5 Tips For Summer Running

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Summer is finally here in NH! It’s about dang time! We had a hot and humid weekend. I’m not complaining at all since it doesn’t last forever. Plus, I’m just plain sick of being cold. I don’t even mind the constant sweating either. Well, maybe that I could do without that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I usually run first thing in the morning, the heat and humidity aren’t an issue. It’s always comfortable. On Sunday I didn’t get in a run till the middle part of the day. It really didn’t seem like it was that warm so I took off without even thinking about it. Within a 1/4 mile I was sweating buckets. I had only planned on doing a few miles so it didn’t really bother me too much. When I got home I saw that the temp was actually 85 degrees with full sun. Yowza! My face was beat red for hours later. Summer is here!

Over the years, I’ve found a few tips that have helped in dealing with the heat of summer running.

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  1. Run as early as possible in the day or in the late evening after sunset. I prefer the early morning hours. I’m naturally a morning person so this works best for me.
  2. Hydrate. Before, during and after. You’ll be sweating a lot more so you’ll need to have to replenish what you’ve lost. Plan a route that has water fountains accessible, stash water bottles along the way, use a hand held bottle or fuel belt. Don’t forget to continue to drink after exercise with plain water or an electrolyte drink.
  3. Slow Down. Your body isn’t going to perform like it does on a cool spring day especially at the beginning of summer. It takes about 2 weeks for the body to acclimate to hotter temperatures. Give your Garmin a rest on the really hot days and just go out for the fun of it.
  4. Wear the right clothes. I love my all black workout clothes but they just aren’t the right choice for a full sun 85 degree run. Choose loose fitting, breathable clothing that wicks the sweat away. Just say NO to cotton anything!
  5. Wear sunscreen and Body Glide. ย I sweat a lot so I need a sunscreen that is going to stay put on my face and not sting my eyes. I really like Neutrogena Sport Face 70 spf. It holds up well and doesn’t burn. Since I do sweat heavily, Body Glide is my BFF. Case in point, my nasty foot blister. Apply it everywhere!

Most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself but use common sense! Most of us only get this weather for a few short months out of the year. Before you know it we’ll be complaining it’s too cold so live it up!

For more tips on summer running, give a listen to Sarah and Dimity’s podcast on Solutions for Summer Running.

What are your summer running tips?

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  1. Living in a super humid area, I am very familiar with the summer running effects! Totally agree about slowing down, in particular. This is not a time to try to set PRs out there. I do try, once a week, though, to do one run a bit later in the morning than usual, simply b/c I feel like it helps me acclimate a bit better. Summer running can be a slog, but come September, we all feel like rock stars!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Feeling a bit like CinderellaMy Profile

  2. Seriously, heat and humidity are no fun. I don’t get out for a run as early as I would like in the summer so I need these tips, especially numbers 2 and 3. I’ve been terrible about hydrating lately and need to remember to drink!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..A subtle hintMy Profile

  3. Yes to all of the above – especially sunscreen and body glide. I always carry water and have scouted out water fountains around my neighborhood or make it a point to go past my house to refill if I need to. And slowing down. It’s hard to convince yourself that it’s ok to do. Struggling with that right now. I’m a good 30 seconds slower already.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Getting Thrifty and Creative with Home DecorMy Profile

  4. Sunscreen is one I always forget!!! Yesterday I ran and was drenched!! I would add to wear a hat or visor…keeps the sweat and sun out of the eyes. Here I try to pick routes that hug the water or at least close…the sea breeze helps so much!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Monday MotivationMy Profile

  5. Great tips.

    I’m in Florida, so even at 5:00 AM, humidity is a factor, but it’s just another challenge on this great running journey. I don’t mind it so much, and I know it will only help my overall performance (if I can run in 100% humidity, I can run anywhere).
    Jenn recently posted..the pressure’s onMy Profile

  6. I’d like to think my vizor/hat and hydration belt save the day. in some cases when the sun is beaming down at me I feel a little “shaded.” In addition wearing breathable tops and bottoms help air things out. I forgot all about slowing down that is such a great point. Thanks for sharing!
    Holly recently posted..Summer Running GearMy Profile

    1. For those of us who are unaccustomed to warm/hot weather, it is at the beginning of the season. If you are acclimated to it, you should be able to tolerate it more.

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