start a load of laundry – the first of many for the day.

Since the kids are happily playing, I take some time to do blog tasks and respond to emails. After about 20 minutes, they come looking for me in the office. I print off some fun Father’s Day questionnaires for each of them. I swear I don’t know where they come up with some their answers although Ron will be happy to know they both think his age is 21.

Done with the questionnaires, the kids head upstairs to dress and brush their teeth while I do even more laundry. Of course they are hungry as soon as they brush their teeth. I don’t know if it’s a phase or what, but “I’m hungry!” comes out of their mouth every 30 minutes during the morning. I’ve talked to a few other moms who say their kids do the same thing. What’s up with that?

Coconut Chocolate Chip larabar  happyfitmama.com

They snack on homemade coconut chocolate chip larabars (and I have one two) before we run errands to the bank and Target.

BTW – I am loving my new Vionic Flip Flops. The company sent me a pair in honor of National Flip Flop Day (it’s on Friday 6/19). I am a flip flop lover all the way, but with my Posterior Tib Tendonitis, I was left hobbling every time I wore a pair. Not so with the Vionic. It hugs the arch of the foot for full support. My feet feel great even after walking around and touching every single thing in Target. I think I need another pair!

Vionic Flip Flops  happyfitmama.com

Lunch time arrives back at home. I mix up a batch of Kale Blueberry Superfood Salad (with added chickpeas and subbing Craisins for Goji berrie since I ran out). It’s become my weekly thing to have on hand. So good!

Kale Blueberry  Salad  happyfitmama.com

After lunch, we read books and then the kids head outside to play for a bit in between the rain. I start writing this post, returning emails and sending contracts back.

Before I know it, it’s time to go to my physical therapy appointment. My foot/Posterior Tib Tendonitis is feeling better everyday. I still have pain when my foot is in certain positions. So no running (yet). It’s frustrating to say the least. For the past week, my PT has been treating me “aggressively” with Graston during each visit. It hurts like hell but it works. I can be uncomfortable for a short time if it means I’m closer to running!

Post PT ice treatment | happyfitmama.com

On the way home from PT, I promised the kids I would show them the alien from my ride that morning. After seeing the picture, they HAD to see it. Needless to say, they were a little disappointed that it wasn’t a real alien. And that it didn’t resemble E.T. at all. But it was still “cute” according to the littles.

When we got home, I started on a Summer Vegetable Tart (recipe courtesy of Amanda) for dinner. I didn’t have a pie crust on hand, so I made my own with almond meal, sea salt and coconut oil. The whole meal was simple and really delicious – perfect for summer although I would add more tomatoes next time.

Summer Vegetable Tart  happyfitmama.com

Once Ron is home from the gym, we eat dinner and chatted about the day. Afterwards it was a flurry of clean up of the dishes, prodding the kids to clean up their toys/games/books from the day, folding laundry and eventually me giving kisses goodnight as I headed out the door to yoga.

yoga mat  happyfitmama.com

It was a class of everything I needed. We even got to practice forearm stand. It’s really not that scary once you have someone holding your legs up! It ended with the most lovely neck adjustment to make me feel oh so relaxed.

When class was over, I go home, finish this post, return some more emails, turn off the computer and then head to bed to read. I guarantee I’ll last 2.2 seconds before falling asleep.

And that’s a day in the life of me! Nothing super exciting but the day flew by.

It’s been FOREVER since I did a WIAW. Thanks for hosting Jenn!

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  1. Um, you bring your kids to PT with you?? I could never in a million years bring my kids anywhere they needed to sit and behave while I was having something like that done. #Jealous
    I’m also asleep 2.2 seconds after my head hits the pillow!!
    Allie recently posted..Work On Your WeaknessMy Profile

    1. I just started to take them with me when I couldn’t get fit a time in with my work schedule. I had visions of med balls going everywhere. The secret to making it work? The iPad! And they have kid books that are all new to them so it keeps them entertained.

  2. Yay–you made the tart! And outdid me by making your own crust….nice going! I’m glad you are making progress and getting closer. I’m looking forward to that post saying you are running.

    The alien is hilarious! And I can’t imagine feeling cold in the a.m. right now. I am coming in soaked in sweat from all the humidity.

    I’m sure Ron will love the questionnaires from the kids–great idea!
    misszippy1 recently posted..I make poor marathon choicesMy Profile

  3. Ha! My first reaction also was, “You bring your kids to PT?!” so glad to hear that it’s starting to feel better. I need to make Amanda’s tart and your kale salad! I’m jealous of your yoga class. I can’t wait to get back to class. I love this peek into your day!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..3 Easy Smoothie RecipesMy Profile

  4. I live in flip flops (when I’m not working of course). I didn’t know they had a “day.” I’ll be sure to celebrate by wearing…flip flops!

    I plan to make Amanda’s tart too. It sounds so good. Though I’ll wait until I buy a pie crust. I’m not so good at making them myself.

    I love getting a little taste of a day in your life.
    Debbie @ Coach Debbie Runs recently posted..Going Solar: Answers to Your QuestionsMy Profile

  5. This is irrelevant to your post, but girl did you change your blog profile photo? If not, well either way I love it! You look absolutely beautiful.

    Now onto your post – That summer vegetable tart sounds delicious. Did you by chance have leftovers? If so, how did they taste reheated?

    1. I did change it. And thank you! 🙂

      The leftovers from the tart are even better reheated. I think the flavors blended together more.

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