Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were going along swimmingly until Friday when my throat started to feel weird.  At first, I hoped for allergies.  But when I started to get chills, aches and feel like crud, I knew it was a good ol’ fashion cold.  Yippee.


20 minutes Arc Trainer

20 minutes Stepmill

bench press

reverse grip bent over row

eccentric pull ups

band pull ups

KB around the world

bench step up with heavy KB

pendulum lunge

plank with KB pull thru

Last week's workouts |



Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga

5.1 mile run, 8:54 avg/pace, 271 ft elev/gain

After last week’s wonky times when uploaded to Strava, I ditched my Epson and went with my ol’ trusty Garmin GPS. My times were exactly the same on both.  I guess I’m back to being a Garmin Girl!


7 mile run with 4 hill repeats, 9:20 avg/pace, 794 ft elev/gain

Kyle and I ran about 2 miles to the beastly hill in town before doing 4 repeats.  The thing about hill repeats is that you can feel the strength you’ve gained.  That hill will never be easy but you just get stronger and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Last week's workouts |

Sweaty hair + pink cheeks = great workouts


5 mile trail run, 10:39 avg/pace, 226 ft elev/gain

My running buddy from last year, Lori, was in town so we met up for an early morning trail run. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to catch up and cover more miles.  The woods are so lovely right now with everything so green.

Last week's workouts |


20 minute Arc Trainer

10 minute Stepmill

single leg balance w/ bicep curl to shoulder press

single leg balance bent over row

Smith press bench step ups


cable squat/row

tricep rope extension

pendulum lunges w/ KB pass thru

eccentric pull ups

banded pull ups

TRX mountain climbers

TRX pike planks

Last week's workouts |


5.6 mile run, 8:51 avg/pace, 338 ft elev/gain

I slept in a little later this morning because I was feeling run down (the cold was appearing!). I had a short window for a run so I squeezed as much as I could before shuttling kids to gymnastics, soccer and baseball.  The highlight of my run?  Having a random cat run with me for about a 1/4 mile.  I’ve had dogs run with me but never a cat.  I wanted to take the thing home with me!

I started to feel worse as the day went on.  It didn’t help that it was 55 degrees and windy while I froze my tushie off at the games.  I was soooo cold!

Guess what I did when everything was over?  I crashed on the couch for a solid 4 hours and went to bed early.

Last week's workouts |


Rest day – I woke up feeling a little better but still felt achy with a stuffed nose and achy sinuses. I always know when a run doesn’t sound good, I’m sick. Today was the day.  The most activity I got today was riding my bike casually at the beach with the family.

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How was your week in workouts?

High Five Friday

Happy High Five Friday!

Today’s an extra special celebratory Friday – Ron and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage.

High Five Friday |

Look at those little babies!!!!

I think I’ve shared this photo every single year since I’ve had a blog.  Sixteen years ago, digital photos didn’t exist.  All I have are the real deal photos.  We put disposable cameras on every table at the reception if that gives you any idea how long ago 16 years was.  Do they even make those things anymore?

Babysitter is booked for tonight and we are heading out for a rip roaring night.  And when I say rip roaring, I mean we’ll be home by 10.  Hahaha

So let’s get crackin’ on what I’ve been reading and loving lately.

The Missing Link in Your Training

You run. You strength train. You cross train.  How’s your mobility?  There’s a difference between flexibility and mobility.  You need both to help you stay injury free. Here’s 8 sample mobility exercises for the whole body.

Birkenstocks I know some think Birks are the ugliest things around.  I did too until I got my first pair and fell in love with how comfy they are. They seriously are the most comfortable sandals that I own.  Here I am 16 years later, still wearing them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 40 years is that don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.  It’s not worth it! And bonus points that my newest pair make me look like I’m a mermaid. :)

High Five Friday |

Ode to Legs: A Poem By Lauren Fleshman

She’s got legs. She knows how to use them. Besides the ZZ Top song, who else remembers the 80s commercial for L’eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose?  Am I the only one who thought of the commercial before the song?  Lol! Love this poem so much.

