High Five Friday

Happy Halloween and High Five Friday!

And the last day of October! What???

5 from instagram 103114  happyfitmama.comI always share way more pictures on Instagram. Are you following me?

1. Fall splendor. Oh how I’ve missed taking self timer running pics! I had to get at least one even if I ran less than 2 miles last Saturday.

2. This is me dressing up for Halloween. The kitty stuffie was an addition when my daughter didn’t want to hold it anymore.

3. This week has been all about running progress. It’s slow. I’m not 100% pain free but I’m getting there.

4. Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars – Make these today!

5. Hiking fun from last weekend.

5 Things

1. 5 Quick Strength Training Exercises for Runners – Love the Fire Hydrant and Bridge.

2. NYC Marathon State of Mind – Fun facts for this weekend’s big race. 6400 bananas. Over 50,000 runner’s finished last year’s race. WHOA!

3. What a Real Runner Looks Like? Serious high 5′s to Hannah for calling out all the people who think it’s no big deal to judge others through social media (or real life). It’s real life people with real life feelings.

4. What’s Wrong with this Picture? For most of us ladies, we are accustomed to being in the majority when it comes to running races. 61% of half marathon participants were women last year after all. But in 1989, not so much. We’ve come a long way ladies!

5. Day in the Life of Another Mother Runner – It was so fun taking over the Another Mother Runner’s Instagram account last weekend. If you missed it, the ladies did a great recap.

What would you like to high 5 today?

Anyone running NYCM?

Every Runner Has a Story

Runner's Names - happyfitmama.com

A couple of weeks ago, Amanda, wrote a post entitled “Who’s that Runner?” It made me laugh because I thought I was the only one who came up with names and stories of the other runners I routinely see out on my runs or running by my house.

Every runner has a story.

A story of what they are training for, how long they’ve been a runner, their worst race ever. War stories of injuries, running in driving rain, bitter cold and blizzards.

I see a lot of the same runner’s. I may never know their stories or their names. So I make my own up. Truthfully, I think mine are probably a lot more interesting.

Here’s just a few of the frequent cast of characters I see.

Grunter – A super speedy girl who will never take me by surprise. I hear her grunts way before I see her. Is that her way of saying “On your left!”?

Insanely Overdressed Guy – I’m in a tank and shorts in July. He’s in a Old Navy 1/2 zip fleece, gloves and ski hat. I always want to say “It is so cold out!”

Insanely Underdressed Guy – For every piece of clothing Insanely Overdressed Guy puts on, Insanely Underdressed Guy takes off. No matter what the season. 20 degrees? T-shirt and shorts. Snowing? T-shirt and shorts. MAYBE he’ll put a long sleeve shirt on. Maybe.

This is Painful but I’m Doing it Anyway Guy – Two ankle braces and a knee brace and it looks like he winces in pain with every step. Yet he runs by my house almost every single day.

Miss I Never Smile, Wave or Say Hi – Doesn’t she know the runner’s code?

Dan, Dan the running man. Running by as fast as he can. -  So I actually know this guys name. But he’s so fast that he gets a jingle. However, I can’t claim credit for it. Ron came up with this one all on his own.

The Twins – I’ve seen these two ladies running together ever since I’ve moved to the area 8 years ago. I would love to be their triplet but they are always starting when I’m finishing! If only I didn’t have to be done with my run so early. We could be besties…

I wonder what other runners call me? Hmmmm…

Do you make up names for runners in your area that you don’t know?