5 by the 5th Virtual Race Recap – April

Happy Happy Friday!

This has been a long week, no? I’m so ready for the weekend. I’ve got another 20 miler on the marathon plan for Saturday. My legs and feet have been feeling quite fatigued since Wednesday so I’m hitting my yoga mat, foam roller and compression socks in full force hoping that they feel more energized by Saturday.

My legs might be a little fatigued from my run on Tuesday. I did my 5k run for the April edition of the 5 by the 5th Virtual Race Series.

For those of you who are new, I’m using this race series to improve my 5k time although I’ve never done one in real life.

Here’s the previous months recaps: January, February, March.

I decided to do this month’s race on a speed training day. My plan called for 4X1600 in 7:26 with 800 jogs. I’d try to start at a slower pace than that for the first mile to see if I could sustain it before moving toward 7:26. Running faster than normal for me is not my thing. I don’t think I have a fast twitch muscle fiber in my body. I can usually handle it doing speed work. In my mind I always think, it’s only for a mile at a time and then a “rest.” Would I be able to hang for 3.1 miles? This was going to be tough.

I started off with a warm up of 1.5 miles before clearing the treadmill. I started conservatively at a 8:00 pace. My legs were feeling heavy from the previous days bike trainer and strength workout but the pace felt alright. Eventually I settled in to a 7:44 pace. I didn’t feel like I was being too taxed but I was hesitant to push it any further until the last 1/4 mile. I’m not sure what the pace was, I just pushed the speed up bottom till it felt like a sprint. Or at least what a sprint on the treadmill feels like. One thing I’ve learned from doing this race series, is that I think like a long distance runner – gotta save some gas in the tank because you’ve got xx amount of miles to do. Maybe after the marathon it’s time I did an ‘in real life’ 5k. Something to think about.

I finished with a time of 24:10. An improvement from last months 24:19. I’ll take it. I took at least 10 pictures and could not get one with my time on it! #bloggerfail

5 by the 5th Virtual Race April - happyfitmama.com

I did eventually do 2×1600 @ 7:26 with one 800 jog to finish the run at 7 miles for the day.

Speaking of races, I’ve got two planned for April. The first is a local 5 miler, Red’s Shoe Barn Race . Last year’s Paddy’s 5 Miler was the only other time I’ve done that distance. I finished in 40:14 so it should be interesting to see what time I can pull off. I definitely think I’m in much better shape than I was a year ago.

Paddy's 5 Miler 2012 - happyfitmama.com

The second race is, Wallis Sands Half Marathon. This race holds a special place in my heart. I got a big PR on the course last year. I’d love to get another PR. With all of the speed work and marathon training I’ve been doing for the past few months, I feel like I might be able to do it.

Wallis Sands Half Marathon 2012 Post

Do you have any racing plans for April?

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  1. I’d say that when you consider the fact that you are running on some pretty tired marathon legs, you did an amazing job with your 5k to drop time. And I think a half PR is certainly a possibility.

    I have a half at the end of April, provided training goes well. I’m still fighting my recovery and my legs don’t have much spring in them yet!
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  2. That’s awesome that the V. Races are helping you improve, nothing like good solid motivation!

    I am doing my first relay this month (7 people 77.7 miles), and also doing my first duathlon (5k run, 20m bike, 5k run). It’s a month of firsts!
    Laura recently posted..Cookie-Cutter Training PlansMy Profile

  3. Great job on your 5k especially considering that you are on tired legs!!! You’ll have to find a local 5k after the series is over to see what the results would be with the crowd and adrenaline. You’re rocking your marathon training! Good luck with your 20 miler!

    On tap for me is a lot of RI running this month! I have a 10k this weekend and then a 10 miler at the end of the month…all in my home state/hometown! Great excuse to go see the fam!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..TTTMy Profile

  4. After you’ve recovered from your marathon, you definitely need to sign up for a 5K race. I think you’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised at how much faster you run in a race vs. on the treadmill. I find 5Ks to be extremely painful. All-out effort for 3+ miles – yuck! At least they are over quickly. If I can ever reach my goal of breaking 20 minutes, I can retire from 5Ks altogether! : )
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  5. Great time! I’m running The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle this weekend and I’m going to get my 5th by the 5th today although I’ll be doing some speed drills so I’m not sure what my time will look like. I love your NordicTrack, it has a great interface.

    Have a great marathon!
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  6. Nice job Angela! Speed is not my thing either, but you are doing a great job working on it. I’m doing the BAA 5K the day before the marathon – part of the distance medley – and then Newport 10 miler at the end of the month. Looking forward to both!!
    Happy Friday!
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