Fall Favorites

Fall in love with some of my fall favorites from @prana | happyfitmama.comThis post in sponsored by prAna in partnership with FitApproach. All opinions are my own.

This week the calendar says Autumn begins.  Mother Nature has other plans as we are currently warmer and more humid than what it was at the end of August.  I’m embracing the warmer weather as long as possible because I know what’s coming.

Rather than kissing summer good bye, I’d rather say, see you later.

It’s heart breaking to see the long days and warm temperatures go, but it’s also nice to see a new season and new things to look forward to. It’s also nice to see the return of my fall favorites.

Fall Running – Just to clarify, running in any season is awesome.  And I really love summer running because, hello, less clothes = less planning.  But anyway, fall running is a close second. The sights, the smells and breaking out the long sleeves gets me excited for cooler temps. Fall running means a ton of fun races. I’m completely bummed that I had to drop out of two really fun running/travel events (one was an event that I was invited to last year but had to bail on because of a sinus infection the day before I flew out…third time’s the charm?!?!?!)  but I’m hoping that I’m up and running soon enough so that I can get in some lovely fall runs before the snow flies.

Fall Favorites| happyfitmama.com

Yoga Hikes – My yoga studio didn’t offer any summer yoga hikes because the owner sprained her ankle and it was slow to heal (I feel her pain!).  But we are on for this Friday and I can’t wait.  And I hope to jump into another mountain top yoga session at Gunstock Mountain.  There’s just something about the feeling the wind through your fingertips, the ground below your feet and the sun on your face while practicing yoga.  It just makes my gratitude for this amazing life sky rocket through the roof.

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWhether it’s yoga, hiking or lounging, the prAna Roxanne Legging has you covered.  I really dislike having to tug at leggings to keep them from falling down.  These babies don’t budge and are super comfy.  I’m usually a black legging type of gal but this print is so fun and easily goes with anything.

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWearing: prAna Roxanne Legging and Penelope Pullover

Btw – I’m ushering in the fall equinox a couple of days early this morning just like I did with the summer equinox – 108 sun salutations! I’m anticipating not using my arms for the next few days.  Lol!

Million Dollar Views – Here in New Hampshire, the leaves are slowing starting to turn colors. It’s amazing to watch the progressive change from green, to vibrant orange, yellow and reds. So many tree lined streets look like a picture from a magazine. It’s eye candy for sure.

fall favorites | happyfitmama.comThe tastes and smells – Fall has it’s own distinct smell, sound, and taste. The crispness in the air. The smell of the leaves.  The sound of the wind through the trees or rustling leaves across a sidewalk. The taste of all things pumpkin and apple. I have yet to make anything pumpkin (I’ve been waiting for the “official” start of fall) but we did go apple picking a few weeks ago and I made a delicious apple crisp.  So good!

Fall favorites | happyfitmama.comWearing: prAna Daria sweater and Brenna pants.

Festivals – There’s no shortage of festivals this time of year.  It’s fun to hang out on a sunny weekend day, listen to some great music, eat good food and drink yummy drinks.  And of course, go through a corn maze.

Fall Favorites | happyfitmama.comWhen we went to the Sunflower Festival last weekend, it was cool but humid.  And then the sun came out and made it a so much warmer.  But I stayed cool with the prAna Harlene Top and my all time favorite pant EVER from prAna, the Meme. I get so many compliments on them no matter if I’m out having coffee with friends or hiking the trails.  They go anywhere!

FYI – You can get 15% off your total order from prAna.com with code FAAN15 at checkout. (Not valid for Influencers, on Gift Certificates or valid with any other offers).

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What’s your favorite thing about fall?


Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com

I feel like I say this every week lately, but last week’s workouts were really all over the place.  I started the week off feeling down in the dumps about my ankle situation. Mid week I was feeling great and thinking running again was closer than anticipated. By the end of the week, I was back to being in the dumps but not nearly as bad as 7 days prior.

The road to recovery is never a straight line. In my case, it’s a freakin’ roller coaster.


45 minutes Bike

40 minutes strength training

KB lunge matrix – front, side, reverse

Calf raises

TRX pike planks

TRX bicycle planks

DB chest press

TRX push ups

TRX row

Bar hangs 30 sec x 3 (pull up prep)

Eccentric pull ups

Ab wheel

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com


45 minutes pool running

20 minutes kickboard

Physical therapy

PT Dan wanted to see what I could tolerate for stress on my ankle.

Standing single leg wobble board – side to side, clockwise, counterclockwise

Drinking bird

Resistance band ankle work

I felt great!  It was just what I needed to boost my confidence that it’s NOT going to take 3 months to get back to running.

