Thankful for Running

Thankful for Running |

Now that I’m back running, I’m so thankful that I’m able to do something that I love.  I was thinking about how good I was feeling during my 30 minute run yesterday that I felt myself tearing up.  And yes, you did read that right.  I ran 30 minutes straight with no walk breaks.  When coming back from an injury, I like to celebrate every single milestone.  Next step?  Back to back days of running.  I’m ready!

10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Running

1. It makes my legs strong and muscular. I’ve always had muscular legs.  In fact, in high school I would sometimes wear boys jeans because they fit better.  I hated my legs then.  But now, I purposely squat heavy weights and do ALL the glute and hip exercises to leave my legs strong and muscular.  These legs can carry me up mountains and through many miles without complaining one bit. Except for the occasional injury, but we won’t think about that right now.

Thankful for RUnning |

2. It gets me outside. The more time I’m outside being active, the more sane I am. I love to see the world around me on a run. Whether it’s a sunrise, the fall leaves, a trail that takes me over rocks, roots and rivers, the ocean, or cute little neighborhoods, it’s all better while seen on my run. Even when I’m freezing my ass off, I’m thankful to be able to get out there.

Thankful for Running|

3. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. To hear a non-runner exclaim, “You ran how many miles???” always makes me stand up a little taller. Yeah I did that. And I’ll probably run farther tomorrow. Every runner likes to feel a little bad ass.

Thankful for Running  |

4. It keeps me focused. When I don’t run, I’m distracted. I forget to pick up my kids from school. Or my To-Do list never gets shorter because I’m all over the place. With it, I can sort, plan and just think out any problem. I may not always have the solution, but at least I can quiet the other noise in my head and focus.

Thankful for Running |

5. New shoes, clothes and gear. No explanation needed, right? Except who came up with the idea that running was a cheap sport?

Thankful for Running |

6. It’s always there. I can run anywhere, anytime. It’s never closed. I don’t need a membership card.

Thankful For Running |

7. It’s opened up new opportunities. Did I ever think that I would run the Honolulu Marathon? Or run the Boston Marathon with Team Stonyfield in 2015? Or do a photo shoot for Competitor Magazine? All far fetched dreams that became a reality.  It’s also opened up new opportunities to take me out of my comfort zone.  Ten years ago did I think I would run a marathon?  Nope.

Thankful for Running


8. It makes me feel alive. The moment in a 5k when every muscle in your body is burning, pleading for you to stop. The moment when your lungs are screaming as you run up, what seems like, the 10,000 hill repeat. The moment when you are so drenched in sweat from a run that it looks like you went swimming. My body is functioning and healthy. I may look like death but that’s when I feel the most alive.

Thankful for Running |

9. It’s taught me life lessons. Set goals, work hard, dedication, persistence, patience – you get what you put in. It’s that simple.

Thankful for Running -


10. It’s brought new friends to my life. With each year that I’ve been a runner, I’ve been blessed to have found some really great running friends. Our runs have been a time to get together, chat nonstop, laugh and just sweat it out. There really is nothing better than bonding over a run.

Thankful for Running |

I’m also thankful for each and every one of you! I can not thank you enough for being a part of my little section of the internet every week. I appreciate it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

How has running changed your life?

Epson ProSense 307

Epson ProSense 307 GPS Watch |

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Epson.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When coming back from an injury, I think it’s best to get back to basics.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of OMG I’m running again!

When I say back to basics, I’m talking about working on form and cadence.  I’m talking about keeping up with physical therapy exercises.  Sticking with a day (or more) off a week.  Not forgetting that there’s other things to do besides running like strength training and cross training.

I love my GPS watches.  I think they can be a benefit but also a crutch. I know that I’ve been focused on the numbers staring back at me rather than running by feel before. Rather than focusing on my pace and distance during this moving forward phase (I’m calling it that rather than a comeback), I’m focusing on other things like building up my time on feet or running interval times.

It was perfect timing that I was sent the Epson ProSense 307 Multisport GPS Watch (affiliate link) just as I’m returning to running.

Did you know that Epson made GPS watches?  I had no clue!  Like most people, I thought they only made printers.

Epson ProSense GPS Watch specs

Rest day like a boss.

The truth is that Epson has been in the watch business from some time. The new ProSense 307 is proof that they are ready to up their GPS game against the big boys in the industry.

I’ve only had a short amount of time to play with the watch so far. There is so much that this watch can do that I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface of it’s possibilities.

