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Hey, hey, hey!

How’s your weekend going? We are melting here in New Hampshire. Or at least up until the big thunderstorm that came rolling in and dropped the temps 20 degrees in 2.2 seconds.

My run yesterday morning had me ready to whip off my shirt with 2 miles to go. Even at 6:30 a.m., it was in the mid-70s. It wasn’t bad in the shade but when I was in direct sun, it was HOT. I may have taken advantage of the sprinklers watering the soccer fields in an attempt to cool off. I was already soaked with sweat so why not?

Today it’s supposed to be just as warm. I’m headed to another SUP yoga class in the afternoon. See? I told you I was kind of obsessed with it!

What’s for dinner this week?

Sunday:Grilled salmon + veggies

Monday: Crockpot Whole Roasted Chicken

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza Bowls

Wednesday: Spicy Fish Taco Bowls with Cilantro Lime Slaw

Thursday: Grilled Chicken Salad with Mango Vinaigrette

Friday: Picnic at the beach (weather permitting)

Saturday: Make your own pizza night

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What’s for dinner at your house this week?

High Five Friday

High Five Friday July 22 2016 happyfitmama.com

High Five Friday is here! Can I get YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! from everyone?

Want to get in on the High Five Friday fun? You can find all the details HERE. Do your own thing. Have fun with it. The only requirement? Make it something good to share. Because we all need more good in our lives.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Insta. Are you following me?

Sunset yoga hike. I need more of this in my life. It’s good to look out, take a deep breath and soak in the beauty that is always around you.

National Ice Cream Day was last Sunday. Of course we celebrated. And then I had to get sprinkles because they were free in honor of the big day.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

It may be all in my head but after faithfully implementing THIS BOSU routine into my workouts 3x/week, my posterior tib tendon is feeling 100% strong and ready to rock out some miles. You know I’ll be doing this routine for life now!

Jump squats. Do them and take flight.

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5 Things

Race Report: Vermont 100 Miler – Jess is unbelievable. She is my awesome massage therapist and one freakin’ strong runner. She’s been through a ton of very serious health issues since the beginning of the year but persevered. Her grit and determination is amazing. I’m so proud of her!

Being an Athlete vs Being a Skinny Girl Who Runs – Tina has been hitting her posts out of the park lately. This is a post that any woman can relate to – elite runner or regular ol’ Susie Q. Skinny does not mean healthy. I learned this years ago back in high school. I was in an Advanced Fitness Training class (our gym teacher was a competitive female bodybuilder who was an awesome example of health). We did body fat testing and all assumed that the skinniest girl in the class would have the lowest body fat. Not true at all. She actually had the highest! Skinny does not mean healthy.

The Story Behind the Running Police Officer’s Act of Kindness – I love this story. Random acts of kindness. Do them more often. Spread the good!

11 Moves That Help Athletes Get Better with Age – I’m not getting any younger and neither are you. These moves are simple yet highly effective. Do them!

A Letter to My Future Self – Other than ‘stay rad’, what would you say to your future self? Something to ponder for sure. I might have to do this.

The Great Sports Bra Debate

The great sports bra debate Should you go shirtless on a run happyfitmama.com

The past couple of weeks in New Hampshire have been quite hot and humid. Even running in the early morning hours before the full blast of the sun hits, it’s still a major sweatfest. My hair is soaked when it’s 50 degrees out so imagine what I look like when it’s above 70 with 100% humidity?

Yesterday morning while I was out on my run, I started to think about a recent conversation I had with my friend Robin. She was telling me about her run over the weekend. It was another wicked hot and humid day when she set out. Midway through the run, she was dying from the heat. She spontaneously decided to run sans tank top and run with only her sports bra on.

To back track a bit, Robin started running a few years ago. She’s done numerous races of varying distance including 2 half marathons and Mt. Washington this year. She’s in her late 50’s and a grandma.

Running is a sports bra alone had never crossed her mind until that day. And when she did strip down? She felt self conscious for a minute but then she thought – If guys can do it, so can I!  She continued on her way and enjoyed the rest of her run feeling less overheated.

I’m 20 years younger than Robin and can only think of one time I’ve run sans shirt.


That’s a good question and one that I was pondering on my run.

Sports Bras

For me, it comes down to vulnerability. I know what it’s like to get cat calls, whistles, stares and plain ol’ creepers following me even when I’m fully clothed wearing running tights and a jacket. With more exposed skin, I feel it attracts more attention. And truthfully, I’d rather blend in. Especially when it’s an early morning run. Ever since my creeper incident a couple of years ago, I’ve been jumpy on solo runs. If a car even slows down after passing me, I have my phone out ready to take a pic of the license plate.

It pisses me off that I have to even think about that. Does a man think about stuff like that? Hell no. A man will whip his shirt off no matter what the temperature is or the scenario.

The one time I did run with only a sports bra was on a group run. I guess I feel there’s safety in numbers. It’s been years since that run, would I do it again? Maybe. It depends on the situation. If it was crazy hot and humid and my shirt was so soaked with sweat that it was weighing me down, then yes. I do know that I would never leave my house wearing only a sports bra and intending on running. I think it would be more of a spur of the moment thing.

Saucony 26 Strong Competitor Photo Shoot | happyfitmama.comPhoto by Nils Nilsen from the Saucony 26 Strong Competitor Magazine photo shoot.

As far as body confidence goes, I think that is a big obstacle for a lot of women. It’s something that would definitely pop into my head if I thought about shedding my shirt. When we did the photo shoot for Competitor Magazine last year, I remember Allison asking who would run in their sports bra for some photos. I was a definite NO. I don’t have six pack abs. Things shake quite a bit while running no matter what shape your abs are in. It’s one thing to run shirtless but to have it appear in print, no thanks.

But like everything when it comes to body perception, I’m 99% sure no one else would even bat an eye at my bare midriff (in print or real life). And just like Robin, I wouldn’t even think about it after 5 minutes of running and feeling heat relief.

Maybe if I lived in an area where it’s common to see women running in sports bras, I’d feel differently. I can only recall a handful of times seeing other women running in sports bras in my area. Unless it’s a race, then I’ve seen more. I know many friends who never run in anything but a sports bra all summer long. They live in the South. It’s a matter of summer running survival for them!

Bottom line – There really is no debate about running shirtless. If you like to, do it. If you want to, do it. If you don’t, no one is saying that you do. It’s that simple.  I don’t judge women who wear a top over their sports bra and I don’t judge those who feel more comfortable wearing a sports bra only. And you shouldn’t either.

Do what works for you!

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Sports bra only – yay or nay? Why?