Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were way better than the week prior.  The pain from the pinched nerve in my neck got better with each day.  After taking a week off from all strength training, it felt good to get back to it.


30 minutes Arc Trainer

15 minutes Stepmill alternating 20 steps forward, 20 steps left side, 20 steps right side

20 minutes strength training testing out my neck.  I used lighter weights to test the waters.

DB chest press

TRX push up

TRX row

KB around the world

Monster walk forward/backwards/side

KB steps ups

Single leg line jumps

Last week's workouts |


45 minute run

Clam shells with resistance band

Single leg glute bridge

Plank matrix – forearm, side, shoulder taps

Jump squats

Barbell push press

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes Arc Trainer

10 minutes Stepmill

30 minutes strength training

Med ball squat toss

Single leg KB deadlift

KB swings

Eccentric pull ups

Banded pull ups

Lunge matrix – front, side, reverse off step

DB flys

Barbell skull crush

TRX rows and push ups

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi Yoga – It had been a solid 2 weeks since I did yoga.  It felt so good!  The focus of the class was all about being non judgemental so the flow was slower and we stayed in poses longer.  The teacher showed us this awesome way to cradle your head and neck in a blanket for savasana.  It felt amazing!

40 minute run with 6 x 20 sec strides

It was my first time picking up the pace in a run since coming back.  It took about 2 strides for me to get into a groove and then it all came together smoothly.  It’s funny how running can be just like riding a bike.  You may take some time off, but your body knows what to do.

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!


My longest run post ankle injury so far – 6 miles!  I didn’t plan on running that long or for hitting every single steep hill in town. It just kind of happened when you are busy chattering the whole time.  I felt great but Julie’s knee starting acting up near the end.  Opps.

Later that day, it started to snow.  The first snow of the season is always exciting.  It was absolutely gorgeous with all of the holiday lights up downtown.

Last week's workouts |


We got about 6 inches of snow overnight which made for an absolutely stunning 5 mile run with Nicole in the morning.  After feeling so good on Saturday’s run, I got a little overzealous in thinking that I could run even longer Sunday.  Rather than push my limits, I decided to go for 5 and call it good.  There will be plenty of times to run longer in the weeks to come.

Last week's workouts |

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How was your week in workouts?

High Five Friday

High Five Friday December 8 2017 _

Happy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram and Instagram stories.  Are you following me? Please do!

1 ) What are you looking at? 😉

2 ) Looking for a festive breakfast but have zero time to bake or cook?  Try this easy Yogurt and Granola Holiday Parfait un-recipe.

3 ) Sunshine on a December day?  Glorious.

4 ) Isn’t this the cutest doggie you’ve ever seen?  Of course she’s a Therapy Dog.  Is it bad that I just want to pet her all day while I’m at work?

5 ) Sunshine, shadows and running.  Have I told you lately that I’m excited to be running again?

5 Good Reads

1 ) You Are Only Human – We want to do it all and we want to do it well.  Sometimes we listen to our bodies, sometimes we completely ignore the warning signs.  I know for me this time of year is insane with so much stuff to get done.  This post from Tina came up as a little reminder.

2 ) I’ve Been on the Ruth Bader Ginsberg Fitness Journey – This post was shared by a friend on Facebook and I had to take a peek at it.  If you know nothing about RBG (you should btw) just click over to this post to see the pictures.  I love the author.  He’s all in about RBG fitness.

3 ) Taking Action on Sexual Harassment – This. Ugh. I’ve been a victim of it and I’m sure you have to.  Too many times I’ve had to go with the laugh it off approach for fear of repercussions.  It’s not normal and it should not be tolerated.

4 ) The Next Great Western Land War Has Begun – Everything you need to know about what’s happening to our public land. Get active and make your voice heard.

5 ) 2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark – Do I need to explain this?  I didn’t think so. Now go make this ASAP!

What would you like to High Five today?

Holiday Yogurt and Granola Parfait

Yogurt and Granola Holiday Parfait _

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stonyfield, a brand my family loves and uses daily.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Hey guys!

I’ve got a super easy and festive recipe for you today.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my morning Stonyfield yogurt bowl.  It’s my go to breakfast no matter what the season. It’s so satisfying and keeps me full for hours.  That’s what inspired this recipe for Holiday Yogurt and Granola Parfait. Except I don’t make my breakfast in a cute mason jar every morning.  Who has time for that?  My morning breakfast bowl is more like a dump and go type of thing. Dump it in a bowl, eat it up on the go!

I feel kind of funny calling it a recipe because it’s really just an assemble and enjoy thing. My favorite kind of recipe!

Try this yogurt and granola holiday parfait for your next festive gathering


Holiday Yogurt and Granola Parfait
  • Plain or vanilla flavored yogurt (I used Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt)
  • Red colored fruit - I used raspberries, strawberries and pomegranate seeds
  • Granola of your choice
  1. Layer yogurt, fruit and granola in a clear jar.
  2. Enjoy!

Cute, festive, easy and delicious – Always a winning combination.  Especially when there’s already so much to do this time of year.  Who has time to spend hours in the kitchen?

By the way, does anyone love pomegranate seeds but hate how messy it is to get to those delicious little things out of the shell (is that what you even call the outer portion)?  I learned this trick a long time ago and it’s been a life saver. Or more like a clothing saver.

To prevent getting sprayed by pomegranate juice and having it stain EVERYTHING, after slicing the pomegranate, place the halves in a bowl of water.  Then separate the seeds under the water.  Super easy and easy to clean up!

What’s your favorite fruit and yogurt combo?