All the Weird Ways Running Affects Your Body

All the questions about your body and running answered.  Well, maybe not ALL but a lot of common questions that you may not know the answer to.

Polar Summer Seltzer Flavors – It’s hard to believe that a couple of years ago I thought seltzer was disgusting.  Now, I’m addicted.  And when Hannaford has the new Polar summer flavors on sale, you better believe I stock up.  Don’t worry, this isn’t my idea of stocking up.  I went back for 10 more the next day.  And the day after.  #ObsessedMuch?

High Five Friday |

In ‘Play On’, Exploring How Elite Athletes Improve With Age

How do some athletes keep playing strong at an age the majority are retiring from their chosen sport? Genetics obviously play a huge part but there has to be something more.  I think I need to read this whole book.

What would you like to High Five today?

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List |

This is a sponsored post on behalf of prAna.  All thoughts, as always, are my own.  Thanks for supporting companies that I love!

I’ve got summer fever.

With Memorial Day just around the corner and the weather kind of warming up, I’m dreaming of all of the things I want to do to make the most of next few months.

Here in New Hampshire, I think we are very lucky.  We’ve got the ocean and the mountains right in our backyard.  We are a summer travel hot spot.  We get travelers from all over the world to see the beauty our state has to offer.  Lots of locals feel like there’s no need to leave the state for summer vacation.  Pick a spot, any spot, in NH for a day trip, weekend away or longer, and you are guaranteed to have fun.

Here’s what my summer bucket list travel plans in New Hampshire look like:

Beach time

I love the beach no matter the season.  But there’s something about sand, sun and surf when the temps are hot.  Granted, I’ve lived in New Hampshire for over 12 years and have never fully submerged my body in the Atlantic – It’s too dang cold!

Summer Bucket List _

Over the years, prAna dresses have become a staple in my summer wardrobe.  My newest obsession is this prAna Ardor Dress.  Super comfy with a built in bra, this dress can easily go from beach to town with no worries.

FYI – If you are in need of new swimsuit, prAna has THE BEST suits for active ladies.  There’s no need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions while chasing after your kids or playing a game of catch on the beach.

Be a Tourist

There are so many charming little towns in New Hampshire that I’ve yet to really explore.  Whether it’s finding a hole in the wall restaurant or quirky shop, I love pretending to be a tourist.

Summer Bucket List |

You may notice my prAna Brenna pants.  They make an appearance in every season.  I love the fabric, the cut and the color.  Although I really think I need to get another pair in a different color.  I was hesitant about ordering the Yvonna T-Shirt in white but I’m so glad I did.

Summer Bucket List |

It’s super cute, lightweight and perfect for summer.  Now if I can just keep it free of stains.

SUP Yoga

Two years ago I fell in love with SUP yoga.  My fears of falling in were quickly put aside as I enjoyed the gentle sway of the water under my board.  And what if I did fall in?  Sure it would be REALLY cold but I’d warm up quickly once back on my board.

Summer Bucket List  |

Wearing: prAna Pillar Capri

Mountain Top Yoga

First we hike, then we yoga.  I only got to go once last year, but it was so fun to hike to the summit of Gunstock Mtn. and then enjoy a yoga class under a blue sky.  Have you ever stood in mountain pose on a mountain?  It feels pretty amazing to have the sun warming your face and the wind blowing gently through your hair.

Summer Bucket List |

Wearing: prAna Pillar Legging

Of course, my summer bucket list contains a million things running related too.  Like hitting the trails, running up some mountains and soaking in the warmth and sweet sweat before the temps drop again.

A summer bucket list needs a summer wardrobe.  Check out all the latest styles prAna has to offer for wherever your summer travels take you. Save 15% off with code TRHFS18 at checkout from

What’s on your summer bucket list?