Later in the day I had a chiropractor appointment and got my foot majorly adjusted which made me feel even MORE better.  YES!!

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com


50 minutes Arc Trainer

40 minutes strength training

TRX Curtsey Squats

KB squat press

KB plank rows

TRX bicycle planks

TRX pike planks

Battle ropes 30 seconds x 3 -> my arms were trashed!

Rope pulley 30 sec x 3

Eccentric pull ups

Bench press

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com


Physical Therapy

PT Dan wanted to stress my ankle even more than Tuesday since I was feeling so good.

Single leg wobble board – side to side, clockwise, counterclockwise

Drinking bird

Single leg wall squats with ball

Single leg lunges on Bosu Ball

My ankle felt great during all of this.  I felt even better than I did on Tuesday.

That is until later in the day when I almost broke myself. Again.

I slept in with the intention of getting a long bike ride in between the many appointments and work that I had to do. As I was getting my bike down from the garage rafters (it hangs from S hooks), the handle bars got caught on my shirt and took me down.  Oh, I forgot to mention I was standing on a chair.  My only thought while falling?  Protect the foot!  Well that’s about the only thing that didn’t get hurt.  Thankfully I’m only bruised up but I was really worried about my right wrist since it took the brunt of the fall.

I think I need to invest in bubble wrap.

After all that I was still intent on going for a ride.  That is until I realize I jacked up the chain and there was no way I was going to get it back on by myself.

I took the hint from the universe that I wasn’t meant to ride my bike outside so I opted for a 60 minute basement workout on my recumbent bike.

Thankfully, I was not hurt while doing that.



I was quite sore from the fall and felt it from head to toe.



Still feeling pretty beat up so I opted out of a formal workout and walked around a corn maze instead. Btw – Does anyone else still have nightmares about the movie “Children of the Corn?”  I’m talking about the old school one from the 80s.  So creepy!


I was feeling better but took another semi rest day with only walk in the woods with the family.

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.com

Boot update: I took myself out of the boot as of Friday.  My ankle does not feel weak or like it’s going to give out.  I do not have pain while walking or at any other time.  After getting feedback from my PT, chiropractor and numerous other friends in the medical field, I felt that it was in my best interest to stop wearing the boot before I end up with a bigger problem (back, hip pain, further ankle problems in regards to mobility, etc). So far, it’s going well.  If I do develop pain again, I’ll put the boot back on until I have a follow up with my ortho.

How was your week in workouts?

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High Five Friday

High Five Friday September 15 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram and Instagram stories. Are you following me?  Please do!

1 ) “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” Warrior on friends.

2 ) If you ever wondered what your pets do during the day when you aren’t home.  This is it.

3 ) I love yoga and I love yogurt granola bowls.

4 ) Throwing it back to sunrise running.  I’m getting closer and closer to that day sometime time soon. And yes, that photo is from a cemetery.

5 ) This is what happens when you win an Instagram giveaway from Late July. A chip lover’s dream come true!

5 Good Reads

1 ) Enough is Enough: Running Injury Guidelines – As someone who has seen their fair share of running injuries, I’ve picked up a few tidbits of knowledge along the way from physical therapy.  I love this simple guideline that Anna, trail runner and PT, put together.  Enough is enough with the injuries!

2 ) Why I DNS Three of My Goal Races This Year – First off, I love that Allie shared her roller coaster year of training and why she ultimately made the hard decision to DNS. Mental exhaustion from training is just as serious as physical injuries.  Secondly, Allie, once again, finds a way to raise me up.  <- Inside joke with Allie! 😉

3 ) One of “Those” Days – This post with Julie really hit home with me.  I’ve been feeling quite down in the dumps about the current state of my ankle.  I hate talking about it because I feel like I’m whining.  And I feel like I’ve done all this whining way too many times.  But in the grand scheme of things it’s peanuts compared to what is going on in the world.  She also mentioned social media and how it seems we share really good things and really bad things.  There’s no in between even though we all have the in between. It’s called life and one of those days.

4 ) An Ode to Year One – As I look at yet another Year One after my current injury, I’m questioning everything and wondering what’s my point.  But then I read this and it kinds of calms my nerves.

5 ) Stories of Perseverance from UTMB – Extreme weather left this year’s UTMB (the race that travels 106 miles and over 32,000 vertical feet through the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland), a free for all.  The elites who were a predicted to win had a struggle just to finish.  Stories like these make me marvel at what the body can do.

What would you like to High 5?