30 Minute Workouts for Runners

30 minute workouts for runners | happyfitmama.comWelcome to another edition of Run It!

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This month, we are sharing 30 minute workouts for runners.

I don’t know about you but my days are full of a one million things to do.  Especially during the month of December when everything needs to be done NOW. I make time for a workout because sweat is my sanity saver. I may not always have 60 or 90 minutes to squeeze in a workout but I always have 30 minutes. And I’m sure you do too.

Disclaimer: I am not your physician, physical therapist, coach or personal trainer.  Please see a specialist before attempting a new to you workout.

Short on time? Try this Done in 30 minutes run for a burst of speed. _ happyfitmama.comOne of the great things about this workout is that it can be done outside or on a treadmill.  Since so many of us are traveling this time of year, it’s good to have options.

Last week I did a similar workout on the treadmill when my kids had a snow day.  It was the first time I had tried my new Epson ProSense 307 GPS watch out on the treadmill.  It worked like a charm!  I’m really digging the continuous heart rate capability.  Seeing the synopsis of my heart rate, pace and distance on the Epson App is really cool.  Especially when I do the same route.  It’s fun to compare how much better I’m getting with every run. Check out my full review to get all the details.

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com

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Here are even more 30 minute workouts for runners from a few of my running friends. Click on the picture to take you to their post. And don’t forget to Pin awayso you have a stash of valuable running info to reference whenever you need it.


Laura 30 Minute Run imageNELLIE

4 Awesome And Effective 30 Minute Workouts For RunnersCARLY

Carly Dec ImageLinking up with the Coaches’ Corner and Wild Workout Wednesday.

If you’ve got 30 minutes, what would you do for a workout?

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  1. These are great ideas for 30 minute workouts! I like the idea of adding just a little bit of speedwork into a run to change things up and make it a little more challenging. I might need to try this next week when things are busy but I want to get in a workout!

  2. I’m loving these ideas for 30 minute workouts! It’s hard to get in longer workouts, especially around this time of year so it’s good to have a fast and sweaty 30 minute workout when you can!

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