3 Treadmill Workouts for Speed and Strength

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I like to think of myself as a runner who will run in any conditions.

I mean, I grew up in the frozen tundra of Upper Michigan. And now I’m a New Englander. We aren’t afraid of cold weather!

Browsicles, lashicles – no big deal!

The picture above is from my friend Sarah and I after our 13 mile run on Saturday in 9 degrees. I had marvelous company but it was far from a marvelous run. I don’t think it was the coldest temperature I’ve ever run in but it was definitely the coldest I’ve ever been on a run. The un-thawing afterwards was very painful.

I profess that I really dislike the treadmill and will not run on it unless I absolutely have to.

Well, last week, I willingly went to my treadmill. More than once.

It was a bone chilling, “I can’t feel my toes”, snot is frozen to my face, 3 degrees, when I woke up for most of my zero dark thirty runs.

I’m all, I LOVE MY TREADMILL, on those days.

Simple Treadmill Speed Workout  happyfitmama.com

The treadmill can be quite boring. There’s no doubt about that. I usually have to play with the speed and incline constantly to keep myself engaged in the run. Otherwise I’m ready to hop off and call it quits after 10 minutes. Music helps a ton. As does catching up on TV shows that you would never otherwise watch.

Having your own treadmill or access to one does have it’s benefits. Especially in the winter when the weather is usually far from ideal for completing quality workouts when you need to run hard.

The one good thing about the treadmill is that it keeps you on pace during a tempo or speed workout. There is a tendency to back off when you start feeling tired. However, the treadmill won’t let you do that unless you push a button.
Treadmill Progression Workout   happyfitmama.com
A couple of things to keep in mind while running on the treadmill:
  • Since the belt is constantly running, it will be dragging your legs under and behind you during your stride cycle. By doing this, your hamstring muscles (which would typically be doing this work when outside) will be working less and you will be relying more heavily on your quads.
  • The treadmill tells the brain that you’re running on an unstable surface, which activates your stabilizing muscles and can put more strain on muscles like the piriformis, hip flexors and lower back.
  • The treadmill encourages more heel striking and leg extension, which can put more strain on the knees, hamstrings and calves.

Treadmill Pryramid Hill Workout   happyfitmama.com

All of the workouts in this post are ones that I have done. I can attest that they will kick your butt just like any outdoor workout. You definitely are not cheating by using the treadmill.

When asked, I will now say that I love my treadmill. It’s the greatest thing ever.

I just don’t want to use it.

What’s the lowest temperature you have run in?

27 comments on “3 Treadmill Workouts for Speed and Strength

  1. I feel exactly the same way! I think the lowest temp I ever ran in was 4 degrees. I kept doing loops around my neighborhood to be ‘safe’ and it actually wasn’t that bad. If the sun is out, it can make all the difference. However, school is cancelled today and I will be heading to the gym to run the tread so this is perfect timing. Thank you!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: The Email That Changed EverythingMy Profile

  2. I don’t know if I could ever go as far as you to love the treadmill, but I would say I now will go to it a lot more than I did when I was in Michigan….I keep saying I have become a little soft, but steve says its smart! These are helpful, and keep treadmill workouts a little more interesting!

  3. Last week was very tough. I got out every single day, but I was not happy out there. I loathe, I mean really, really loathe, the treadmill, so I will only use it if there is just no alternative. Living in New England might get me to that point!

    Bring on spring!

  4. I will never call myself an all weather runner – I’m a wimp and hate the cold!!! I’m all about running on the treadmill and always find ways to pass the time by playing with either the speed or incline.
    Kim recently posted..Wimpy Week (1/4 – 1/10)My Profile

  5. I don’t own a treadmill (there is no room for one), but today it’s raining, and raining heavy, so alas no run. But if I had a treadmill then I’d jump on that. Even though I hate the treadmill it does hold a purpose.
    I know when we finally get a home gym, I’ll invest in a treadmill, for those days when it’s just impossible to get a run outside, and these workouts will really help.
    Matilda recently posted..Cafe Review: Thr1veMy Profile

  6. These are great treadmill workouts! There’s so much ice and snow where I live that if it’s warm enough to run outside (which means a wind chill above 0!), it’s still not conducive to any faster running. The treadmill is where I go in winter to get in some quality speed workouts and I’m always grateful come spring training that I have some speed in my legs!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Life Lately and Weekly Workouts (January 12)My Profile

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  8. WOW. Running like that, amazing!

    Those treadmill workouts sound great, I think I better give these a go!

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