Here’s what I like so far:

  • Time, distance, pace are in large font and bright. All it takes is a quick look at the watch face to see all the stats.
  • Beep and vibrates. I love that the watch beeps and vibrates when the run starts/pauses/stops in addition to at every mile.
  • Optical HR sensor. I’ve never been able to run with a chest strap.  I’ve found them super uncomfortable and annoying. I once got super nasty chafing and have never gone back. There’s no need for a strap with HR capabilities built into the watch.
  • Multi-sport functions.  The ProSense 307 covers it all – Run, Walk, Treadmill, Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, and Stopwatch.  I don’t plan on dipping into the tri scene at all but if I do, this watch has me covered.  GPS tracking is available for swim/bike/run.  There’s even a sub setting for open water swim vs lap swimming. No review of the open water swim right now.  It’s November in New Hampshire people.
  • Text, social media and email notifications.  It’s nice to see what’s coming in without having to have your phone on you at all times.
  • Appearance.  I wear my GPS watch as an everyday watch. I think the all white (other colors are available) looks sleek and not too running watch-ish.
  • Battery life.  One of the best in the industry with 20 + hours in GPS mode.

Epson ProSense 307 GPS watch face _

So far the only thing I don’t like about the watch is that you can’t program your training workouts into the watch.  I really enjoyed that function of my other GPS watch when doing specific tempo or speed workouts.

There’s still a ton more that I need to play around with on the Epson ProSense 307.  And once I do, I’ll update this review.

I really wasn’t expecting to like this watch as much as I do.  I loved my previous GPS watch and never thought I’d switch brands.  But this made me realize there are other brands out there with great quality products.  And besides, Meb wears a Epson GPS.


There’s a fantastic Black Friday deal on Amazon right now for the Epson ProSense 307.  It’s on sale for $219.99 compared to retail of $249.99.  If you are in the market for a new GPS watch, add the Epson ProSense 307 to your wish list!

Did you know Epson made GPS watches?

What function do you like best in a GPS watch?

What’s on your Black Friday wish list?

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were a mix of strength, running (YES!!), yoga and cross training.  The only thing I missed was a day of pool running.  Getting in the pool when it’s early in the morning and dark, isn’t enticing.


40 minutes Bike

40 minutes strength training lower body and core

Leg press

Traveling lunges with KB

Side squats med ball toss

Monster walks with band

Farmer carry on heels with KB

Single leg deadlift

Barbell clean and press

Weighted stepping bridge

TRX Mountain Climbers

TRX plank

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

Upper body strength training

Pull ups with band

Bar hangs

Lat Pull down

TRX row

TRX push up

KB traveling plank push ups

Plank series

Run – Dynamic w/u, mobility work, 5 min walk, 15 min run, 2 min walk, 15 min run, 5 min walk c/d

Physical therapy – My PT and his student intern decided they wanted to really test my limits.  My glutes were on fire and were hurting for days after.  It was the kind of soreness that I couldn’t even sit on the floor comfortably.

Med ball squat toss

Single leg line jumps

Single leg triple hop jump

Skater hold and touch

Last week's workouts  |


45 minutes recumbent bike

Easy stretching and yoga

My glutes were hurting big time after working them hard on Monday and then getting beat up on Tuesday in PT. I opted for easy movement to loosen things up rather than a big workout at the gym.



Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

Run – Dynamic warm up, mobility work followed by 5 min walk, run 20 min, walk 2, run 10 min, walk 5 min c/d

This was my first run testing out my new Epson ProSense 307.  I’ll be doing a review this week but I think you guys need to put this GPS watch on your list if you are looking for a new one.  It does everything and has the longest battery life of any GPS on the market.  And Meb wears one so that’s pretty darn cool too.

Last week's workuts |


45 minutes Arc Trainer

40 minutes strength training

Barbell bench press

Reverse lunge cable rows

Lat pulldown

Single leg balance ball toss and catch

KB plank rows

Cable chest fly

Monster walks with band

Plank series (forearm front, side, elbow to knee)


Another return to running gain!  I did a dynamic warm up, hip and ankle mobility work before heading out for my run.  This was the first run on the schedule that did not involve a walk break.

5 minutes walk, 25 minutes RUN (woohoo!), 5 min walk c/d

When it’s been months since you ran, you celebrate 25 minutes of straight running in a big way.  It’s easy to look back at pre-injury me and see that 25 minutes of running was considered a warm up.  There’s no looking back.  I’m moving forward, so that’s the direction I’m looking.

Last week's workouts |

Notice the steam coming off my head? It may have only been 23 degrees but I was coming in hot. Lol!


A semi rest day except for attending Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi.  The class was a mix of heart openers, Sun A and B and everyone’s favorite, Pigeon.  I walked out of class feeling taller and more energized.

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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