10 Things Never Said by an Injured Runner

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Injury update: Still injured. Still not running.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Are you sick of me talking about injuries yet? Well, I am. Actually I was sick of it the moment it happened, but this is the situation I’m in.

Right now it feels like I never was a runner. I’m not even sure my legs remember how to turnover.  My foot is feeling better, but it still isn’t 100%. It’s just something that I’ve been dealing with. I’m not even sure what normal is anymore. But I’m trying (again) to be hopeful that this new additional diagnosis and treatment plan will be THE marvelous miracle that gets me back on the road.

It was quite funny yesterday while I was out on my bike, I passed a few runners. I did the “Good morning!” thing but I wanted to scream, “I’m one of you too!!! I really am a cool runner. I’m just doing this because I’m injured!”

That wouldn’t have been too weird or anything, right?

Earlier this summer, Christine posted a list of things of why she was glad she wasn’t running. Of course, she really wants to be running, but it was more of a reverse psychology thing to make herself feel better about being injured and having this forced break.

She made some valid points, but I would gladly take the most suckiest running conditions EVER just to be able to run right now.

So here are 10 things that you will never hear this injured runner say.

1. I’m so glad I can’t run.

2. I’m happy I’m missing my sunrise runs. You’ve seen one sunrise, you’ve seen ’em all!

3. Being injured means I have more free time to work on cross word puzzles and watch paint dry.

4. I’d love to hear about your long run this weekend!

5. Spending money on physical therapy and orthopedic co-pays is way better than new running gear or race entry fees.

6. I love pool running!

7. Cross training is so much better than running.

8. I love that my mind and stomach still think I’m running long distance. I needed to gain some weight.

9. I don’t miss my running friends at all. We barely talked while we ran anyway.

10. I guess everyone was right. Running is bad for me!

What would make your NEVER said list?

Why I Love Yoga

Lucy Activewear #dsgfit4u | happyfitmama.comThis post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’S Sporting Goods. All opinions, as always, are my own.

I usually go to yoga class every Saturday and Sunday morning. Last weekend, as my family was eating breakfast, my son asked me out of the blue if I was going to yoga. I had been debating if I really did want to go that day. And from the way he said it, I took it as a sign that he wanted me to leave the house.

Mama out of the house = Daddy let’s us watch TV.

I laughed and asked why he wanted me to go to yoga so bad. His response? Because you love it.

He’s absolutely right. I do love yoga. I started to think about why I love yoga. I’ve confessed my love of running – the way it makes me feel, the places it takes me, the runner’s high, the confidence. But what does yoga give me?

Remember my Retail Therapy trip last month to Dick’s Sporting Goods to check out their newly redesigned store and to stock up on yoga specific clothes? Well, I’ve been putting the clothes to good use and loving yoga even more.

Why I Love Yoga  happyfitmama.com

Why I Love Yoga

1. It makes me breathe.

2. I feel powerful.

3. It wakes up my mind, body and spirit.

4. I feel at least 5 inches taller after each class.

5. I feel like I have more space in between my ribs.

6. I love the feeling of energy pulsating through my hands and fingertips.

7. It pulls my shoulders back and opens my heart.

8. Energizes me even after a long day of work.

9. I don’t have to think – I just do. My body knows where to go and I can just flow in a moving meditation.

10. It strengthens every muscle and tendon in my body.

11. Yoga clothes are pretty rad. #thatisall

CALIA happyfitmama.com

12. I love that it pushes me mentally and physically.

13. It makes me learn to trust in myself.

14. I love that it’s graceful and makes me feel like a dancer, but at the same time badass.

15. I love doing poses that once looked impossible.

16. I love that it makes me continue to strive to reach the next “impossible” pose.

17. I love the way a roomful of “Oms” radiates through my heart and gives me goosebumps. If you’ve ever participated in a Wall of Oms, you know what I mean.

18. It makes me focus and be present to the here and now.

19. I love that it makes me glow.

20. Savasana. #enoughsaid

With reasons like this, shouldn’t everyone be doing yoga?


Since it’s meal planning Sunday, here is what I’ve got planned for dinner this week:

Sunday: Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon + veggies

Monday: Pesto, Spinach and Avocado Grilled Cheese

Tuesday: Crunchy Thai Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Ron’s Homemade Pizza to celebrate the first day of school!

Thursday: Fish Tacos

Friday: Pesto Zoodles + Grilled Chicken

Saturday: Out

Be sure to check out Laura and Jill’s meal planning link up for more ideas.

If you do yoga, why do you love it?

What are you having for dinner this week?

High Five Friday

5 from instagram 82815  happyfitmama.comHappy High Five Friday!

It’s time to share pics from the week.  Are you following me on Instagram? Please do!

1. Super sweaty, humid workout means dripping wet legs. It was a workout just to get my legs to stay on top of the stability ball in plank. #sweatyworkoutproblems.

2. Tom’s of Maine body lotions are the best. #thatisall

3.  Celebrating National Dog Day with my pal, Cooper.

4. Once a Yooper, always a Yooper.

5. I like to add oats or quinoa to my yogurt. The smart people at Stonyfield  knew this and made the new Super Grains just for me. At least that’s what I like to think.

5 Things

1. People are dicks, love them anyway + 9 affirmations for realist spiritualists – No comment needed.

2. Every Runner Can Relate to this Story – “When you can prioritize what your soul needs, everything changes.” You know you are an injured runner when you tear up at videos of runners.

3. What happens when you go on the “Eat Sugar” Diet – You think you are eating healthy, but are you really? Educate yourself and read everything. And now I really want to see this movie.

4. Replying “I Love You” to all my PR emails – This is too funny and now I want to do it too.

5. 21 Accessories Every Sweary Girl Needs – Because it’s Friday and I think I’ve thought or said all of these statements more than twice this week.

What would you like to high five this week?