2015 Boston Marathon with Team Stonyfield

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So the “something else coming up” that I mentioned on Monday?

I’m so very happy to announce that I will be a part of Team Stonyfield for the 2015 Boston Marathon!

Say what???

I still can’t believe it.

I’ve always said that the first time I ran Boston, I wanted to qualify on my own. I get how prestigious it is. I know that it takes months (or even years) of hard work and dedication. It’s like the Olympics for ordinary runners. I was hoping Baystate would have been that race this year to get me my BQ. Well, that’s not happening now.

But imagine my shock and surprise when I get an email in early September asking me to be a part of Team Stonyfield. My coworker and I were walking back to an educational seminar after lunch as I checked my messages. I stopped dead in my tracks and repeated “Oh My God!” at least ten times. She thought something was wrong with my kids. Nope. Just an unbelievable moment.

How could I turn down such an amazing opportunity?

It was a no-brainer. I’m sure at least 99% of the people who have not earned a BQ but were asked to run, would do the same thing as me. This will just intensify my dream of earning my own BQ.

And YES I will get it!

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Stonyfield is the official yogurt sponsor for the Boston Marathon. As you may know, I am a huge fan of their products, I’m a Stonyfield Yo-Getter after all. I ate it for years before kids. It was also the first taste of yogurt my kids ever had. I love that it’s a local New Hampshire company but I also love their company practices in farming, agriculture and giving back. When I see Stonyfield, I feel confident that my family is getting the best quality organic product with no funky stuff involved.

Marathon training officially kicks off at the end of December. I’m super excited to have Megan Searfoss (Run Like A Mother) to work with on my training plan. Anytime I can have someone tell me what to do, I’m all for it. They do the thinking. I’ll do the doing. I tell too many people what to do already!

The funny thing is the day before I got the email about joining the team, I had told Ron that I was really looking forward to running plan free for the winter. The universe wasn’t listening. Something I’m very happy about.

And I’m choosing to ignore the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of a horrible winter. But if it is, I’ve been there before. I still remember my first ever 20 miler almost two years ago on the morning of an ice storm. Ice skates would have worked out better than running shoes but I got it done then and I’ll get it done again.

I’m warning you now that pictures like this will be happening more frequently.

Running in 10 degrees - happyfitmama.comBring on the lashicles, browsicles and cheeksicles!

Iโ€™m truly honored to be representing Stonyfield as part of this amazing journey with other strong, fierce mother runners.

62 comments on “2015 Boston Marathon with Team Stonyfield

  1. YAY! You and Laura! AWESOME! Not surprised though, as soon as I saw Lauras post, I figured you would be too! SEE! Good things were coming your way, even if it is not meant to be for this weekend!!! So excited for you, and if I decide to do Boston, we ARE meeting!!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Chicago Marathon 2014- The RaceMy Profile

  2. Soooo exciting! You will love it all, from the training to the amazing day that is Boston. And hopefully this takes some of the sting out of Baystate. BTW–if the weather is good, Boston is also a great PR course if run right. : )
    misszippy1 recently posted..Who’s that runner?My Profile

  3. Such a great opportunity!! Make sure you share your training plan so I can benefit from it too ๐Ÿ™‚ Bwahahaha! See you in Boston!

    1. Thanks Sue! No fundraising is required but we’ll be sharing the trials and tribulations of marathon training, motherhood and life.

  4. I am seriously considering booking a flight out there to cheer you and Laura on! Boston is one of my favorites- I went to grad school there and haven’t been back since and i miss it so! Congrats girl! I’m so happy for you!
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted..A Weekend AwayMy Profile

  5. I am so, so excited for you that you finally get to experience Boston! I wish so badly that I could have joined you guys…it was one of the hardest things to say “no” to. You’ll have so much fun!!
    Sarah @runfargirl recently posted..Never Be AloneMy Profile

  6. What an honor! Congratulations! I actually just stumbled across your blog via their blog post about the runners. I’m looking forward to following your journey to Boston!

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