A Date Night at Home

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One of my goals for the past two years has been to set aside alone time with Ron. Since the kids were born, we really haven’t been all that great about “dating” each other. Getting a sitter, paying for an expensive dinner and going to a movie is not cheap. One way to get around that is by having date days. We’ll both take the day off from work while the kids are at school. It says us a little money at least!

Another great way to save is by having a date night at home.

After the kids have gone to bed, we’ll make a special dinner together and crack open a bottle of wine. We can eat a wonderful meal all while having an adult conversation with zero interruptions. After dinner we’ll watch a movie. And we don’t even have to leave the house. I call that a win!

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We try to have fish at least once a week in our house. Salmon, Haddock, Hake and Cod are some our favorites. However, no matter how I prepare it, I can never get the same fabulous flavor as a restaurant. There must be some secret ingredient that I’m missing!

Another problem? The fishy smell. Living on the seacoast, we can get some pretty fresh seafood. But no matter how fresh it is, there’s always a fishy smell associated with it that can stink up my kitchen for days.

That’s why I’m digging Bumble Bee SuperFresh.

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It’s Premium Fresh Frozen Seafood that delivers a restaurant quality seafood experience without having to leave your house. What does Premium Fresh Frozen mean? It’s high quality fish that’s cleaned, cut and fresh-frozen within hours and then prepared with chef inspired recipes using all-natural ingredients. There’s no breading, heavy sauces or a long list of “I can’t pronounce these words” ingredients.

All Bumble Bee SuperFresh seafood is sourced from wild fisheries or aquaculture farms that have earned official certification from strict third party organizations such as Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Global GAP (GAP), and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The scallops are rated a “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. With a short list of all-natural ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen, there’s no preservatives at all and are completely gluten free.

When we go out to eat, I like to order something that I don’t usually make at home. That usually means seafood, particularly scallops and shrimp. I love both but Ron does not. For our date night at home, we prepared two dishes, kind of like a hers and his. I wanted the Petite Scallops with White Wine and Garlic-Herb Butter. Ron wanted the Salmon with Garlicky Black Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nothing says I love you like garlic breath, right?

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Both dishes were so easy to prepare. There’s really no way to screw it up. No measuring or chopping at all. All the ingredients are right there. The salmon even comes with it’s own parchment paper. All you need to do is pop it in the oven. The scallops were just as easy. Toss in a skillet and add the white wine and garlic-herb butter sauce. Within 20 minutes we had our main course ready to eat. We prepared a simple pan of quinoa and veggies to enjoy as a side. If you really wanted to get fancy, Bumble Bee has menu ideas and wine pairings for each dish. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

I’m not going lie, going out to eat is always fun. But when you can’t do it as much as you’d like, spending quality time with your significant other, enjoying delicious food in the comfort of your own home, is a very close second.

Bumble Bee SuperFresh can be found at numerous locations. Find the nearest one to you HERE.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Bumble Bee SuperFresh.

Finding Yoga {Again}

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The snow falls slowly, flake by flake, on the ground. Piling up gently, one on top of the other, just like soft down pillows. As I lay in Savasana, I watch the snow pile up rather than closing my eyes. This scene is as calming as any that I can imagine in my mind.

Over the weekend, my yoga mat came out of hibernation and saw the light of a studio. A place it hasn’t been in quite some time. It felt like I was coming home. I seriously almost shed a tear walking into the studio. It truly was marvelous.

This weekend, was all about finding yoga {again}.

We slowly warmed up through the usual series of cat/cow, side bends, etc. We then moved on to Surya Namaskara A or Sun Salutation A (I was so pumped that I even remembered the Sanskrit names!). As I stood in mountain pose, I felt electric sensations pulsating through my hands, my feet, my legs, my core. My body awakened like it’s been asleep for years. In a way, it kind of feels like it has. While I’ve been a little bit better about incorporating some form of home practice, it’s definitely not the same feeling as a true studio. There’s no distractions. Cooper isn’t parking his butt directly on my mat. My kids aren’t jumping on my back as I’m in down dog. In a studio, it’s just me and my mat. And the other people in the class, of course, but they are too busy doing their own thing to even look at me.

Going back to a yoga studio has been on my mind for months (years?). I just wasn’t able to find a place that jived with my schedule. The last straw was last week after I had a re-eval for PT. It was with a different therapist than whom I had been seeing since November. As she went through the different tests for strength and ROM, the one word I heard a lot was tight. “Your ROM is decreased and you are tight in that area.” Tight is one word that has never been used to described my muscles. If anything, I’ve been TOO flexible. A red flag was raised.

Fix this or you will have more injuries.

Chair pose | happyfitmama.com

Besides feeling tight all over, I’ve also felt like my whole body has shrunk a couple of inches. I feel like my posture has changed. I feel like my core has shortened. I just don’t feel like me. Just like when I can’t run, I don’t feel like me. I want to feel like I did when I was really into my yoga practice. I felt taller. I felt longer. I felt stronger (in mind and body). I felt like I was actually breathing better with fuller breaths.

So that’s where I’m at. I am committing to making this work. How am I going to add one more thing? Good question. Marathon training takes up a ton of time, no doubt about it. Add that to the mommy guilt/family guilt for being gone for hours on the weekend for my long runs. If all I can squeeze in is one session a week, that’s good enough. If it’s two – fantastic. Stressing about it won’t do me any good.

But I know I need to do more than just run to be the runner that I want. Or really, the person that I want to be.

Yoga – fan or not your thing?

What I Learned from a 21 Day Reset

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For the past 21 days I’ve been participating in Laura’s January Reset. My main purpose in doing it was to get back to my normal way of eating. Vacation and the holidays left me craving sugar and junk. I was following into a trap of eating whatever, whenever just because it was there. Not because I was hungry.

So what did I learn from a 21 Day Reset?

I learned that I can live without snacking on cereal, crackers and chips.

I learned that I don’t need a daily dose of chocolate.

I learned that I missed eating homemade kale chips with nutritional yeast or Banana Soft Serve. It had been far too long since I made either.

I learned that I didn’t really crave sugar until the third week. Most likely due to PMS.

I learned that I need more than eggs and veggies for breakfast. Adding oats or a piece of sprouted toast with nut butter holds me over for hours.

I learned that I “mindless” eat a lot. At work, I’ll eat my snacks or lunch while simultaneously playing with my phone.

I learned that I need to vary my weekly vegetable selection otherwise I get bored.

I learned that I don’t need coffee to function. It’s more of a treat to me or something to warm my hands up.

I learned that I overload on nut butter, nuts and things made with nuts. It’s one of my go-to snacks.

Now that I’m off the reset, I don’t think I’m going to change anything except allowing for glasses of wine (or a margarita) and coffee every so often. I also will be limiting my nut butter intake. While nuts are good for you, having 3-5 servings a day is NOT a good thing. I also am trying to put my phone away while I eat. It’s easy to do at home. At work, it’s a little harder. I only have a short window of time to catch up on things! I’ll try, though.

I never really felt restricted on the reset except while we were out to eat. I just couldn’t refuse fresh out of the oven tortilla chips and fresh salsa. Mmmmm.

I highly recommend Laura’s reset. She did such a wonderful job with the full menu’s and the Facebook support group. She is full of support and knowledge!

Here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Sunday: Salmon, massaged kale and roasted squash

Monday: Vegetable Bibimbap

Tuesday: Dinner out – fundraiser for school

Wednesday: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Thursday: Kale Sweet Potato Salad Bowl

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Fish tacos + broccoli slaw

Have you ever done a reset?

What’s for dinner this week?