6 Favorite Workouts for Runners

Need running inspiration? Here's 6 favorite workouts for runners by runners. | happyfitmama.com

It’s another edition of Monthly Workouts for Runners BY Runners. Here’s the previous month’s workouts if you missed them:

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This month the focus is on our Favorite Workouts for Runners.

Runners are unique. We all have our favorite workouts. Some may like a speed workout. Some may love a tempo. Some may love a good progression run.

For me, if I could combine a run with a strength workout, it would be the best case scenario. Of course, with time constraints, it doesn’t always happen that way. Since I’m always short on time, my favorite workout would include a little strength and a little running (OK, maybe more running than a little would be ideal!).

This strength and running combo uses 6 exercises, done for 60 seconds each. You can do one round and call it good or do up to three more for a full body workout in less than 20 minutes.

Follow that up with running for 30-60 minutes for a well rounded favorite workout kind of day for me!

My favorite workouts for runners combine strength building moves with some time running. Check out this easy and quick workout for runners. | happyfitmama.com

And here are even more favorite workouts from 5 of my running friends.

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Laura shares her favorite progression run for half and full marathon runners.


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What’s your favorite workout?


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  1. I really loved everyone’s workouts this month! I had a friend tell me that this was her favorite series on the blog, and I was like of course, I have most awesome blogger peeps!

  2. I love mixing running with strength. It’s especially great if you can only dedicate 2-3 days to working out. I’ve started doing a mile warm up before my strength workouts and love getting in that little bit of running every day.

  3. Great workouts! I literally just started doing strength work again today after taking more than a month off. I’s gonna be sore tomorrow! Eek!!

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