5 Ways to Make 2018 Great

5 ways to make 2018 great | happyfitmama.com

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield, a brand my family loves.  All opinions are my own.

With January 1st just days away, it’s time that I start thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2018.  How can I make 2018 great?

There’s just something about a fresh new calendar that gets me excited and allows me to let my dreams run wild. I gave up on setting New Year Resolutions years ago. I rarely stuck with them longer than a month. Instead, I changed my focus to a small series of goals throughout the year. They are easier to attain and I’m more focused. Setting mini goals throughout the year, rather than one vague resolution, keeps me focused and inspired.

Small steps lead to bigger gains, right?

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Here’s ways to make 2018 your best year yet.

1 ) Start a journal.  I’m not talking about a diary but a journal to put your thoughts and ideas in one spot.  It’s a good way to sort out feelings, to brainstorm or to just let out what you feel you can’t say out loud.  If you aren’t into that type of journal, I highly recommend a training journal.  I got a Believe training journal a few years ago and it’s been wonderful to look back at the weeks. I set mini goals for the week, write out my workouts, and track how I felt for each.

5 ways to make 2018 greatl | happyfitmama.com

2 ) Get involved. This past year I have felt the need to do more in my community.  Whether it’s volunteering at my kids school, doing a neighborhood clean up, donating time and/or food to the local End 68 Hours of Hunger, or volunteering at a local race, I am contributing to my community and hopefully making it a better place.

5 ways to make 2018 great | happyfitmama.com

3 ) Try something different. Run without music. Try trail running. Try a Barre class. Go to an indoor climbing gym. Are you a solo runner?  Maybe it’s time to try running with others.  There are plenty of running groups out there.  I’ve found many running buddies through my running club, Six03 Endurance.  I’ve also lucked out big time in putting a plea out to friends on Facebook.  It’s funny how many friends of friends have now become my friends just because we started running together.

5 ways to make 2018 great | happyfitmama.com

4 ) Shop consciously.  Over the past few years, I’ve made an effort to buy from brands that not only care about their product but also every step of it’s production.  I’ve been buying Stonyfield yogurt ever since I was introduced to it 12 years ago. I love that it’s it’s certified organic and made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.  I can feel good about buying from a company that cares about the small family farms that source their milk and that cares about the environment.

5 ways to make 2018 great| happyfitmama.com

In 2016, I had the opportunity to tour a few of their organic dairy farms in Vermont. On the tours, I got to speak with the farmers (and families that live and breath farming) about how organic farming versus conventional farming is better for the environment, the cow, the farmer and the consumer. I also got to see how much these farmers care about their cows well being. It was so uplifting to see that Stonyfield actually knew their farmers and wanted to help them in anyway possible.

5 ways to make 2018 great| happyfitmama.com

5 ) Be present. This is a tough one for me and I’m guessing probably for a lot of you. With every year, it seems like there’s more and more stuff that needs to be done online and in front of a screen. While I love the convenience of it, it seems like I’m not present in my day to day life because there’s always a screen in my face. And when part of your job is sitting in front of screen, it makes it extra difficult.  A friend of mine recently said, “Being present is a present”.  Isn’t that the truth?  Give the gift of time and attention to yourself or to someone else more often.

5 ways to make 2018 great | happyfitmama.com

How will you make 2018 great?

7 comments on “5 Ways to Make 2018 Great

  1. I love these tips! I consider my blog to be a journal of sorts..I’m still trying to gain enough confidence to write super personal posts but I’m getting there.
    I also really need to work on being present. Sometimes I go somewhere without my phone and it’s the greatest feeling ever!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Great tips! I’m thinking about what I could try for something new. I went to a megaformer class that was killer- I might need to fit those in somehow every now and then. Happy new year!

  3. Great post, was looking for some ideas for the new year. I’ve tried journaling (“morning papers”) but wasn’t consistent, will have to give it another shot.

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